Otome Game Revival!
17 #17~ Collected data
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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17 #17~ Collected data

Lori: Sooo...This is what I'm hearing, Clover Ferian, a young girl only at the tender age of...?

[System]: her current age is twelve.

Lori: right.....Clover Ferian, a young girl only at the age of twelve dies from the lack or nutrition because her family disowned her? Is that correct?

[System]: yes, that is correct.

Lori: and why exactly did her own family, no...clan disown her? Why she was thrown in a forgotten part of her own family estate to just be forgotten and struggle to survive by herself.

Lori looks at the old beaten table near her bedroom door. Yes struggle and survive would be two perfect words to describe what Clover Ferian had to go through. On that table sat a bowl of an unknown substance. Lori frowned at the nasy looking supposed food for Clover Ferian. Lori slowly walks over to the gross looking food. She peers at it and almost vomited. There inside the bowl, was rotten old meat with burn rice. This poor little girl... Lori furiously glares at the bowl and smacked it to the ground.

Lori: how dare they treat a little child like that! Because of them she starved and died a tragic death! I! Lori Green promise to help you, Clover Ferian get the love and respect you deserve!

[System]: coughs* this is unbelievable! Lori Green, a selfish woman who cares for no one actually has a caring and sympathetic heart! Interesting...

Lori: Flora!

[System]: huh?! Ah y...yes? What is it...

Lori: please tell me why they would do this too a little child such as Clover Ferian.

[Sytem]: of course! Ughhh let's see...As you already know, every human who is born on this planet is gifted with an element affinity...and...

Lori: and what?

[System]: well you also know that humans who are not born with an affinity to one of the element's is usually disowned or gotten rid of.

Lori: I see...so Clover Ferian, third child to the all mighty white Dragon clan leader Garren Ferian was born without an affinity with an element. So she was disowned.

[System]: yes, exactly.

Lori: alright...how does one know if he or she does not have an affinity?

[System]: every child at the age of Six, it does not matter if the child is of noble both or not, are required to travel to the Kingdom's capital to have their affinity checked. The test is simple. Every child must put their hand on the World Life Tree centered in the middle of the capital. When a child puts his or her hand on the tree, the leaves start glowing the color the child has an affinity for. On rare occasions humans are born with two affinities, so the tree leaves will display the two colors the child has. but that has only happened in the five clans. The last case of that happening was around two hundred years ago from the Drax Clan which is known as the Red Dragon Clan. The council that helps maintain the clans doings also gather and watch out for children with rare affinities.

Lori: council? Could you explain a little more about them please.

[System]: of course. The council is made up of four old sages. They have been on this land for who knows how long. Nobody really knows where they came from... also...

Lori: You should know right? I mean this is a game right? So there's no harm in telling me~~~~~

[System]: that is unneeded information that you do not need to know.

Lori: geesh...fine then...

[System]: may I please continue? Or will I get interrupted again?

Lori rolled her eyes.

Lori: yes, you may continue~~

[System]: sighs* anyways the council is here to maintain the five clans. Why? Because one clan cannot have more power than the other. If so then the clans with start waring against one another. This will lead to chaos. This could also lead to one clan joining hands with the other to kill off one clan. If that ever happened. The World  Life Tree will start to slowly die off.

Lori: why would the World Life Tree die off if one clan is destroyed?

[System]: each clan has different characteristics because a Dragon chose them. Red, white, black, green and purple. Those colors represent the dragon's  that chose each clan.

Lori: it still does not explain why the tree would die...

[System]: because I wasn't finished explaining!!!😒

Lori: oops...i did it again...

[System]: as I was going to say, those five dragons are the original dragons of this world. They created it with their soul essence. If one dragon dies, the world will start to die as well.

Lori: Ah okay git it!

[System]: Each five dragons chose a clan to reside their souls in. Every new clan leader must make a contract with the dragon's soul. When the contract is finished the dragon and that human will have work side by side until the next successor that would be chosen by the dragon when the time comes. No outsider has ever been chosen.

Lori: holy shit! That is so freaking cool! This game sounds way more better than the last, thank goodness the Second Prince can't follow me too this world. *shudders*

[System]: ...😑😑 anymore questions?

Lori: yes, since I'm currently known as Clover Ferian and reside and her body, does that mean I will also not have an affinity?

[System]: hehe, glad you asked. Actually you and Clover have two different souls, so of course you would have an affinity.

Lori: awesome! I can't wait to learn how to control my affinity! Ah! So what affinity to I have?

[System]: You will have to figure that out yourself.

Lori: hmph...heyyyy~~~ I know~~

[System]: what is it?

Lori: I just came up with a perfect plan!

[System]: oh gosh...😥 what is it now?


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