Otome Game Revival!
30 #30~ Broccoli
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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30 #30~ Broccoli

Lori took her time while following the guard that was assigned to show her the training grounds.

She was still feeling tired, and add onto the fact that she never got any breakfast because She was running late. Thus adding the grumbling stomach to the equation.

Lori: Im so hungry! Ughhhh!!!!!

The guard, who was startled by his lady's outburst, panicks and drops to his knees thinking that he did something wrong.

Flora wanted to say something about Lori's pouting, but kept her mouth shut out of fear. Hmph! You would of had time to eat, but you are too lazy!

Guard: my...my lady! D...did I..I do something to make you upset? Please forgive me!

The guard started to kowtow and slam his forehead on the concrete path as hard as he could.

[System]: eeek! Do something before that guard kills himself!

Lori had an amused look on her face as the guard continued to beg for forgiveness. How funny this guard is, he acts like I'll kill him any second hahahaha

[System]: .....

Lori walked up to the guard and bent down to stop him.

Lori: stop, there's no need for this nonsense. Just treat me like you would do with any other good friend of yours.

The guard who had a slightly bloody face from his past actions was astonished.

Guard: I would not dare! How could I treat a dragons child as such? I am not worthy of such a great honor!

The guard started to kowtow again but Lori quickly stopped him again.

Lori: fine, if you won't agree willingly then I'll make it an order. You can't disobey right?

Lori gave the guard an mischievous smile.

The guard should of felt better but for some reason he got the creeps when his young miss smiled at him.

Guard: then...then of course!

The guard quickly agreed not wanting to upset Lori even further.

Lori smirked.

Lori: Great! No take backs~ so whats your name?

The guard quickly replies.

Guard: The name is Broccoli young miss!

Lori almost fell down from laughter. Broccoli?! No freaking way! Ahahahahahahaha!

[System]: I do admit that its quit funny host lol

The guard was confused by his young miss. After he replied to her she starts to tear up, and her face was all ashen like she ait a sour grape. Did I just make the young miss cry? Oh no! Now I'll defiantly get punished!

Broccoli: young miss? Why are you crying? Please tell this humble servant what he did wrong!

Lori heard the guard during her mental laughing fit and was confused.

Lori:  eh?

Guard: If my name has saddened you in some way I'll gladly change it!

Lori was confused. Why would I be sad about your name you idiot! Its hella funny not sad! Just what is wrong with these peoples sense of humor?

Lori then gave the guard a confused look.

Lori: uhhh...no its fine, I was just shocked that someone would name their kid after a vegetable.

Lori shook her head in disappointment.

This time it was the guard who was confused.

Broccoli: young miss I do not understand. There is no such vegtable called broccoli.

Lori's jaw dropped at Broccoli's comment. I'm not sure whether I should be happy that broccoli does not exist or sad? Just what kind of place is this!

Lori: right! I knew that, I was just messing with you! Isn't that what good friend's do? Haha

Lori put her hands on her slim waste while forcefully laughing.

Broccoli cringed at his young misses actions. Poor young miss, she just wants to badly make some friends. I understand, who wouldn't! Young miss was locked away for years.... Its okay young miss, I'll gladly be your first friend!

[System]: he's completly misunderstanding things right now. *sighs*

Lori stopped laughing and smiled at Broccoli.

Lori: It's decided then! Lets get on our way Broccoli!

The guard happily agrees and starts to lead the way again.

Lori sighed. Its already been a crazy day so far, please...no more surprises! Lori starts to cry inside.

Flora shook her head at her dramatic host.

After two more minutes of walking, they finally made it to the training ground. Lori almost passed out after seeing how big the running track was. Please dont tell me he will make me run all the way around that?!

Lori could already feel dread slowly building up inside her.

Flora happily gloated in her host's demise. You deserve it hehe you meanie host! She devil!

Lori suddenly sneezed. Huh? Is someone talking about me?

[System]: !!

Lori just shrugged and started to walk over to where she saw Garren standing. He did not look happy.

Lori mentally rolled her eye's. Great,

I made the big boss mad. Now I'm really done for!

Lori slowly made her way over with a weak smile on her face. Maybe if I kiss some ass he won't be as mad. Should I try to go for some white lotus acting?

Lori crunched up her white eyebrows in though.

[System]: this host I swear.....

Lori then anxiously called out to Flora. What do you think Flora?

[System]: answering host, I believe that no matter what you try to do Garren will still give you no slack.

Lori eanted to die inside after she heard Flora's comment. Whahahaa... I knew it... I'm done for!

[System]: think of it this way host, by the time your done you will be as strong as Garren! Especially since you have two rare elements that you get to wield!

Lori beamed inside after listening to Flora.  Ah that's right! I totally forgot about my two elements, lightening and Light....hmmm I guess its cool and all, but I would of preffered darkness instead or something....

[System]: can no one ever please you enough?!! Geesh...

Lori ignored Flora and happily skipped the rest of the way to Garren.

Garren glared at Lori as she made her way over.

Garren: your an extra fifteen minutes  late, what took you so long?

Garren then folded his arms in a scolding manner.

Lori wanted to sock that arrogant mans face. Hmph! Ow dare you treat me like a child!

Flora wanted to cry. But you are one currently! So act like it!

Lori sneezed again.

[System]: !

Garren frowned.

Garren: are you cold?

Garren looked at Lori in an worried manner.

Lori shrugged.

Lori: nope, im not cold. I've just been sneezing a lot, maybe its my alergies?

Garren: intersting, I'll take that into consideration.

Lori grunted. Figures, I bet he knows nothing about the past Clover.

Garren: alright enough chit chat!

Garren quickly changed his demeanor, and gave Lori an evil smirk.

Garren: the time has finally come for your first day of training!

Garren looked at Lori straight into her eyes, and pointed at the track.

Lori started to cold sweat.

Garren: your first task! Now give me 2 laps. Go!

Garren pushes Lori not giving her time to refute back.

Lori wantes to kill someone. There is no way in hell that I am running two laps around that freaking giant ass track! Its like eight miles two laps around!

Flora evily laughs and relaxes back in her comfy office chair. She then reaches down into her desk compartment and grabbes her popcorn that she always has prepared. Her host is entertaining after all.

Now this is what I call entertainment!

Author: who's actually the evil one?

Garren notices his daughter hesitate.

Garren: If you complete this talk today I'll give you a bag of gold to spend at the market place, is that fair enough?

Lori got excited at Garrens words. Then that means that I get to go shopping! Yes~~ Lori then smiles at Garren.

Lori: its a deal! Better keep it!

Lori stuck her tounge at Garren and startes to jogg over to the track.

Garren smirks at his daughter's additude. He rhen whispers under his breath.

Garren: that is if you make it out alive in today's training! Haha

[System]: you all are mad!


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