Pampering Little Pixy Wife
5 Ch.5 - Calm Before The Storm
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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5 Ch.5 - Calm Before The Storm

"Sir, what we do now?" Jia Hao asks, feel little bit confuse who is the real culprit. This is so dangerous for not knowing who our enemy, he will tighten the security around Rong Mansion. If this happened again, this is gonna be a big blow for him if that kind of scum can sneak in.

"That Gong Mu it's just a pion, the real culprit just playing them like a puppet. It's better to check our connection on Macau and looking for information about a possible name that has the potential to be our enemy. Sheng, try to hack Gong Mu phone and find the trace that he cannot find before. There's must be something that we can dig for." Rong Wei starts to mobilize his men to look for a clue.

"Yes sir, I will give the information right away." Sheng rarely follows the interrogation process, he usually helping Rong Wei in his business world and Jia Hao more like helping him in underworld affairs.

===============Mature Scenes=============

On the other part, a man with a disgusting smile enjoying himself while being pleasure by brunette haired bitch, he thrust his rod to the welcoming pussy with delight "Yeah you like that huh, take more bitch!" that man take out his rod and thrust straight to her ass and he began to spank her.

Pak! Pak! "You want more huh...ahh~"

"Nnn...uuuh uh, mmm...aaahh more master mmhhh ahh more~" the brunette enjoying the rod that moves on her ass while she in on all fours like a dog. The man makes her turn around and then spread her labia until he sees her small pink clitoris and begins to play with that "Mmm ahhh ahhh...m..master faster aaahhh~" she cums and tightening her pussy, and it makes his lost control and emptying his sperm to her pussy right away "Aaahh..mmh~" he groaned from the pleasure he gets. After that, He takes her head to clean the cum from his rod with her mouth while he sat on his leather chair like a king.

A sudden knock can be heard in the room, he knows his subordinates bring information about the result of the plan he makes, so he let him come in.

"Master, there is news about the pla.." his subordinates little bit startled from what a view he gets when he comes to his boss room. There is a woman on her knees sucking his boss rod while her ass is facing his view, he could see her pussy glistening and her cave wide open its's almost give him a view of her red inner side. He gulps feels lust rising on his body, he tried to hold it and continue the report. But his eyes can't mask the lust he feels.

"Sir, Gong Mu had been captured and our men no longer alive." the subordinate feel a lump on his throat when he's waiting for his boss response.

"Hmm...I already know that fucker can't do his job right! proses to the second plan, this time we do it right" He makes a gesture to his subordinates to get the fuck off out, while he thinks about his second plan a small sound wake him up from his though. "Mhm..ah master, play with me~" the brunette licks his rod slowly while she looking at his eyes while her other hand is fingering herself.

"Keh, what a little bitch you are. If you want my dick so much...come and ride me," smirk showing in his face when he commands the brunette to ride him. "With pleasure master," The brunette start thrust his dick to her awaiting pussy while her mouth sucking that man nipples hungrily. The slick sound of pleasure can be heard around the room again.

=============Mature Scenes End===========


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