Otome Game Revival!
16 #16~ New world
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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16 #16~ New world

[System]: Ding! You have completed your last mission in this world, congratulations! Would you like to move onto the next world?

Lori was about ready to die of annoyance between these two brothers. Who asked them to fall in love with her?!

They are the ones to fall for such flirting trickery. While those two were fighting away right now, she would be able too leave. Yes! I would like to leave right now Flora! Quick, get me away from these two idiot princes!

[System]: very well, as you wish.

Lori stood there awkwardly waiting for her to be transported. As the two brothers were just pulling out their swords to fight over her.Why is it not working Flora! What's taking you so long? These two are getting pretty crazy! Lets get the heck out before I'm the Second Prince's meal. Lori was crying inside.

Author: pffft.

[System]: I...I don't want to leave my Second Prince!😭😭 who will protect him from evil woman like Lilly? There could be more like her in the future. Wahahaha😭 My poor Prince!

Lori wanted to strangle Flora. Your still not over him?! Oh come on Flora! Forget about him already, can't you see that he is a psycho? It's also impossible for you too, Come on already, let's gooooooo....

[System]: okay...your right...it would be impossible for us...

Lori felt kind of bad hearing Flora saying that, but it was the truth. She started to feel warm all over her body. It was like she was taking a nice hot shower after a long day at work. This is a nice feeling~~ She felt herself shrinking. What's going on?!

[System]: You are currently changing back into a golden egg. You will be now transported to your new world.


"Magic Love Academy"

[System]: welcome to "Magic Love Academy" a game full of Mystery and blooming young teen love!

Lori forcefully opened her eyes. It felt like she was kicked all over the place. Obviously the ending of the transporting process was not pleasant. Does it always have to be like this? My body aches all over...

[System]: unfortunately yes. Ripping out your soul from body to body will do that to you.

Lori cringed at Flora's choice of words. But it does make sense. Lori looked around her new surroundings. She was in an old looking room. Yellow paint could be seen peeling from the walls.

The room was spacious, very spacious. Like a two bedroom house big! There was a walk in bathroom. Even a walk in closet! But....Lori could tell that it has not been maintained for a long time. Like it was abandoned and forgotten.

Lori could tell that whoever was in this body was not treated right and was thrown far away from whoever they were, and is a wealthy family at that. She looked down at her worn out bed and blankets. It was a king size bed, but looked really briddle.

Actually... all of the furniture in here did. Lori frowned and pulled her feet to the ground. She stood up and walked over to the walk in closet. The girls cloths, or she should say now hers, were all worn out looking. The dresses colors were faded looking, and most of the dresses were torn or dirty. Lori gave a disgusted face.

Wanting to get away from the walk in closet, she decides to see what she looks like. Lori heads into the bathroom. The bathroom looked pretty decent inside. There was a shower and a toilet. The toilet looked a little different from what she was used to in modern day America. The current toilet had a black seat. But on the seat you could see scales. Why are there black scales on a freaking toilet seat?! There is no way I am sitting on that thing! Lori walked closer to the toilet. The scales looked like that of a Dragon from a fairy tale.

Lori just shrugged and walked over to the vanity. Over the vanity was a mirror that hung on the wall. It showed her face all the way down to her stomach area. Lori took a good look at her current world self.

Okay not bad...definatly not a beauty who could be a downfall of a kingdom. But I still look pretty cute. Lori's face was heart shaped. Her hair is white....wait?! Wtf! Why is my hair white?! No freaking way! Lori finally notices her short white hair.

It reached down to her shoulders that had little curled at the end. What she saw next made her gasp. No way! I have red eyes too! So freaking cool! Lori took in her hair and eyes. Intersting. I should ask Flora if this hair color and eyes is a regular thing down here.

Lori: Flora, please tell me more about this current world, and who I currently am.

[System]: You are currently residing in the game "Magic Love Academy" the storyline is quit simple. This world is made up of magic wielding abilities that have real living dragons, but they are very rare.

Every individual in this world is born with an element. Such as fire, water, air, and earth based. Rare elements include lightening, darkness, and light.

But not everyone is born with magic abilities. The ones who don't are either shunned or have been gotten rid of. There is only one kingdom.Which is called Azurial Kingdom. It's made up of five big clans.

Each representing five different colors. Red, Green, white, purple, and black. This explains your hair color, AKA your identity. A clans memeber would have the hair color to their respected Dragon ancestor.

Your from the White Dragon Clan. Your name is Clover Ferian. Third child of Garren Ferian, current clan leader of the White Dragons. Clover is basically a cannon fodder. She dies from lack of nutrition at a young age. Since her soul left her body, you will be taking over now...

Lori: umm, why am I put into a nobody character who basically does not even exist in the game since she dies way before the story starts? What kind of importance does Clover have to the game?

[System]: I was getting to that but you interrupted me....😑



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