Otome Game Revival!
33 #33~ Rejuvenated
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Otome Game Revival!
Author :Romanred
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33 #33~ Rejuvenated

Lori felt horrible! She woke up to the most worst body ache ever! It felt like someone stuck a whole bunch of pins and needles into every part of her body forcefully.

Damn, this beats all of my hangovers, I've never felt this shitty waking up. Lori gave a long sigh.

Ahhh my young college wild days. Lori starred off into space remembering the past.

Flora beamed with happiness when she noticed that her host finally woke up.

[System]: host you're finally up! You've been asleep for three whole days now, you're body took a lot of strain, you were super exhausted. Oh and did you know that you snore in you're sleep? I had to listen to that for three whole days! Jeesh!!

Lori snapped out of her thoughts when she heard flora yell in her ear. Lori then rolled her eyes when she heard Flora mention the snoring.

Ignoring Flora she took a look around her surroundings. Lori was in her bedroom. Garren must have taken her back she thought.

Flora knew that her host was ignoring her so she just went on with her next topic.

[System]: Host I have some news to share with you. Garren will be sending you off to school in the next two days, we should start preparing our next step in our plan, yes?

Lori paused at Flora's words and thought about her next step carefully.

Lori: Alright let's lay out a rought draft of a plan. Knowing that the young boy I need to seduce will be going to the academy will help out immensely, Lori said to Flora.

This way she can easily hasten the mission she thought. The sooner it's done the closer she is to her rebirth. Lori smiled at the thought.

Flora nodded her head agreeing with Lori even though Lori couldn't see her at the moment.

[Sysem]: It seems like you have the right idea host! with you two being at the academy you will have more chances with running into him.

Lori nodded her head.

Lori: by the way, what's this boys name anyways? I have to marry him so I gotta at least know his name.

[System]: The next head in line For the Red Dragon Clan is Daniel Lee Draco The Third.
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Lori snorted at the third Part.

Lori: okay so his name is Daniel. not bad. Lori shrugged her shoulders.

hopefully he's at least a decent looking kid she thought. She then grunted.

Ah he's only 15 if I can recall, if I'm 12 and he's 15 then that means he's a sophomore and I'm a Freshman...hmm it's going to be hard to see him around if he's a grade higher than she is. Unless it's a open campus kind of thing then she might get the chance to see him around a lot, but first she needs to study him from far away for a few weeks to know where his favorite places are to hang out at the academy grounds.

Lori smirked in glee. This will be a piece of cake! she thought. He's a young teenage boy full of testosterone, and I'm a full grown woman inside this young girls body, this will be easy to seduce him! Lori was pooling with confidence.

Lori walked over to her vanity mirror the maids put in the second day she moved in here.

Glancing at her reflection she smiled. Clover has a body full of potential. Her red ruby eyes always seemed to have a look of mystery, that could easily enchant someone if she used them right, and even after a few days of eating good meals she could see that her skin was turning back to it's original glow.

Lori reached up and touched her white pearl short hair. If I also let my hair grow to my hips then my look would be even more enhanced.

Lori was already excited for the future outcome.

Flora heard every thought of her host just now. What a thinker she thought!

She then remembered that her host was thinking about having her hair grow out so she beamed with excitement. This, she could actually help with!

[System]: Host I have a way for you to grow you're hair long!

Lori got annoyed when she heard Flora admit she was listening on her thoughts again. But didn't bother to say anything about that because Flora's words piqued her interest.

Lori: really now? you said that you can only guide me, how can you help me? Lori said sarcastically.

Flora grinned.

[System]: Well if you happen to know this world is full if magic, so obviously hair growing potions are made, I mean every noble woman at least has a few to take when they get bored with their hair style! Unfortunately one bottle costs thousands.

Lori: Hmm interesting...

Lori paused and then remembered saying that Garren said If I needed anything just tell the maids and they will go fetch it for me.

Lori happily smiled. This is going to be so much fun!


Author: so sorry fans! I never meant it to take this long to update, but long story short I'll try to step up my game and get out of my moody state, I hoped you enjoyed this chapter.

my apologies, ~Author- Chan


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