Otome Game Revival!
18 #18~ The plan
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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18 #18~ The plan

Lori: the plan is quite simple. I will go to my current world father and request to be tested again at the World tree.

[System]: sounds like an ok plan but how would you for sure know that he would agree? I mean, Clover was already tested at age six, that means he probably won't agree.

Lori: simple, I will make a deal with him.

[System]: more like a deal with the devil....

Lori: hmm? What did you say Flora?

[System]: ah! n..nothing!!

Lori: ...?

[System]: *coughs* so what's the deal?

Lori: well, if he does not agree to take me to the capital to get tested again... I will offer to leave the Clan and never show my face again anywhere near the Azurial Kingdom. This he will defiantly agree too~~

[System]: yes, I like that idea. Very well, I shall lead you to the main residence to request a meeting with Garren Ferian.

Lori: hmph, can't believe I have to request a meeting just to meet my own father.

[System]: agreed, it's quit sad🙁

Lori ignores Flora's comment and walks over to the door. This is it, Clover Ferian is now gone, Lori Green is now taking over! Hehehe I can't wait to see those stupid people show shocked faces when they see that I am not trash, no...that Clover Ferian is not trash. Lori walks outside her old manor and follows the old cracked stone path that leads to the main town where her families Manor resides in. Lori reaches the outskirts of the town and stops. The town had houses, stores and other things that made a town up. Children with white hair and red eyes were playing, and families running their stores. But the closer she got everyone seemed to look...very rich! The towns people looked like they were wearing expensive silks. The stores looked fancy and the houses are huge! There were guards patrolling around. Each guard had a white Dragon emblem put on their white cape on the right shoulder side. Hmmmm...so this is the main town of the White Dragon Clan...how lame. I though this world would seem more magical but everything looks like it's from the medieval era. Lori gives a depressing look and keeps walking. She continues until she reaches the main path that leads to the town entrance. Before she could walk through the gates a guard stops her.

Guard: halt! Before you can enter you must say your family name and clan.

Lori gave the man a glare. So it seems not even the guards know of her. Her family must really hate her. Hmph, who cares, everyone will hear of me sooner or later. Especially right now after I say my name. I can't wait to see this guards reaction when he realizes he stopped a main clans member.

Lori: it seems that you don't know your place guard. How dare you give me that tone of voice.

Guard: You bitch! Don't talk back to me like that! From the looks of your cloths you don't seem to be an important member of the clan. Now get lost before I dispose of you myself!

Lori: I won't leave until I have seen my father! Now move before you regret it!

Guard: that's it I'm done with you! Come here!

The guard grabs Lori by the arm and throws her on the ground. Lori just smiles evily. The guard saw the evil look in her eyes and shivers. He quickly releases Lori and steps back. Lori slowly gets up and pats down her already dirty faded colored dress.

Lori: You have made a grave mistake by doing that too me! My name is Clover Ferian! Daughter of Garren Ferian who is clan leader of the White Dragon Clan! I command you too take me too my father this instant!

Lori stands tall and holds her head up high. She gives a death glare at the guard. An evil grin forms on her lips when she sees the guard tremble and fall to the ground when she says who she is.

Guard: o...of..of course!!! I will immediately!

The guard gets up and runs torwards Lori. He drops on his knees near her feet and bows down.

Guard: also please forgive this ignorant guard! I have not seen the young lady for 6 years now. The last time I saw you was when you were six and was taken back to your manor.

Lori: hmph! You are forgiven. Now take me too my father.

Guard: yes! Of course lady Clover!

The guard leads Lori through the busy town. Lori blew a sigh of relief when she realized that no one recognized her. It seems that the clansman have forgotten of her existance. Pretty soon you will all awknowlege me, I will not be known as trash anymore. This is for you Clover. You can rest in Peace now. I got this. Lori and the guard keep walking until they came across a giant gate.

There were lettering at the top that read Ferian. Lori rolled her eyes after reading that. The guard ran up to the four guards that were guarding the manors gate entrance. Lori stood there and waited until the guard was done talking to the others. She noticed the shocked faces of the four guards. The four guards looked at her. She just smirked at them. The four of them quickly ran up to her and knelt.

Guard#1: us four clansman guards welcome lady Clover!

The four guards bow low on their knees.

Guard#3: Its an honor to serve one of the dragon's children.

Lori gave them a cheeky smile. Look at them, it's amazing how someone can change so fast. Seems like my last name does come in handy. But... Lori looked at the guards eyes. Why does it look like they are actually looking at a real Dragon or something?! Those eyes show awe when they look at me? Flora, can you please explain please?

[System]: obviously they would look at you like that. Even if you are known as trash that does not have magical abilites, you are still Dragon blooded. Don't forget that your father is basically a dragon, And you share his blood.

Lori though over Flora's words. I suppose... but my father is not a dragon. He's just a heartless man who is a vessel for a Dragon soul. Hmph I can't believe these people go crazy over this stuff. Lori looked back at the guards who were kneeling.

Lori: You may stand.

The guards quickly got up from the ground and stood in an single file line.

Lori: now open the gates and take me to my father. It's show time bitchezzzz.


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