Otome Game Revival!
14 #14~ Stalker?
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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14 #14~ Stalker?

Lori wanted to go home. She was sick and tired of all of the attention she was getting. Now I know what it feels like to be a celebrity. Ah the irony.

[System]: .....

The Second Prince glances at his woman. He could see how exhausted she was. Faint spots of sweat could be seen on her delicate skin on her forehead. Feeling tempted to wipe it off, he reaches over and uses his blue silk sleeve to wipe off her sweat.

Second Prince: You look exhausted. Come, let's take you back home.

The Second Prince grabs Lori's hand and gently pulls her along. Lori fakes a blush and slowly follows.

The Second Prince frowns at all of the men and their jealous and lustful glances they were giving his woman. He didn't want them looking at her. He rushes up his pace and tugs Lori hands to push her to walk faster. They make it to Lori's carriage.

The Second Prince quickly opens the carriage door and swoops Lori up on her feet and jumps into the carriage. He sets her down and jumps out.

Second Prince: *clears throat* you look tired...so I want you to quickly go home so you can get some rest.

Lori: oh! I see...then Rose bids Farewell then...

The Second Prince nods his head and starts to walk away.

Lori: wait!

The Second Prince Quickly turns around.

Lori: Ro...rose wants to know when Second Prince will visit again. Rose gets lonely when Second Prince is not around.

Lori quickly puts her head down and pretends to be shy. The Second Prince's heart skips a beat.  KinLustful thoughts start to circle around in his mind. I swear, she is going to be the death of me. Does she not know what she does to this Prince? Soon Rose...soon we will be married and I will completely have you.

Second Prince: Rose, in two weeks we will be Wed. So in those two weeks, this Prince must get everything ready. I must arrange your new living quarters at my home, that will soon be yours too. I must also take care of some business at the northern borders. Apparently bandits are showing up more frequently around there. I must deal with them. Royal father gave me a five hundred man army to deal with the bandits.

The Second Prince reaches into his under cloths near his chest and pulls out a green jade ring.

Second Prince: I was going to wait before I gave this too you, but I have decided to give this too you now.

The Second Prince softly grabs Lori's hand and slides the jade ring onto her delicate finger. He then reaches up her hand and kisses it.

Second Prince: until then my love.

The Second Prince Prince quickly walks away. Lori who looked stunned, just kept looking at the Prince. She didn't notice the deep red blush on the prince's face when he walked away.

[System]: kyaaaaaa!!! That was the most romantic thing I have ever seen in my life! I'm sooo jelly!!

Lori rolled her eyes. Great, now I only have two more weeks before I'm forced to live with that idiot. Lori looks at the coachman and nods her head for him to go.

The way back to the Prime Minister's household didn't take long. Lori heads back to her room and asks her maids to undress her and put her into a less thick dress so she could breath more easily.

Maid: miss, the blanket you have requested to be put under your favorite tree in your garden has been done. Would you now liked to be escorted to it now?

Lori looks at her maid and smiles.

Lori: no need. I would like to go by myself today.

The maid bows and quietly walks away. Lori gets up and walks outside to her garden. She sits on her blanket and leans back on her tree. Feeling tired. She closes her eyes. Unknown to her, someone was watching her.


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