Otome Game Revival!
27 #27~ Work for i
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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27 #27~ Work for i

Lori woke to the jolt of the carriage. She yawned and slowly opened her red drowsy eye's. She then noticed her father and brother starring at her.

Both had a gentle look on their faces. Lori instantly tensed up. First of all...what the hell! Why are these two idiots starring at me for?! Do I have something on my face? Lori quickly touches her face, but feels nothing.

Garren notices Lori's confusion and awkwardness. Garren just smiles and continues to starre in amusement.

Joseph starred at his Father secretly as he starred at Clover. Has he really changed?

Joseph then glanced at his precious little sister. What did she do that would change him so quickly? Not even May and I could stire that much emotion out of him... No matter though. As long as he treats Clover fine, then I will not start a fuss. This time I Will protect Clover at all costs!

[System]: pffft...a little to late for that~

Lori scrunched her eyebrows in confusion. Did you say something Flora?

[System]: Ah! Nothing host!

Lori just shruggs and blocks out Flora from her thoughts again. Lori then looks at Garren.

Lori: are we almost there? I'm quit famished.

Lori then puts on a pouting and tired face. If anyone saw her they would believe her little act. That's how good it is!

Joseph takes the chance to have a conversation with his cute sister.

Jospeh: Dont worry Clover! We should be back any minute now.

Joseph then pulls away the window curtains in the carriage.

Jospeh: look, I can already see our crop fields. Can you see them Clover?

Jospeh takes his happy red eyes away from the window to look back at his sister expectantly eager to hear her voice and answer.

Lori notices how desperate her older brother wants to talk and try to get close with her. Lori does a mental eye roll. Now you want to get close with me? Hmph. Your a little to late for that. But... Lori secretly grins. Why not make him work for it. Hehe

[System]: *shivers*

Lori blankly stares at Joseph. She only replys with:

Lori: En.

Lori then looks away and ignores Joseph. Like hell I will make this easy for you! Until I feel like you worked enough, then I'll  let you have my praise's hehehehe

Joseph notices his little sisters coldness to him. His heart starts to sting with pain.

Figures... I cant expect her to casually like me back...after all I did ignore her for the past twelve years. But that was for her own good. I wanted to protect her. Joseph sighs and lools back out the window with mixed emotions showing on his face.

Garren watched the interaction between his two kids. He felt bad. Clover never had a normal life. She was put away and forgotten by all. A shame to the family I once thought.

Garren glances at Lori. She had her palm resting on her face as she bordely starred at the window as well.

Garren tilted his head in thought. She has two rare elements, and one of them happens to be lightening. Garren smiles at the thought. That rare element runs through her vains. Sarah... If only you could see your daughter now, you would be proud.

Lori watched as Garren goofily grins. She raises her eyebrows at him in question but he just widely grins at her and looks away. Ugh! What is with this man! He must really want a fight! Hmph. That blockhead better keep his promise when we get back. If not... there will be some hell to pay. But seriously though...that bubble bath...*cries in agony*

◇◇◇◇◇◇ 1 hour later◇◇◇◇◇◇

Lori could finally see the castle in the distance.

I mean, it might as well be one... look at it! Its freaking huge!

From the distance Lori could see how finally big their home was. But what really got Lori was the expansion all around it. Thousands of tiny castles from nobles, and the super wealthy merchant family home's were built around it.

Where Lori was currently, wayy at the back... is the poor class. Lori decided to open the curtain. She was curious on how the poor lived. But before she got the chance to lift the curtain, a hand reached out and stopped her. Lori frowned, and looked at the perpetrator.

It was her Father. Lori kept a blank face but was smirking inside. Wrong move mister. You are going to regret touching me!

[System]: *gets popcorn*

Lori suddenly heard an irritating noise at the back of her head. Do... I hear a crunching noise?

[System]: ! *slowly chews*

The crunching noise in the back of Lori's head stops. Lori decides to ignore what just she heard and turns back to her victim.

Lori: What's the meaning of this Father?

Lori raised her left eyebrow in question. She kept her face ice cold.

Garren flinched at his daughter's reaction. He thought he was prepared for the rejection, but it still pained his heart from her cold actions. I brough this unto myself.

Garren straightened himself up and smiled at his daughter, ignoring Lori's piercing cold gaze.

Garren: Its not wise to open the curtains, your to young to see any of that.

Garren gives Lori a stern look and pulls his hand away.

Lori grins at Garren.

Lori: Father, as the daughter of the Clan leader, I think its my duty to get to know my people. Poor and alike.

Garren was astonished by this childs words. Since when did she want to interact with the people who once abandoned Her?

Garren's heart squeezes in pain... again...for the millionth time. Man I'm a shitty Father.. *sighs*

Garren: Very well. I shall permit acesses throughout the clan, poor and alike. But...there is one condition that needs to be seen too.

Lori gave Garren a suspicious glare.

Garren just chuckles at Lori's hostility torwards him.

Garren: We don't want that episode at the World Tree to happen again do we?

Lori shivered at Garrens Words.

Garren smirks at Lori's reaction.

Garren: Intense training! We will begin early the next morning. We cannot waste time.  Your body is not strong enough at the moment to hold your two rare affinity's.

Lori wanted to die inside. Goodbye freedom.



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