Pampering Little Pixy Wife
2 Ch.2 - Knock The Dead Door
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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2 Ch.2 - Knock The Dead Door

"Arrhggg! you bastard!" before Gong Mu can reach the gun that he drops before, Jia Hao already runs to kicks his body and hit his head to make him unconscious.

Rong Wei run to Meixue to check her wound "Sheng, call Dr. Chen right now! bring Meixue and Xuelie to the safe room." Rong Wei glare to the unconscious dead meat Gong Mu with hate "Hao, bring that dead meat to the dungeon, let us see what can he tell us about this attack if I don't cut his tongue first!"

"Yes sir, how about his cavalry on the outside?"

"Just...pretend we do some exercise night. After all, this is their fault to knock the dead door, beat them up and put them in the dungeon wait for my next command." Rong Wai could not hold his bloodlust to kill that damn insect with his own hands, they dare to harm my family that acts alone make them won their ticket to go to hell. But right now, his first priority is his daughter who has been shot by that dead meat.

On the other part, Dr. Chen come hurriedly after getting a call from Sheng about the sudden attack and young miss injury "Sheng! where is young miss?" Dr. Chen asks full of concern, he already considered young miss and young master as his own grandchild. He was the one who becomes Rong Ting and Rong Meixue personal doctor when they are babies until now.

"Dr. Chen hurry, young miss lost so much blood. She's in the safe room right now." They move faster to the safe room. When Dr. Chen sees Meixue he's so shocked, Meixue looks so pale and so small, her body full trace of blood and her mother was crying mess beside her while her father tries to calm his wife. Dr. Chen feels sad too, but there's no time to sad when your patient is in the critical moment.

When he check Meixue injury, he discovered that not only Meixue got a gunshot wound on her shoulder but there's wound on her head. It can be dangerous for a small kid like her, Dr. Chen takes deep breaths before giving the parents report about Meixue conditions. "She's severe bleeding and she will feel paralysis on her shoulder until her forearms for few months, I give her sedatives for few hours but I believe when she's wake up she will be in great pain so for a while restrict her movement so the wound didn't open and make infections. And I check on her head there's a burn wound on her scalp although first-degree burns aren't as serious as higher-degree burns, they can hurt quite a bit and can leave a scar if not properly treated. The skin may be red and painful, and she may experience mild swelling and also there is an injury on her lower head back, I believe it's from blunt objects and it's very dangerous so it's better to take extra tender care on her head." Dr. Chen feels bad for her, so small but she already feels many injuries that not supposed to be for a child.

"Oh my god, my baby!" Xuelie cry when he heard what Dr. Chen said, she feels so awful looking at her baby pale face, Rong Wei had darkened face when he heard what Dr. Chen said. He swears he will make them pay more painful with his method.

"Sheng, tell Hao to prepared the equipment I will come to the dungeon"

That night the melodious scream can be heard around the mansion. Rong Wei makes them sing in orchestra full of torture before killing them.


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