Otome Game Revival!
26 #26~ Father and son
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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26 #26~ Father and son

Garren felt annoyed. He could have killed his own son. I need to give him a proper scolding when we get home... Garren then scans his surrounding. They were still a couple miles into the forest, which was not good. Even if they were in the kingdom's borders, anything could still happen. For example, bandits. Which were harder to deal with in big groups.

Garren: we need to leave before danger arrives. We have already been here for too long.

Garren looks at his two battered kids. The both of them just looked at him and nodded. Garren then glances at his son. Joseph was stealing quick glances at Lori. They were so fast that no normal human eyes could catch.

But that was no problem for Garren and his children. After all, Garren's family bloodline carries the Dragon genes. But Garren's was stronger of course. The white Dragon within him enhances his abilities as a Dragon Keeper.

Garren frowns at Joseph but does not say anything. He then speaks to break the silence.

Garren: alright! Let's get going then! Men, forward!

Joseph lightens up! He quickly glances at the carriage door, and then at Lori. I will be a gentleman and open the door for my baby sister! Will she start to like me if I do? Joseph smiles and starts walking strides to the carriage. But before he could...

Joseph: ....

Garren notices Joseph's intentions. He frowns again but quickly rushes there before Joseph. Garren then quickly opens the carriage door.

He steps aside and allows Clover to hop in first. Joseph freezes again in shock. He did it again! He just opened the carriage door for her! I don't get it? When did he start being...nice? Joseph stares at his father openly this time in wonder.

Garren senses Joseph's stare as he watches Lori step in the carriage. When she steps inside, Garren looks at his son. Instead of astonishment that was on his face, there was now a hardened face full of jealousy and anger. Garren looks at his son with amusement.

Ohhh? I see now...seems like my son is jealous? Garren then smirks at his son.

Joseph gets even more mad. He knows...or he wouldn't be teasing me like this! Joseph gives his father a frustrated stare. Garren gives a little chuckle.

[System]: omg...wow that chuckle....I think I have a new crush! Kyaaaaa!

Lori's eyes twitched when she heard Flora's words that were echoing in her head. Lori sighs. I just want to go homeeeeee! What is taking those two so long? Lori looks out the carriage window. Her father and older brother were having a starring contest.

Both were glaring at each other. What the hell? What Did I just miss? Lori then shakes her head and relaxes her body in a more comfortable position.

Oh well~~ not my problem~~ man I can't wait to get back so I can take a long nice hot bath full of bubbles! Lori sighs in content. She then closes her eyes and decides to take a nap.


Garren: you shit head! Why did you try to punch me?

Just a second ago Joseph charged at Garren. Killing intent in his eyes. Garren was astonished! His son never disrespected him like this before. His other two children always respected and obeyed him. He glares at Joseph. Joseph does not say anything he just glares at his father.

Garren: son..you are taking this to far now.

Joseph squeezes his red eyes in frustration.

Joseph: promise me...

Garren looks at his son confused.

Garren: what?

Joseph looks at his father nervously. This was his first ever time going against his father. But now that he learned that his little sister has her elements, it changed his plans. he knows Garren can't do anything to her anymore. Even if he stilled kicked his sister out, Joseph would jump in and raise Her himself. That was actually his plan in the beginning. Every year he would save his allowance.

He wanted to save enough to where She could live a comfortable life, and in the future when he took over the clan, he would bring his little sister back so he could spoil her. Nobody would hurt Or ridicule her again.

Joseph's heart squeezes in pain. What hurt him the most was acting in the past. In order to keep up appearances in front of their father, he would treat her like crap. But it was all to keep her safe. He didn't want her to catch their fathers attention and be puished...or even killed.

Ever since Joseph's mother passed, Garren stayed cold and detached from his three kids. Especially Clover. Joseph even admits it himself...she looks so much like  mother its unbelievable.

When Lori smiles, it reminds Joseph  the most of their mother.

Maybe that's what caused him to not suffocate her that day. The way she smiled and giggled at me will forever be imprinted in my mind..its one of my favorite memories.

He really did hate his little sister at that time. He blamed his mothers death on her, and Joseph knew that his father did too.

But now...The way he looks at her. The worry and the blooming love in his cold and reserved heart, it's kinda scary.

Worry spread through Joseph. He knew his father was changing, and Joseph didnt like it. Only he could care and spoil his sister! Joseph looks up at Garren with determined eyes.

Garren raised his eyes in amusement. Garren really wanted to chuckle at his son. Garren knew what his son wanted to tell him. But there was no need to tell him.

Garren is confused himself. This trip has changed him a lot. And to be honest, I actually don't mind this change in me.

Garren smiles at his son, and steps up to his son before Joseph had any time to refute back. Garren raised his hand slowly torwards Joseph's head.

Joseph freezes in fear. Did I take this to far? Will he punish me now? Joseph started to sweat in nervousness. But what Garren does next shocked Jospeh. He...patted my head.

Joseph slowly raised his head and looks up at Garren. Garren stares at his son with an amused smile.

He kinda felt hurt though. Garren notices his son flinch when he raises his hand. I knew that my two kids were intimidated by me. But...I didn't know it was this bad.

All of a sudden Lori's face and snarky comments and actions pop into his head. He smiles. I mean, besides my mischievous younger daughter. She may have her mothers looks, but she defiantly has my additude. Garren beams in pride for a moment.

System]: how is that a good thing?!! *shivers*

Garren felt a cold breeze blow by him. He frowns. It's Summer right now, how is there a cold breeze?

[System]: *cough* oops...

Garren shrugs off his earlier thoughts and looks back at his son. Joseph was looking at him with a confused face. Garren sees this but just chuckles and steps away from him.

Garren: I know how you feel son...For a long time I was in a cold place. Forever stuck in my grieving. But in the process I lost my children's love.

Garren then turns around and stares at the carriage.

Garren: I promise to take care of Clover. She is my daughter after all.

Garren looks back at Joseph and smiles.

Joseph stares at him in shock. This was wayyy out of his expectations. Joseph should of felt happy when he heard his father's words. But for some reason he did not. He felt...jealous?


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