Otome Game Revival!
31 #31~ Progress
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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31 #31~ Progress

Lori: One! Two! Three!

Lori took a deep breath and forced her muscles to make one more push up.

Lori: and.... four!!!

Lori fell on the cold concrete ground. Ugh...Im so exhausted! I can't take this anymore!

[System]: .....host, that was only four push ups! I can't believe you are this weak!

Lori rolled her eyes. Hmph! I wouldn't be this weak if this body wasn't so starved!

Garren felt like crap, again. He saw what his daughter was only able to do. At this pace she will not be ready for the academy. There's no room for the weak. Especially at that school.... I need to make her stronger so she can protect herself when I can't.

He then blamed himself for her weak build. I'm sorry daughter...but don't worry, papa will make sure you will be ready in no time for school!

Garren then walked over to Lori and patted her shoulder.

Garren: I'm sorry Clover, it's my fault. But do not worry, I have another solution for this problem! We can get you fixed in no time!

Garren's face lit up into a mischievous smile. Lori saw this and shivered.

Lori: wh...what is that?

Lori started to cold sweat. Garren noticed Lori's nervousness and his smile deepened even more.

Garren: Simple! Our clan has a secret technique that helps strenthen the bones and muscles in a short amount of time.

Lori lit up at Garrens words. Yes! Then that means I don't have to go through this boring training!

Garren smirked when he saw Lori's face light up. Don't get happy to soon, who knows if you are strong enough to take the pain.

Garren looked at Lori with a grim face.

Garren: do not get to happy....this is ten times worse than what I had originally planned for you.

Garren gave Lori a serious expression.

Garren: heed my words child, this technique is beyond painful. Only a few were able to stand the pain in our clan. My father was one of them, and so was I. Unfortunately some were not lucky.

Lori almost pissed her pants after hearing Garren's words. Please tell me this boii is joking!

Lori: you...you mean like death?

Garren slowly nodded his head.

Garren: yes, you have an eighty percent chance in not succeeding giving your weak body. But its all up to you. I'm just worried that if you do not choose this, your body will continue to reject your affinities and you will suffer until the training is complete.

Garren then straightened himself.

Garren: There's also another reason, your finally at the age to where you need to be sent to the academy to learn complete control of you affinities. It also will give you the chance to finally make some friends and see the world a little.

Garren warmly smiled at Lori.

Lori was fuming. Then this basically means that I don't even have a choice but to do it! Also wtf! School! Im way to old for that! No....no I can't! Please dont make me go back! I do to want to go back, school is hell! Flora! Can you hear me?!

Flora was amused by her host's words but even if she wanted to help she couldn't. She did not have the power for that.

[System]: answering host, unfortunately I do not have the ability to do that. Besides its just like high school, whats wrong with that? High school was a fun place for me when I was alive.

Flora smiled at her past memeories.

[System]: And you seem like the type of person not to care about anything, so whats the problem?

Lori was the confused one! Did you just say high school was fun?! Are you sure there's nothing wrong with your brain? School is like a system flora, a system where you have no say, and have to listen to the shitty adults that only care about the pay check, and lets not forget that I have the mentality of a grown woman, I ain't got no time for some snotty children!

Flora was the one to roll her eyes this time.

[System]: host, I get it. But unfortunately you must follow the rules, if you do not your soul will be lost forever and the deal between you and master will be broken. Are you sure you want that?

Lori shivered at Flora's words. My soul would be lost forever? What kind of bullshit is that! Hmph....fine.... I'll continue to play. But tell that dumb master of yours to quit screwing me over.

Flora almost fell out of her chair ehen she heard Lori call her master dumb. Eeek!

Flora got scared and looked around her office room frantically. I'm one hundred percent certain that master heard that!

All of a sudden the room that Flora was residing in starts to continually shake. Kyaaa! He defiantly heard that!

[System]: host! Quick Apologize! Master is angry that you called him dumb! Im afraid that he might do something to the both of us.

Flora started to shake. No one has ever offended master before! Host is denfinalty asking for a death wish!

Lori crossed her arms and gave an annoyed face. Like I care! Im doing the tasks like he told me to do so there's no room for him to complain!

Flora deflated. Of course! What was I expecting? Host is a she devil...like she would apologise! Now what? Master is gonna kill me!

Before Flora could get on her knees to ask for forgiveness, then heard a voice in her head.

Heavenly God: forget it servant, let her do as she pleases.

Flora almost puked when she heard master's words. That's it? He let her off after all of that? Just what kind of hold does Lori have over master?

Lori who was oblivious to Flora's dilemma decided to finally answer Garren.

Lori: father...

Lori inhaled and then exhaled.

Lori: I'll do it! I agree that I have no time to waste.

Garren smiled at his daughters brave words.

Garren: you are denfinalty my daughter! You have a strong will just like me! Hahaha

Garren put his arms at his hips and proudly laughs.

Garren: do not worry daughter,  I will be by your side during the while process, I will not let you die on me!

Garren smiles at Lori waiting for her reply.

Lori clenched her fists. You better not old man! I don't want to die young!

Lori felt like digging a hole so she can forever stay in it.

[System]: do not worry host, Garren has the type of character that always keeps his words, he will not let you die, and besides my master can just bring you back, but you would have to restart all of your missions. Thats the only downside of revival.

Hearing Flora's words made her feel even more like crap. Welp im screwed.


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