Otome Game Revival!
24 #24~ Results
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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24 #24~ Results

Thump thump...Lori's heart was beating fast. She was excited to see what infinity she has. Lori took a step breath and placed her palm on the ancient looking tree.

Lori: *gasps* what kind of strange feeling is this?!

A numb like feeling slowly spread out through her body like a current. Gasps of surprised could be heard everywhere.

Crowd Memeber: look! She has two elements! And two rare ones at that!

Crowd Memeber: li...lightening and light! I can't believe it!

People started to whisper and stare. Jealousy and surprise were showed on their faces.

Garren's whole body froze. My useless daughter has two rare elements?! How! There's no way, we tested her that day. How can she just acquire two rare elements just like that? Garren glanced at his daughter. A smug face could be seen on her.

Lori noticed her father's penetrating gaze and looked back at him. She smirked even more. She slowly stepped away from the tree and walked over to her father.

Lori: Looks like I won the deal, better keep your promise father.

Lori then gave Garren a cheeky smile. Garren's heart skipped a beat. Her smile reminded me of her mother... Sarah...

Lori noticed Garren's eyes. Pools and pools of sadness could be seen in those hardened red eyes of his. I wonder what he is thinking about...

[System]: he's thinking about Sarah, his deceased wife and mother of clover (currently you) Joseph and May Ferian. Your smile just reminded him of Sarah.

Lori frowned at Flora's comment. Sarah? I wonder what she used to looks like. She glanced back at Garren. He seemed to be out of his own thoughts because he was now discussing something with that old man named Jack.

All of a sudden a jolt of pain shot through Lori. She fell to the ground and curled into a ball holding herself. She started screaming in pain. Garren heard his daughter scream in agony and ran to her side.

Garren: Clover! Are you alright?!

Lori looked at her father like he was dumb. Does it look like I'm alright! Flora! What's happening to me?!

[System]: it seems like your body at the moment is unstable. Your two elements are both very powerful, your weak body is not used to it. It's putting a strain on your body.

Lori wanted to just reach out and randomly strangle someone. Okay, but please explain to me how I was perfectly fine until now? Ive never had an issue like this since I've been here.

[System]: Answering host. After touching the life tree, it triggered your  two rare elements to activate. Thus progressing your awakening.

Lori was frustrated. How can I make the pain stop then? Another agonizing jolt of pain shot through her.



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