Otome Game Revival!
23 #23~ Unexspected
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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23 #23~ Unexspected

Lori was sitting in the carriage waiting for her Father. Apparently he had to go with her to get tested. Every child under the age of sixteen must attend with a parent guardian. Lori just snorted and shook her head. What a good parent figure he is.

Garren opened the carriage door and slowly stepped inside. He silently sat down on the opposite of her. Not once did he look at Lori. Lori rolled her eyes. Rude much?

Garren: alright, let's get this over with. Let's go.

The coachman must of heard him because the carriage lurched and the horses started to move.

Lori felt annoyed. Already ten minutes into the journey her butt started to ache. Unbelievable! You would think they invented cars if they already have electricity. Garren smirked at Lori's discomfort.

Garren: what's wrong daughter? Uncomfortable much?

Lori wanted to punch the jerk in the face. But calmed herself. She knew he was trying to get on her nerves. Hmph, two can play at this game. Lori fakes a smile at her father.

Lori: actually...yes father...you wouldn't mind if I sat on your lap? I think it would be more comfortable!

Garren's face was priceless! Discomfort and awkwardness was seen on his aging face. Lori wanted to laugh but held it in. She kept a big smile on her face waiting for his reply.

Garren: *coughs* I don't think that's nessicary. You can bear it. It's only two more hours to the capital.

Lori gave her father a fake saddened face.

Lori: aww, but it could help us bond more. As father and daughter!

Lori gave him a big grin. Garren's face looked annoyed. Lori secretly smirked at his struggle to keep calm.

Garren: there's no point. You'll be gone in a few hours anyways. *sighs* I feel like I'm just wasting my time on you and your senseless games to get attention.

Lori kept a smile on her face, unbothered by the mans words. Hehe...I can't wait to see his face when he see's that he is wrong.

Lori: whatever you say father.

Lori turns her head and decides to stare out the carriage window and take in the view around her. Trees, hundreds of them everywhere. Basically they were in a forest. But defiantly not the forbidden forest.

Garren secretly kept glancing at his strange daughter of his. After years of not seeing her it weirded him out. She looks so much like her...

Lori's left eye switched. Does that idiot think I dont know he's starring at me right now? Hmph! What a weirdo.

Two hours finally pass with silence the whole time. The carriage lurches to a stop. Lori sighs with contempt. We are finally here! Yes! Can't wait to find out what element I have! Magic! So cool~~

Garren notices Lori's eagerness and happiness. Is she that happy to leave? What a weird child.

Lori steps out of the carriage first. Garren steps out after her. Lori's eyes widen in amazement. Right in front of her a few yards away sat the biggest tree she has ever seen! Thousands of branches stretched out everywhere. There probably was a few million leaves on that giant!

Garren grabbes Lori's right hand and pulls her along. He takes her to a line of people. But instead of waiting at the back of the line for their turn, he leads them to the front. Annoyed and angry eyes followed them as they went up to the man who was at the front of the line taking names. The man notices their approach.

Garren: we will be taking the next turn.

Man: I'm sorry but you must wait until it's your turn. Please go back to the end of the line. Or these two guards will escort you back if you refuse.

The man nods to the left side of him. Two tall muscular built looking men that had a spear in each hand were glaring at Garren and Lori. Garren just Smirked at the man.

Garren: I'm afraid you didn't hear me. I said we will be taking the next turn, is that clear?

Lori almost wet her pants at what she sees next. Her father's eyes start to glow a deep red. Two white horns start to grow on his forehead. His teeth start to grow bigger and reshape into sharp Razer like blades. The man and everyone around them gasp and shock! The once rude man quickly bows down. Everyone else follows and bows down as well. Garren smirks at their reaction. He withdraws from his transformation and glares at the man.

Garren: well? Are you not going to let us pass or not?

Man: o..of course! Please go right ahead! Yo...your n..ame and clan sir!

Lori giggles at the mans fear. Garren notices Lori's giggle and grins.

Garren: Garren Ferian, leader of the White Dragon clan, and this is my daughter, Clover Ferian.

The man looked like he wanted to go and dig a whole to hide in.

Man: al..alright...you can go now.. please excuse my rudeness your highness!

The man then falls to the ground and his two guards follow suit. Theu then start kowtowing like their lives depended on it.

Lori started laughing inside. Pfft, they might as well lick his boots! Hahaha!

[System]: *shivers* Father and daughter....*shivers* so much alike...scary!

Garren rolls his eyes at the kowtowing man.

Garren: you're forgiven. Now where is he?

The man points to the old looking man who was standing at the base of the tree. Lori and Garren slowly walk over to the old man. After a minute of walking they finally arrive.

Garren: Jack, it's been awhile!

Garren pats the old man on the back. The old man named Jack smiles back at Garren.

Jack: yes it has, how have you been old friend?

Garren: Okay I suppose, but the paper work won't  stop coming in.

Jack laughs at Garrens comment.

Jack: it happens my friend.

Jack then looks over to Lori.

Jack: ah! This must be Clover! You've gotten big! How long has it been already? Around six years yes? And look at ya! You look just like you're mother, she was an amazing woman.

Garren flinched at Jack's last comment.

Jack smiled at Lori and reached out to pat her head.

Lori just looks at Jack and shrugs her shoulders. Jack grins at Lori's actions.

Jack: not quit the talker arn't ya? Interesting though...

Jack looks back at Garren.

Jack: why have you brought clover back for testing? Last time we checked she did not have a ability.

Garren frowns at Jack's comment.

Garren: I'm thinking the same thing. But apparently my daughter thinks she somehow magically got an element after six years.

Jack looks at Lori with an amused face.

Jack: interesting...very well! Let's check, I'm quit curious to see is she is right or not. Let's get started then. Clover, just place one of your hands on the tree. Leave it on there until the leaves start to glow.

Lori nods her head and takes a step forward.


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