Otome Game Revival!
22 #22~ Father dear
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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22 #22~ Father dear

Garren: look who finally decided to show herself.

Lori hardened her gaze at the man sitting behind the dark wooden desk. He had his hands clasped together, resting them on the desk. His face held a stern look. Those dark red eyes held curiosity and coldness while he scanned her over. She also took the time to scan him over too.

On his face was Small forms of wrinkles that could be seen forming on his face. But that did not stop his ooozing attractiveness.

Okay I have to admit, but damn! He's so freaking good looking for a middle aged man. He could probably be an underwear model if he wanted too!

Lori noticed a scare that rested just below his perfectly sculptured chin.

Garren: are you done with your starring now? If you don't mind I would like to get down to business and finish this meeting so I can move on to my next one. As you can see, I'm a busy man.

He grins at Lori and lifts up his legs and lays them on his desk. Lori gives the man a glare. She swiftly sits in the opposite chair across from him and comfortably sits down. She also grins and then crosses her legs.

Lori: very well Father. Then I'll get straight to the point. I want to get my testing done again at the World tree. I request that you will allow me to go.

Garren hardens his face and glares at her.

Garren: how dare you! What makes you think that I will pay the cost fee?! Why would I waste any gold coins on useless trash like you?! A disgrace in the family dare to ask for a favor when I already allowed you to stay in the clan and not just kick you out like any sane person would do! You should be thankful! You even have your own sizeable manor to live out your useless life! I even put food on your table.

Wtf? Flora, you never told me there was a cost fee for a second chance in testing!

[System]: oops! I totally forgot! Yes, second chances cost money!

Lori clenched her fist, she wanted to punch Flora right now. When Garren finally quieted down that's when she slowly spoke.

Lori: thankful?.....I should be thankful?! Me? Who has suffered through my miserable life. Look at me!

Lori stands up and points to her face.

Lori: does it look like I'm doing okay? I'm starving! I've been suffering for years and my own father does not even care! You even call me trash...

Lori hardens her face and looks at Garren straight in his eyes.

Lori: forget it, none of that matters anymore. I just came here for a bargain. You take me to get retested. If I don't have an attribute then you are more than welcome to toss me out. But if I do actually have an element, then I want to be respected and live a better life in this clan. Deal? Father dearest?

Lori kept a straight serious face. Both of them stared at each other. Garren finally sighed and shook his head.

Garren: very well...as long as you keep your end of the deal, I shall do as you wish. Remember, after this is all over you are banished, never to come back near here again if you fail. Got it?

Lori gives Garren a sly smile.

Lori: got it. So when's the trip!

Lori gives Garren an over exaggerated squeal when asking. Garren cringes at Lori's squeal of a question. Lori smirks and enjoys watching him look annoyed.

Garren: two days from now. Testings are held every Saturday. Now go and leave my office. Your face is annoying.

Lori rolls her eyes.

Lori: very well father dear~~ ta ta~~

Lori fakes a sweet smile and slowly strides out with confidence closing the door behind her.


Meanwhile in Garrens office

Garren: did you see and hear all of that Zane? Quit surprising right?

A shadow appears in the middle of Garrens office. The man in all black neals down.

Garren: Where's the weak little girl at? She seems like a different person now...interesting...zane, keep a closer eye on that girl. I feel like she's up to something. There's no possible way that little girl has any element, we already tested her when she was six...just what is she up too...

Zane: yes sir, I shall follow through with your orders.

Garren nods his head.

Garren: you may leave now and continue on. Report to me if anything new happens.

Zane nods his head, then quickly stands and disappears.

Garren stares at the empty spot where Zane was just kneeling seconds ago.

Garren: interesting...very interesting...


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