Otome Game Revival!
19 #19~ My brother is a what?!
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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19 #19~ My brother is a what?!

Lori took a long look at her surroundings. She's walking along a grayish stoned path. Looking closer at it she could see strange engraving carved inside the stone. Letters swirled around each other like a endless whirlpool. She looked at one of the guards near her left.

Lori: what do the symbols represent in this stone path?

The guard looked at Lori like she was dumb. But quickly covered up his face expression. There was no point though because Lori already saw. Lori just gave the guard, "what? I've been locked away for years" look.

Guard #1: The symbols represent the White Dragon inheritors. Each name is engraved in the stone. Your father's is way in the back where the recent names lie. The further we walk up the path to the manor, the more old and ancient the names get. In the next two years a new inheritor will be chosen by the White Dragon. From the looks of things, we all think you older brother Joseph will be the new interior.

Lori scrunched up her eyebrows. Joseph? Older brother? Flora, is there another sibling I should know about?

[System]: of course, I told you back at your manor right? You have two older siblings, you are the youngest.  First born is your older brother Joseph Ferian. Second born is your eldest sister May Ferian.

Lori rolled her eyes. Great...more possible evil siblings. Flora, please give me more information on my siblings.

[System]: sure no problem.

Joseph Ferian

Age: 15

Element: Fire

Clan: White Dragon

Personality: siscon, stubborn, Glutton

May Ferian

Age: 13

Element: Wind

Clan: White Dragon

Personality: Quiet, cold, bookworm

Lori felt a little annoyed about having more siblings to deal with. Then she remembered something. Wait! Flora! Did you say my older brother is a siscon?! Oh gosh, those are the worst to deal with. I actually kind of feel bad for my older sister May...

[System]: *coughs* umm...actually...

Now what flora...

[System]: Its not your older sister that your brother has a obsession with...its actually you!

Lori wanted to puke out blood! Me?! How? Why?! How is that even possible?

[System]: no it's possible...it started when Clover was born. After their mother died from giving birth to Clover, your brother at the age of three wanted to kill Clover. He snuck in one night to suffocate her when alseep, and...

Lori wanted to puke again! A three year-old wanted to kill me?! Wtf! What kind of three year-old would want to think about suffocating a baby?

[System]: dunno, ask the creator, he's the one who made each game. Anyways, when he was about ready to put the pillow over Clover, she opened her eyes. They both stared at each other. Clover gave Joseph a big smile. Joseph felt an immense sadness  for what he was about to do.

He quickly changes his mind and set the pillow down. That night he slept with Clover in her crib. He snuggled with her while clover had her little fingers wrapped around his thumb. Such an adorable sight!😍❤

Lori: Seems like he's bipolar than anything else...so, if my older brother developed a siscon persona, then why don't I see him try to help me? I mean...Clover wouldn't have died if he did...

[System]: good point, but Joseph cannot do anything for you but only watch you from afar. If he was ever caught helping you, you two would of been punished by your father, but you probably would of gotten a worse punishment by your father because the hate your father has for you.

Well..thats what your older brother thinks. Probably true though.

Lori gave a soft smile. I see...such a good older brother. Clover was lucky to have someone like him. Too bad that he does not know that his dear little sister is already gone. For Clover and for Joseph, I shall be the new Clover and give back what is rightfully hers. A story to write...to live life.


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