Otome Game Revival!
20 #20~ Red & White
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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20 #20~ Red & White

Reaching the manor did not take that long. The manor was big! It looked like a castle. A white marble fountain laid in the middle of the entry way. Lori slowly walked around the giant fountain to reach the two big black doors. Each door has a white roaring Dragon painted on it. Lori frowned at the paintings. This is what a Dragon looks like? Very different than the ones I was imagining. The dragons were very slender looking. Each white dragon had a sharp horn on their forehead. Lori then noticed a red dot on each forehead  of the two dragons. Lori turned to one of the guards and pointed at the red dot.

Lori: why is there a red dot on both of the dragons foreheads?

The guard gave another...are you dumb look but quickly hid it again. Lori just rolls her eyes. I should of just asked Flora...

Guard: The red dots represent element compatibility. This has not happened in 500 years but supposedly, legend has it that one of our ancient ancestor clans leader fell in love  with the red clans leader. The two got married and had children. But the two clans were against it and finally put a stop to it. They killed them both. But their children managed to escape and hide away from the world. Supposedly the children grew up far away in the forbidden forest. Some say they hear them scream, sadness and anguish could be heard in it. Fear of being caught and killed. They locked themselves in the forest.

Lori: that's such a sad story. I feel bad for the children...ummm....which way is the forbidden forest?

The guard gave Lori a curious look. Lori just smiled at him and waited for his answer.

Guard: the forest is located on the North of our Territory just at the end. The forbidden forest lays between us white Dragons and them damn annoying Reds.

The guard shakes his head and spits on the ground. Lori tilts her head and gives him a confused look. The guard notices and explains.

Guard: our clan and the reds have not been good for a long time. Especially over what our ancestors did. Those damn reds are always starting problems with us. For example, stealing our hunting grounds and taking our grazing areas for our cattle. They seem to think the whole damn world belongs to them. Hmph!

Lori secretly rolled her eyes.

Lori: I see...but we must remember that its not just their fault but ours too. We must get along...

The guard gives Lori another, are you crazy Look, but Lori just ignored it again. What am I expecting? These two clans have hated each other for centuries. They can't just get along right away...I need to change that...hmmm....ah! I have a plan! Flora! Can you hear me?

[System]: yes I can hear you. What do you need host?

Did you hear what that guard said awhile back? About the whole Red and White clan leader hooking up centuries ago thingy?

[System]: yes...what about it🤔

Well...I though of a way to unite the the two clans!

[System]: what! Are you crazy?! That's impossible. It's also a big change to the story line!

Just listen Flora!


[Sytem]: ah! Incoming mission!

What's the mission?

[System]: ...

Well? What is it? Come on tell me.

[System]: it's...its the same thing you want to do! Unite the two clans as one.

Why this all of the sudden? Interesting....well, mission accepted!

[System]: it seems our heavenly God has chose to go along with your plan!

Perfect! This is going to be fun! Muahahaha!

[System]: *cringes* uhhh...host...why are you evily laughing?

Lori snickers and gives a sly grin. The guard notices this and shivers. This young miss is scary...

It's simple Flora~~ don't you love messing with people's feelings? Especially men?

[System]: what? No that's a horrible thing to do!

Tsk...tsk....Flora... It's called the art of seduction, and that's what I am going to use to win this mission.


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