Otome Game Revival!
15 #15~ Climax
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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15 #15~ Climax

Lori suddenly got the chills. She knew something was off but couldn't tell what exactly it was.

[System]: Ding! You just got a new mission!

Lori rolls her eyes. She changes her sitting position under her favorite tree and closes her eyes to enjoy the warm Summer breeze.

Lori: yes, I accept. So what's the mission?

[System]: Kiss the Crown Prince in front of the Second prince.😢

Lori: what kind of mission is that?!

[System]: Don't complain to me, I'm only doing my job, blame it on the big man up there^^😛

Lori: fineee. This better be the last mission in this world...I really don't want to be here for much longer. That Second Prince is getting on my nerves. Also, how the hell can I complete this mission if the Second Prince is at the border dealing bandits?

[System]: not my problem.

Lori: your getting more mean each day Flora...

[System]: because...your being mean to my dream guy! The Second Prince is my ideal man😍😍😍

Lori: You have poor taste in men. He's obviously a psycho.

[System]: hmph...😕

Lori: ya know what? I just realized something. Why is it so peaceful in this household? Shouldn't Lilly be plotting something against me?

Or at least start a fight or threat? I haven't even heard or seen her in days. Is she really that heart broken over a psycho Prince? Man she also has bad taste in men.

[System]: ...*coughs*

Lori: what is it Flora?

[System]: I never told you this but...

Lori: but what?

[System]: she's dead!

Lori: oh, okay.

[System]: that's it!!! You don't want to know why? Or even care?

Lori: why should I? She was a bitch, good riddance.

[System]: or course😧 I should of known. No surprise there💁

While Lori and Flora were talking, rustling could be heard from the dark green thick bushes from her far right.

[System]: !!!!!!! Do you hear that?!

Lori stilled her body and slowed her breathing. Yeah I heard that. Who is it Flora?

[System]: Its the Crown Prince!

What?! Why would the Crown Prince come and see me? Wait...is he stalking me?! WTF? Why?

[System]: seems like your beauty and charm won him over...your so lucky to have handsome men flocking over you!😭

I see... another problem for me to handle. Sucks that the Second Prince is not here, I could have finished my last mission ready!

[System]: Actually...

now what?

[System]: the Second Prince is on his way here! I just got an incoming signal! wow!😍 He literly made it back to the capital today, and without even resting or washing up, he is now heading over straight to you, just to see you!

Kyaaa your so lucky to have a man like that! I'm sooo glad he made it back safe and sound.😙😙😙

Perfect! Now I can just complete this mission and move on to the next world! Flora, when will the Second Prince arrive?

[System]: in about two minutes.

That fast?! I better make a move quick then. Lori elegantly stands up and walks over the the bush. Lori fakes being scared and quietly speaks.

Lori: is...is anyone there?

Rustling could be heard. All of a sudden the Crown Prince quickly jumps out the bush.

Lori: ah! Crown...Crown Prince?! What are you doing here?

The Crown Prince pats himself down and hangs down his head in embarrassment. Ohhh has actually kinda cute when he's all shy. Lori trys not to laugh at the Crown Prince.

Crown Prince: Its not what it looks like! I...I was just chasing a rabbit and ended up here. *coughs*

Pffft, does he really expect me to believe that? Where's the cold and calm Crown Prince that I have heard about? Lori could barely hold in her laughter for much longer.

Lori: ohh, Rose understands then.

Lori covers her mouth with her palm and fakes a blush. The Crown Prince's face starts to get red. Lori scans the Crown Prince's dirty white robe and pretends to give a worries face.

Lori: Crown Prince! Your all dirty!

Lori walks up closer the the Crown Prince.

Lori: shall I call up one of my servants to go fetch you a new clean robe?

Crown Prince: no! No need... umm, actually I can here to tell you something. I wasn't really chasing a rabbit. *blushes in embarrassment*

Lori: oh, I see...what would you like to tell me?

Lori takes a step back and intentionally trips on a rock.

Lori: ah!

Crown Prince: Rose!

The Crown Prince catches Lori in his arms. Lori's face blooms a dark red. The Crown Prince sees this and pulls her closer. His face looms in, both of their lips are now almost touching. The Crown Prince lost his reasoning in this current situation.

Crown Prince: Rose...your so beautiful...I want you...

The Crown Prince bends down and kisses Lori on the lips. Lori reacts to his kiss, she wraps her arms around the Crown Prince's neck and deepens the kiss.

Seeing those two kiss felt like the world was ending around the Second Prince. He just couldn't process what was happening in cront of him. Eh?

The Second Prince snaps out of his daze and and yells in rage.

Second Prince:Older Brother how could you!

Hearing his little brothers voice, the Crown Prince's face darkens and pushes Lori behind him. The Second Prince rushes to where the two are and stops a couple feet in front of them.

Crown Prince: I'm sorry little brother, but this time I won't step away and keep still for you. I love her and I won't give her up to you!

The Second Prince felt like someone stabbed him through the heart. He clenched his fists not knowing how to react. I was only gone for awhile and this happens? My woman and my older brother...having an affair?

The Second Prince starts to crack, and lets out a little laugh. It started quite at first, but the Second Prince gets louder and louder. He hunches over and reaches his right palm to clench his hurting chest.

The Crown Prince wavered for a moment when his little brother starts to break. He never wanted it to be like this. The Crown Prince then looks at Lori. But... for some unexplainable reason, I fell...and Im not willing ro get back up. Even if it means killing my little brother to get to her.

I don't want to be alone anymore...

Lori felt like she just got over a shitty hangover with both of these two brothers constantly yapping, which unfortunately gave her a headache.

Sighing, Lori boringly watches as they continue on. Flora, can I go now? This is getting really boring.



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