Pampering Little Pixy Wife
3 Ch.3 - Brotherhood
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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3 Ch.3 - Brotherhood

Bang! Bang!

"Bring me another!" Rong Wei commands to his underlings, he is already covered with blood from head to toe. His eyes shine with fury and hate from what they do to his family, and he will make sure to make them suffer before killing them. What he hated the most is someone who dares to hurt his family and this damn scumbag dare shoot his daughter! his lovely cutie daughter.

"Sir, there's the last one" Jia Hao, pointed to unconscious Gong Mu. His hands are itching to kill this Gong Mu, for hurting his young miss. How can people hurt someone who so small and pure like young miss? Even he was part of mafia family he's never hurt or kill a child's, but this scum was the lowest of scum who even have the heart to raise his hand to a child. He wants really badly to cut this scumbag limb, but he can't ... he knows his boss wants to torture this scum by himself more than anything,

"Bring the cold water and pouring to his face!" after that Jia Hao come to Gong Mu and pouring a cold water strike to Gong Mu face, make him startled and coughing at the same time.

"Cough! Chough! you bastard!..phhhftttt" Jia Hao covers Gong Mu mouth with a piece of cloth to stop him from talking "Don't you dare talk dirty in front of my boss, you are not even worth it to live at the same world with him" Jia Hao give him a glare.

Rong Wei sees Jia Hao with interests, he knew who is loyal to him and not. Jia Hao and Lu Sheng is his junior in his high school, he saves them when they're being beaten by a couple of thugs. He's on the other side is successors of Rong Family business and mafia group in Zuan City.

When first he saw them, he was just looking for punchbag to let go some steam so he beats that group's of thug by himself. For him it's just small matter, just punching and let his father men clean up the mess. But for Jia Hao and Lu Sheng that's so different, no one before wants to help them because they're poor. Even when they have the first rank in their class, their classmates stills bullied them or even more intense than before. Jia Hao and Lu Sheng are on the same boat, they're bright students but because they're lack of wealth they become a target off all people in school.

When Jia Hao and Lu Sheng see how Rong Wei beat the thugs with his bare hands, they've amazed by Rong Wei who stood there with head held high, not even fear can be found on his face when he faces them in the battle. Deep inside their heart, they want to be like him. Want to be recognized and can protect themselves, no more bullies they no need to feel afraid again. After the fight they begging to Rong Wei to train them, they want to be stronger and life without fears of getting bullies again. In the beginning, Rong Wei feels don't like it. He didn't want to babysit others because it's so troublesome but when he remembers in the future he will lead The Rong Family and he needs right-hand men to assist him, maybe it's not a bad idea at all. It's still enough time to cultivate and train them to become a loyal and dependable underlying in the future. With so many hardships they face together to success the throne, their's friendship bloom becomes a brotherhood and even stronger and stronger as the times goes on.


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