Otome Game Revival!
28 #28~ Bubbles
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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28 #28~ Bubbles

The rest of the ride home went smoothly for Lori. In fact, she was super happy!

[System]: Host, why are you bubbly and happy at the moment?

Flora just couldn't understand. Didn't Lori know that she might possibly die from intense training that will take place tomorrow?

Lori just stepped out of the carriage when she heard Flora's comment. Why wouldn't I be! Its bubble bath time~

[System]: bubble bath?

Lori rolled her eyes. Yes bubble bath Flora. I want to relax, and enjoy my life in luxury, again hehe

[System]: ...

Flora was starting to understand Lori's personality. A freeloader, Lazy, and.... A demoness!

The word luxury suddenly made Lori remeber her first world father from "A Sinful Beauty." I wonder how that fat little man is doing...

Lori was spoiled by that man like crazy! He really did love his daughter Rose!

Before Lori could walk away to go back to her broken down manor for the night, Garren suddenly stopped her.

Garren: your going the wrong way.

Garren then pulls Lori's hand and leads her inside the castle.

Lori was fuming with anger. Just who does he think he is?! Nobody gets to drag me around like this! Lori started to grit her teeth with anger.

Garren glanced at his youngest daughter. She was angry. Garren wanted to chuckle at his daughter's sillyness but kept it in. He didn't want to upset her even more. So he also let go of her soft little hand.

Lori glanced at Garren after he released her hand. Garren noticed Lori's starre so he looked back at her and smiled.

Garren: Follow me.

Lori: where?

Garren: you will see.

Garren took Lori to the upper part of the residence, and brough her to a beautifully carved door. It showed a willow tree standing tall in a relaxing valley of tall grass. Lori couldn't resist and brough her hand out and gently touched the tree with her fingers.

Lori: Beautiful...

Lori whispered under her breath.

Garren watched Lori's actions. Garren couldn't help but have a warm but sorrowful feeling swell up inside of him. Sarah...

Garren: This was your Mother's old Room, and now im giving it to you. Your mother would of wanted it. Whatever is in there is now yours.

Garren paused and took a deep breath.

Garren: I...I also hope that it will not be to late... *coughs* to mend our relationship! I was wrong and foolish! If you have any questions about anything or need anything I'm here for you. Im...Im sorry that it took this long.

Garren gave Lori a pained expression.

Garren: Your mother was my life. She was a commoner in our clan. Out on an errand one day for my father, rebels from the Red clan attacked me. I wasn't fully trained. Neither did I get blessed by the white dragon yet.

I was still only eighteen hence I was still vulnerable to multiple rebels at once. Your mother, who was picking medical herbs during that time saw what was happening from inside the forest. She quickly came to my aid. Using her fire affinity, she killed all of the rebels in one flick. I've never met a strong woman such as her before. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. *chuckles* Thankfully she felt the same way. After a few months of courting her, we finally got married.

Garren kept a warm smiling face the whole time as he talked about the long distant past.

Garren: We wanted to start a family as soon as we got married. She said that a family wasn't complete without a few tiny feet running around the household. So after about a year of trying, Joseph was born. Then May. But after May, the doctor said that Sarah would be to weak to bare another child. That would lead to death. But Sarah didn't seem bothered by that. She just only said,

"Everything happens for a reason."

I always had that fear of her getting pregnant again. I knew I would die inside if Sarah ever left me behind.

She was my other half. But fate is funny, because you came along. Sarah managed to hide your existence for the first three months of her pregnacy.

Garren sorrowfuly chuckled.

She knew that I would of done anything to get rid of you....she was right. When she told me I freaked out. I ordered her to drink Hells breath.[1] But she refused. She was happy that you were conceived. She even started talking about buying the stuff that we would need after your birth.

That's when I snapped and grabbed her shoulders. I asked her if she really wanted to die. But she said the exact same thing A few years ealier.

"Everything happens for a reason."

I tried to reason with her but she would not budge. So, months passed, and it was finally that time for you to come into this world. Sarah had a long painful birth. Then, after hours of painful struggling, you arrived.

When I ran in Sarah was deathly pale. I was horrified. What I feared starting to happen in the front of my eyes. She held my hand for the last time with you tucked in her arms.

She smiled at me and said one last thing, "Her name is Clover." she passed away soon after with the same beautiful smile I saw when she was walking down the aisle. That image will be forever imprinted in my mind.

Garrens face held A broken expression.

Garren: I directed my sour and hurt heart at you. Regret became annoyance soon after. Then... hate.

But I've realized how foolish I have become!

Lori opened her mouth in astonishment. But before Lori could reply back, Garren interrupted her.

Garren: Wait! Let me finish. You don't have to reply now. Get some rest and clean up. I will also send a maid your dinner. Then think about your answer. Ok?

Garren gave Lori a warm smile.

Lori could only open and close her mouth. She was at a loss for words. Flora! Did this old man just open up his heart to me?!

[System]: uhhh...yes?

Lori panicked. Quick tell me! How do I respond to something like this? Im not good with this sentimental kind of stuff!

[System]: *sigh* host... Just smile and nod your head, and then enter your room. Simple. as. that.

Lori frowned at Flora's additude. She just couldn't understand why she was acting like this recently.

Author: Flora is still hung on the second Prince. 😧💀

Lori snapped out of her thoughts and replied back to Garren with a simple reply and smile:

Lori: En.

Garren nodded at Lori's reply and quickly walked walked awat like it counted on his life.

Lori thought his actions were comical. Pfft, what a weirdo. Lori then suddenly remebered something. Ah! My bubble bath! Almost forgot~~ hehe


Meanwhile in Garrens office.

Garren was sitting at his desk lost in thought. He then raised his head when he heard his trusty spy Zane enter. Without looking at Zane, Garren says:

Garren: You are to remain at Clover's side at all times. Keep watch and guard her from a far. Immediate danger is only when you are allowed to show yourself. Is that clear?

Zane was astonished by his masters words but kept quiet and only nodded his head. Since when did I become A full time babysitter? Zane felt like life was not fair at the moment.

Garren: Good. Now leave.

Zane quickly stood, bowed and vanished into thin air. Garren smirked. Don't worry Zane, I will make sure to raise your pay. *chuckles* Garren then called in his assistant Brenda. Brenda quickly rushes in and readily bows down.

Brenda: yes master?

Garrwn: send a maid to give Clover her meal for the night. Also, make sure to arrange for a famous home designer to allow Clover to choose her room furniture preferences.

Brenda: yes master.

Before Brenda turned around to leave. She remebered something.

Brenda: master?

Garren: yes?

Brenda: which room is lady Clover now residing in?

Garren paused at Brenda's question for a second but quickly replied.

Garren: Sarah's old room.

Brenda froze. Sarah's old room! Since when did Garren let Anyone have that room? It has always been of limits. Even when Lady May asked master Garren if she could have her mother's room, Garren immediately refused. But...who would have ever thought that master Garren would give it to Lady Clover! Just what did I miss during that trip?

Brenda slowly raised her head to meet Garrens eye's. She was amazed at what she saw. His eyes... they are different than before. I see warmth.

Brenda wanted to happily smile. Ever since Lady Sarah passed, master has been cold and cruel. He was not the caring master I once knew. But now I see some of the old master. Just what did lady Clover do?!

Garren was amused by Brenda's constant change of face expressions. She always had a empty expression shown. The only time Brenda smiled was when it was with a client.

Garren: well?

Brenda heard her master and snapped out of her thoughts.

Brenda: y...yes master, I will get to it right away.

Garren: good. You may leave now.

Brenda nods ber head and quickly steps out and closed the door. He then lifts his two worn out legs and rests them on his wooden desk.


Garren: man its been a long day.



Hells Breath[1]> a fake drink that I made up, its supposed to be the safest and easiest way to have an abortion without much pain involved.


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