Pampering Little Pixy Wife
4 Ch.4 - Dead Men Tell No Tales
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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4 Ch.4 - Dead Men Tell No Tales

Warning, if you uncomfortable with violence scenes you can skip this part, I will give you Information where the scenes are ended 😉

==============Torture Scenes==============

"Hao, you can teach him some lesson but do not kill him." Rong Wei knows Hao want to kill this scumbag, but that's his privilege. So he just let Hao beat up Gong Mu to ease his anger. Meanwhile, he will give this scum a more painful way of torture for what he did to his daughter.

A smirk formed on Jia Hao face, he punches Gong Mu with great power not let a single place without being hit. He was training to be an assassin, so he knows how to punch the most painful part on the human body. Jia Hao beat Gong Mu until his teeth fall out of his mouth meanwhile, Rong Wei just sits there and watching Jia Hao beat Gong Mu into a pulp while he is just sipping his whiskey with interest in his eyes. After Jia Hao is done with his fist now this is his turn to play.

Rong Wei takes the pliers who already smeared by blood from his previous victim, "So... let's talk now, who sent you?" Rong Wei sits face to face with Gong Mu. Rong Wei gives him a smile which didn't reach his eyes, it looks so terrifying.

Jia Hao took out a cloth that he forced on Gong Mu mouth. "Phhfhhtt..peh fuck you! no one sends me!" Gong Mu spit on Rong Wei face in split second Jia Hao hit Gong Mu face, chilling aura come out from Rong Wei body. He takes out his shirt that reveals his godlike abs and his low v pelvis, he wipes a spit on his face calmly. Then he takes out the iron bat to crush Gong Mu right kneecap, the loud swooshing sound of the iron bat echoed in the dungeon when Rong Wei hit Gong Mu right knee. The bone to his kneecap crushed, earning a loud scream from the scumbag. Rong Wei thought he'd never a heard lovelier music than this, so he hit him again and again. The scream was louder and more horrific this time.

"Pl.. please, please no!" Gong Mu cried.

Rong Wei took steps closer "Begging so fast huh? where's the stunt you give before?" he sneered. "Hao release the rope, and secure his hands." Jia Hao does what exactly Rong Wei said.

"Please not again please!" Gong Mu struggle on Jia Hao grip, but his power not par enough with the power Jia Hao using. Rong Wei takes the pliers, and aiming to one of Gong Mu fingers and start pulling the nails one by one.

"Arghhh! noo please please I will tell! I will tell!" Gong Mu begging, he is already weeping and wet his pant. Rong Wei stop his movement and ask him "Who sent you,"

"I..I don't know who, he gives me money and some profits from drugs shipping on Macau branch. He..he told me the plan to massacre Rong Family and I just need to stick to that plan. That's all I know, I swear ! he always contacts me with unknown number and when I tried to trace him I'm found nothing..but the money always comes to so I thought it was real so I do the plan. That's all I know pl..please let me go!"

Rong Wei stood there calmly and slowly smirk appear in his face "Why so fast, it's only the fourth fingers and you still have six to go," he positioned the pliers on Gong Mu pinkie, clipping the nail securely before pulling it out by force and the scream could be heard again.

After Rong Wei done pulling out all of Gong Mu nails, he pick a gun and fire to Gong Mu right shoulder "This is for my mansion that you destroyed," and then Rong Wei fire Gong Mu left shoulder "This is for calling my wife a bitch!" the final Rong Wei fire strike to Gong Mu head " And this for shot my daughter!"



===========End Of Torture Scenes===========

Violence scenes is ended 😉

"Hao, tell Sheng to clean this mess." Rong Wei leaves the dungeon. When Sheng arrives at dungeon he almost vomiting from the smells and horrify scenes he sees.

"This time is so vicious." Jia Hao pat Sheng shoulder.

" vicious." Sheng mumble.


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