Otome Game Revival!
29 #29~ Flora“s Scare
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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29 #29~ Flora“s Scare

[System]: Host! Get up host! You have training in thirty minutes!

Lori stirred in her sleep. But there was no signs of her waking up anytime soon. Lori was in a deep sleep.

Flora starred at her host in wonder. Why on earth would master choose a girl like this?

Flora sighed and leaned back in her comfortable office chair. Just because She is dead, it does not mean she can't live as if she was alive. She's also even updated on the current trends and such.

Flora was from the twenty- first century after all. Flora smirked. Ahhh~~ Master is so kind to allow his heavenly servant to have such a fun and comfortable job. But...

Flora wanted to roll her eye's just thinking about her host again. Why can't she be normal just like the last ones? Is master into a different taste this time?

Flora thought about it for a second, and silently agreed to her conclusion.

Yep, no doubt about it. Master has liked the same type for many years... From what I heard anyways. Who wouldn't want a change once and a while? But Lori?!

Just thinking about it gave Flora a headache. Aiya host, you are one lucky woman~~ Flora smiled.


Flora crunched up her eyebrows when an notification showed up on her ultra computer system that only she can use. What the heck is this? I didn't know you could get spam in this other worldly place... Feeling annoyed, Flora reached her hand over to move her mouse to delete the spam.

But then she paused and thought about it. It won't hurt if I just click on it and see what it is right? Flora evily grinned and clicked on the pop up.

Flora squealed when she saw the pop up. Kyaaaa! It was just a notification about my bae's new album!! Kyaaaa!!!

Flora jumped out of her office chair and started to squeal in excitement. After a few more moments of constant squealing, she calms herself and sits back down. I finally have a good distraction that will help me deal with my demon of a host. *shivers*


Author: ohhh a mystery? Hmmm, now what would Flora's heavenly master want with Lori? Hehe


Flora looked at her host with determination in her eye's.

[System]: Alright host! Wakey wakey! We have no time left!

Flora starred at her none waking host.

[System]: fine! You leave me with no other choice!

Flora turned into a ghost like figure and reached over torwards Lori's blanket.

Lori woke up with a start when she felt something pull off her warm fluffy blanket that she has already grown to love over night. It reminded her of her blankie she had as a child. Lori loved that blanket. So soft~~

Lori, who was still half asleep, instantly sat up and yelled in anger thinking thay someone wanted to steal her blankie.

Lori: fucking touch my blanket one more time and I'll cut you.

Lori swung her right arm and pointed her finger randomly at a wall which no one was around. [Besides Flora, but she does not know that]

Flora screeched in fear when she heard her hosts threat. But when Lori even pointed her finger at her like she knew she was there, it made her feel even more scared!

But before she could reply, Lori gave Flora [The Wall] one more glare before she fell back into her bed with a thud and started to snore.

Flora starred in amazement. Was host still asleep then? Flora sighed in relief. That was so scary!

She then starred at her host in regret. I will never try to wake her again...

Before Flora gave up hope, she got an incoming signal. Ah! Perfect~ Im saved~

Silent steps could be heard from the old creaking wood. Flora continued to listen until she heard two footsteps stop at Lori's door.

The knob slowly opened and a young girl quietly stepped in. The young girl slowly walked up to Lori's bed.

Flora smirked at the girl who was watching Lori sleep. I didnt know May Ferian was such a weirdo.

Flora then noticed May bend down... huh what is she doing?

Flora watched curiously as May bends down and kisses Lori's forehead. Interesting...hmmm...maybe another siscon?

May steps back and frowns. She starts to mubble.

May: I don't understand... why is her skin so soft!

May's eyes then lit up in happiness.

May: Maybe I'll just give her a hug, and squish her cheeks a little hehe

May started to slowly grow a perverted look on her face, or from Flora's point of view.

Eh...did I just hear that right? Hug to feel? Ehhhhhhh! Skin is soft? Ehhhh!!! Im right! She's a pervert! Wahhh! I need to protect host from that weirdo before she molests her! Flora was now in panick mode. Did I get her description wrong? There's no way!

Lori, who was oblivious to all of this, was still peacefully asleep. Before Flora lost hope Garren decides to save the day.

Garren: May.

Garren stood at the entrance of Lori's door. His arms were crossed over his chest and he looked very mad.

May, who was startled quickly turned around and kept a straight face.

May: y..yes father?

Garren chuckled and shook his head. Nobody knew of May's obsession besides him.

[System]: ahh, makes since now. Lori does not need to know about this right? 🤔 nah, because then she would just yell at me.

Garren: May, what did I say about touching people just to feel their skin? Its very rude.

May gave Garren a distressed face.

May: but father, you don't understand! It's just so soft and warm, and squishy! Clover has the perfect skin!

May turned back to Clover in an exciting manner while Garren looked at Clover with pity.

Garren: alright now, enough with this, Clover needs to wake up and train.

Garren looked at May with a stern look.

Garren: Jospeh is doing what he is told and is already packing his bags.

Garren raised his eyebrows in a meaningful manner at May. May took the hint and sighed.

May: fine, I'll start packing. But...

May turned back to Clover and then back to Garren.

May: what about Clover?

Garren gave May a knowing smile.

Garren: don't worry. Within a month she will be strong enough to join the two of you at School.

Garren evily grinned.

Garren: I will make sure of it~

May just silently nodded. She knew her father wasn't joking. He's a man of his word.

May then walked passed Garren closed the door behind her leaving Garren and the sleeping Lori alone.

Garren glared at Clover and swiftly walked over to her and pulled off her blanket. Lori who felt cold all of a sudden woke up with a start.

Lori was still half asleep when she looked at Garren. Thinking that she was still in her past, yelled at Garren angrily.

Lori: what did I say about waking me up Jace!!

Garren, who was confused looked at his daughter in question.

Garren: who is this Jace guy?

Garren looked at Lori in question.

Lori who heard Garren's voice, had realized what she had done, and snapped out of it and quickly got back into character.

Lori: no one, I must of been dreaming.

Crap! I almost blew my cover! Why did I have to mention my stupid past life little brothers name? Ugh!

Lori shrugged at Garren and got out of bed. Garren who saw how messy his daughter's hair was wanted to laugh but did not want to hurt her feelings.

Garren: I'm here because you are late for your first practice.

Lori gave Garren another shrugg.

Lori: sorry, I slept in.

Garren rolled his eyes at his daughter's sarcastic answer but ignored her and turned around.

Garren: when your dressed and ready, there will be a guard waiting at your door to escort you to the training grounds.

Lori: okay thanks~

Lori replied im a sweet tone which startled Garren.

Garren: no..no problem!

Garren turned around and smiled back at her.

Garren: see you in ten then.

Before Lori could reply Garren quickly walked out and closed the door on her.

Lori: wait.. did he just say see you in ten? Then does that mean I only have ten minutes to get ready?! That Jerk!

Lori yelled and stomped her foot. She then dragged herself to her new wardrobe to stubbornly pick out an outfit.

Garren heard his daughter yell and angerily stomp her feet as he walked down the narrow hallway.

Chuckling he shook his head slowly and kept walking at a comfortable pace while in a good mood.



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