Otome Game Revival!
25 #25~ Big brother
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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25 #25~ Big brother

[System]: Don't worry, the pain will go away in a few minutes. But will act up again pretty soon.

Lori wanted to cry of frustration. Okay, but how do I completely stop it? There must be some way?

[System]: of course there is a way to stop it, but your not going to like it.

Lori: It's fine, I'm willing to do anything, I don't want to go through this again.

[System]: very well, in order to completely stop it you must build up your body strength. But not just any daily training exercise will help you. You must intensely train everyday until you have enough body strength.

This is where Garren comes into the picture. You must ask your father to train you. The white Dragon clan is known for their extreme exercises. *shudders*

Lori wanted to punch someone! Why do I have to go through this?! Exercise is forbidden in my way of life. I mean besides having to walk, but that's mandatory  because I have to use my legs to get around.

[System]: ....😧

Lori slowly got up from the ground. Garren grabbes her right arm carefully and helped pull her up. Lori frowns at his actions but allows him to help her. She then pats down her worn out dress.

Garren glances at his daughter's dress and feels embarrassed. Looks like I need to buy her a new wardrobe...

Lori notices her father's stare and gives him a questioning gaze. Garren just coughs and looks away. Lori rolls her eyes and starts to walk back to the carriage. Garren gives her a grin and turns back to Jack to bid him farewell.

Garren: goodbye my friend, until then.

Jack chuckles at his old friends odd behavior around clover. He then nods his head at Garren, and turns back to the next small group of people who need testing.

Garren notices his friend chuckle in amusement at Clover and his awkward relationship with her.

He then starts to feel bad about the things he has done to his own daughter. If she didn't look so much like her mother... Garren raise' s his hand and puts his palm near his heart as if he could rip his aching heart out. Garren clenche's his teeth, and quickly shakes his head. There's no reason to think about that, she's already gone.

Garren lifts his head slowly, and looks at the carriage that was coming into view from the walking pace that he was doing. He then reaches the carriage and nods at his men to head out. 

Swiftly entering, he then sits down opposite of Lori. Lori noticed that he had a smirk on his face.

Great, I wonder what he's thinking now.

Garren stares at his daughter. Intersting...she has two affinitys...not only that, they happen to be rare...lightening and light.

◇◇◇◇◇◇1 hour later◇◇◇◇◇◇

Lori was getting annoyed of her father's starring. What a weirdo. Lori stuck her tounge at him and looked back at the carriage window with a pouting face.

Garren just chuckled at her silliness. All of a sudden a noise could be heard. It was as quiet as a mouse could be.

Garren quickly froze, so did Lori. They both silently starred at each other. Assassin! They both thought.

Garren started to sweat, I am defiantly capable of killing a measly assasin, but not knowing where the enemy is can most defiantly weaken my defence. But...how could an assasin breach our defences? Garren hardens his face in concentration.

Lori quietly tapped her right leg twice. Garren hears this and looks at her. She looks up and taps her right leg. Garren quickly realizes what she means.

He's on top of the carriage on our right side. But how do the guards not notice him. Garren froze. Only high wind element users can make this invisible potion! This is not good. This must be a ranked SS assasin!  There's only eight SS assasins in this country, and two of them are wind.

Besides those two, my daughter May is secretly an expert as well. One of them are currently in hiding, plus we never had any disagreements...

Then that means... Garren then realized something.

Could it be Lucas? That damn red! He is the only one besides me that has an expert wind user! Hmph! Using a shitty executed assassination like this? Wow Lucas...I expected better of you. Well whatever, time to get to business.

[Boss Ass Bitch, plays in the background😂] Garren swiftly executes his plan and goes from the opposite side up through the left side window.

Lori gasped. Holy shit! He flew like lightening! Garren made it to the top of the carriage swiftly and grabbed the assasin. Since he had Dragon eyes he could see through any invisible trick.

The carriage immediately stopped. Garren and the assasin lurched and fell of the carriage. The two stumbled to the ground. Garren ignored the sudden pain and quickly stood, still holding the assasins arm. Lori quickly leaped out of the carriage  and ran to her father.

Lori: Father! Are you okay?

Garren starred at Lori with a serious face and nods at her, but inside he felt warm for her worry.

Garren then looked at the assasin. The potion has finally worn off, so the assasins body could finally be seen. He  was covered in black. Even his face and hair was covered by a black mask.

Garren: now that we caught him, it's only fair to see what he looks like yeah?

Garren smirked at the limp form in his grip. He then slowly pulled off the mask. Garren was shocked at what he saw. What! His son?!

Lori was confused. Why did her father looked so shocked. I mean, besides his white hair and red eyes, he does not seem familier.

Garren: Joseph! What were you thinking! I could have killed you if I didn't want to question you! You buffoon!

Joseph: Father I'm sorry! But I had to come, I just had too...

Garren: what do you mean son? Why would you want to go anyways?

Joseph quickly looked at his adorable little sister. Garren followed his gaze and frowned.

Garren: I see, so you came to watch your sister fail. Look I know how much you hate your sister, but that is going to far son.

Joseph was secretly shocked! Did he just stand up for Clover?!

Joseph shook his head to erase those thoughts, for now he wanted to finally do what he always wanted, stand up for Clover. When he secretly witnessed his little sisters test results he was elated! He finally has a good enough reason to approach his father on giving Clover a better life.

I knew I made the right decision on secretly following them! Thanks for the invisible potion May, I owe ya one sis!


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