Otome Game Revival!
21 #21~ Reunion
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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21 #21~ Reunion

Lori was excited for her new mission. This is going to be sooo much fun! But first I need to deal with my father. Lori looked at one of the guards closest to her.

Lori: alright! Enough chit chat. Let's get this over with. You may take me to see my father now, uhh I mean schedule an appointment with him...

Guard: yes lady Clover!

Lori rolled her eyes at the guard for his exaggerated reply and just waited for the guard to advance forward and open the door for her. The guard quickly opened the two doors and stepped back for Lori to pass.

She flipped her hair and then slowly walked through the two doors like she owned the place. Lori then stopped and looked at the guard. He was talking to the rest, probably telling then to go back to their duty's. Glancing over and seeing Lori's impatient stare, he quickly rushed over and bowed.

Guard: so sorry for the wait lady Clover. Now please follow me, this way.

The guard pointed down a long hall on the right side of her. Lori nodded her head and started to walk in that direction. She took slow steps, taking in the scenery around her. Paintings upon paintings were plastered all over the two sides of walls down the long hallway.

All of them had dates on them. Some even dating back a few hundred years. Finally after walking down the long hall for about three minutes, the guard stops her in front of a double wide door. The guard pushed it open and stepped through. Lori followed him inside. There was a lady at a desk sitting in a chair working on paper work. Noticing them come in she quickly stands up and bows.

DeskLady: It is a pleasure to meet you lady Clover, my name is Brenda. I work for your father and help with official documents and set up meetings for him.

Lori wanted to laugh. Brenda? What a bland name haha

Brenda does another quick bow and then stands there waiting for Lori to reply. Lori gives her a confused look. Brenda notices and just smiles.

Brenda: I have already been informed of your plan to visit your father. He has agreed to meet with you and will be with you shortly.

Lori turns and looks at the guard still confused. I wonder who told my father I was going to pay him a visit, and more importantly, my father actually agreed to see me?! Interesting...very interesting...seems like my father must of planted a few spies to spy on me...but why would he even care?

Lori changes her face expression and looks over at Brenda with a  fake smile and nods her head at her. Brenda smiles back. All of a sudden the phone at her desk rings. Lori noticed the phone and frowned.

So there is electricity in this world. I've already seen a weird working toilet, and now a ordinary looking office phone. I wonder what else kind of technology these people have.

Brenda picks up the phone and nods her head and and quickly puts the phone down. She then looks over at Lori and smiles.

Brenda: your father is now ready to see you. Please follow me this way.

As Brenda walks away, Lori nods her head and looks back at the guard.

Lori: thank you for your help, you may head back now.

The guard smiles and does a quick bow. He then quickly walks away to where ever he was stationed at. Lori then catches up to Brenda who was patiently waiting for her. Lori smiles at Brenda.

Lori: alright, I'm ready. Please lead the way.

Brenda smiles back and nods her head. She leads Lori to a door which  was black. A white roaring dragon head was painted on the front. Brenda slowly knocked on the door. A deep voice could be heard I inside.

Garren: Enter.

Brenda then turns to me and smiles.

Brenda: alright, this is it, you may go in.

Brenda reaches over and pats Lori's shoulder for reinsurance. She then steps away and walks back to her office. Lori walks up to the door handle and lays her sickly looking hands on it. She looks down and notices her body condition.

I need to make sure to have a proper meal after this, I mean look at me! I'm all skin and bone...shaking her head to comes back to reality. Lori slowly opens the door and puhes it through. Taking a deep breath she slowly steps inside. I can do this.

Garren: look who finally decided to show herself.


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