Otome Game Revival!
32 #32~ Pork
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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32 #32~ Pork

Garren calmed himself down before he touched Lori's forehead to start. He then whispered a chant quietly that Lori could not hear, raising his thumb he gently touched her forehead.

Garren: I just started the process by fusing some of the white dragon energy to your soul.

Garren gave a grim smile.

Garren: now we wait for the process to start, it should be any second now. Stay strong and do not waver, if you do its over.

Lori got goosebumps at Garren's warning. Welp it's to late to look back now.

Lori nodded her at Garren and stood patiently. All of a sudden an immense pain started to spread from her chest through out her whole body.

It felt like her insides were being torn apart. Sweat started to build up around her forehead. The pain kept increasing. Oh my gosh! I regret choosing this! Flora make the pain stop!

Lori screamed out in pain while completely falling to the ground panting hard. She couldn't bare the pain and she barely begun.

Garren hardened his stare on Lori. If she continues to waver she will die. I must do something.

Garren walked over to Lori.

Garren: If you cannot bear it then you will die! Come stand up, you only have a minute left, you can do it!

Lori roled her eye's at Garren's dumb pep talk. Look buddy I'm fucking dying! I...I can't think anymore.... I'm l..loo..loosing consciousness.

Lori's eye's start to dim with life. The pain was unbearable. Garren panicked. I must think of something she's dying!

Garren: you are not my child! No weak person is worthy enough to be apart of the mighty white dragon clan!

Lori heard Garren's ridiculous words. Did this bitch just call me weak?! I ain't no mofo pushover! Hmph! I... WILL PROVE ...YOU...WRONG!!

Lori all of a sudden screamed out loud. Garren jumped back startled. She's doing it!

Lori kept screaming as she slowly forced herself to stand up. Her face was red as a tomato by the time she stood. More! I need more strength!

Flora was nervously sitting in her chair. Come on host, you can do it! Fighting!!! Flora threw her fist in the air.

Lori slumped her back a little while she grabbed her chest in pain. But she held on. I don't want to die I mist keep fighting!

All of a sudden the pain immediately stopped. Lori's body spasmed and she passed out. Before she could hit the ground Garren ran up to her and caught her in his arms.

Garren beamed at Lori. She did it! My daughter actually did it! I knew that there was something special about her. Two rare affinities do not just come out of know where.

Garren reached out his hand to push away Lori's sweaty bangs. You are destined for greater things. Rest well daughter you earned it.

Garren started to slowly walk away with a passed out Lori in his arms.

While Garren took Lori to her room to recuperate someone else was jumping up and down excitedly.

Yes! I'm so happy for you host! You made it, phew! I actually thought that she was not going to make it for a second. What a scare!

Flora sighed and then looked down at the bottom of the computer to check the time. Oh its break time! Flora happily got up and walked out her office door to get some food in her stomach.

Flora happily skipped through the large building to find the cafeteria for its employees. Hmmm, I wonder whats for lunch today.... it better not be pork again. Flora cringed.

Nana: hey loser! You still working with that dumb host of yours? Or did she already die? Haha

Flora froze in place when she heard the girls words behind her. Ugh! Great Nana and her bad timing to start shit. Now Im hangry!

Flora spun around and gave Nana the fakest smile.

Flora: ha! I swear I can only hear shit when words come out of your mouth! That's how rubbish it is. Don't think that I dont know what happened to your last host Nana, or do I have to say it again?
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Flora gave Nana the most meanest smirk.

Nana glared at Flora.

Nana: how dare you bring up Jonathan! Leave him out of it!

Flora smirked once more.

Flora: very well, it wasn't his fault that he lost his soul forever anyways, Its yours. Now he's gone....forever.

Flora gave a serious straight face saying her last sentence. Nana trembled and clenched her fists.

Nana: you will regret this Flora! Master won't always favor you.

Flora rolled her eyes.

Flora: hmph! Like I care. He just knows that I am actually reliable than the most of you in the is dumb ass buliding. Now get lost before I loose my appetite even more by looking at you're pitiful face.

Nana stomped her foot and quickly walked away.

Hmph! That's what you get for trying to disrespect your senior! Flora thought.

Flora then felt guilty about bringing up Jonathan. Poor thing....those two fell love...but master forbid it, its part of the rules. Jonathan refused to give up Nana, so master destroyed his soul.

Flora then realised something. Dont tell me I'm rubbing off of host with her demoness ways?! I never used to speak like that!

Flora sighed in defeat.

WHY ME!! Flora started to pitifully whimper in defeat.

Finally reaching the cafeteria, Flora falls down to her knees. The menu for the day ruined the rest of her evening.

Flora: nooo! Why do I have such bad luck! Its pork soup for today!

Flora then walked back to her office in deafeat. Her stomach rumbling along the way.


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