Pampering Little Pixy Wife
1 Ch.1 - The Beginning
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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1 Ch.1 - The Beginning

A little girl running with sunflower in her hand, she's so pretty like a pixy doll with big bright eyes that have a lilac color, rosy cheeks that everyone wants to pinch, white fair skin like snow and soft long hair braid like a crown. Her face painted with happiness while she chasing a butterfly around the garden.

"fay fay buterfay" (fly fly butterfly) her laugh sounds like rattle bell, who was so melodious. Everyone who sees her has a smile on their face, she's only four years but she already had her own charm. They think when she's grown up, she will have her own fans club. Just like her brother Rong Ting.

Her brother was miniature of her father, he has zamrud eyes but has a tint lilac color from his mother, jet black hair, snowy fair skin and still, he was a child who has rosy cheeks just like his sister.

"Meixue, come here little bao" Xuelie called her daughter, even she saw Meixue still like running chasing the butterfly and it's so cute, but it's already noon and little bao need to take a bath.

"Yes mammi, mammi when Bro Ting come home? I want to show him my sunfowerh."

"Soon honey now lets come inside okay it's getting dark"

"Okay mami"

Life was so perfect for little Mexue, but it changes after that night, the night that little girl would never forget. When everyone lay on their sleep a sudden gunshot could be heard around the mansion.

Bang! Bang!!

A sudden attack startled everyone in the mansion, but that not make them unprepared, they highly have been training by Rong Family and become best arms man in Zuan City, the attacker dead without knowing what happened at the time. All dead bodies lay on the floor, even a female attacker cannot leave alive. They took the wrong choice to attack Rong Mansion.

On the master bedroom, Rong Wei startled with the sudden attack, he grabs Stoner AR-15 that he keeps behind the table and looks outside of his room, there's his right-hand man Jia Hao and the third Lu Sheng along with the elite subordinate he had. "Damn it what happened!" he asks Jia Hao with a cold face. After all, who stupid enough to attack their Rong Mansion it's like delivery chicken meat to tiger mouth or .... a mice meat.

"We have a mole, and they attacking from the back door," Jia Hao said with a cold expression, this is big humiliation, how can a mole infiltrate the mansion with high supervision? this pathetic mole really has the nerve to do this.

"Tsk, this stupid mole! how dare he attacked my mansion" in a split second he was glad his son Rong Ting is outside because he had a school camp, if they all here it will be hard for him to attack and protect his family and of course the risk is higher, he looks to his wife "Sheng, take Xuelie to the safe room, I will bring....

"Aaarrrrhgggg!! Daddiiiii!!

"Damnit" Rong Wei run to his daughter room, but it was too late when he comes to his daughter room his found his daughter Meixue in the arm of his attacker no other is one of his rival Gong Mu with his several men who still alive. "Daddiii! daddiii! leth mih goo, mammii! huaaaa" Meixue crying and struggle from Gong Mu hand trying to escape from his grip.

"Shut up, you little bitch! or I will shoot you huh do you want it!" Gong Mu pointed the gun to Meixue little head. The gun has been used, the center was hot and it burns little Meixue scalp.

"Huaaa hurrttt mammmii hurttt huaaa" Meixue crying harder when she felt the burning in her head.

"Don't you dare hurt my baby, you slippery eel!!" Xuelie was so mad, looking her baby was hurt. Her heart was crushing to see her little bao crying.

"Hah, do you think I care! you daughter it's in my arm. Even if I want to kill her, I can do that without a blink!" Gong Mu laugh his eyes shine a madness.

"What the fuck are you doing! how dare you scum!" killing intense already out from Rong Wei body, his hand itch to kill this scumbag for being hurt his family.

"Kekeke" Sinister smile form from Gong Mu mouth, suddenly he pointed the gun to Meixue shoulder and...


"Huaaaaa!" Meixue crying harder and harder, and struggle more. "Huaa, Daddiii hurtttt huaaaaa badd mann, badd mann!" the blood keep pouring from her little shoulder.

"Shut up you little bitch!" Gong Mu hit behind Meixue head, instantly make Meixue passed out.

Suddenly there's explosion heard from outside the mansion, it was signal to Gong Mu, the cavalry has arrived. But when the explosion happened, the blast makes Gong Mu shock a little so he lost his focus for a while. And that moment was enough to Rong Wei and his team to take the chance to raise their hand and shot Gong Mu hand, and the other elites member shot point blank on Gong Mu men.


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