Pampering Little Pixy Wife
6 Ch.6 - The Storm Is Coming 1
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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6 Ch.6 - The Storm Is Coming 1

After a couple of days, Meixue injury starts to healing. That incident made a great impact on her life, even when she sees a glimpse of gun that uncle Hao brings she will start screaming and crying. That makes people in the mansion worry about their little angel.

"NO! NO! bad man! bad man! mammiii huaaa." Meixue crying harder, she was so afraid of what she sees. When her brother saw her sister crying, Little Ting runs to his sister. "Shhh...Little Bao it's okay, it's okay big bro here, big bro will chase the bad man away okay." Little Ting hug and patted his sister's head patiently, when he comes back from school camp he's so shocked to find his little sister condition, her body full of bandage and she looks so pale there are no rosy cheeks that usually he likes to pinch or even her giggle when she called him.

Every night he will run to his sister bedroom when he heard her sister scream, he wants to stay in her sister room until late at night, but his mommy never let him. She said big boy can't sleep in the same room with his sibling, he's a bit mad because he can't let the nightmare hurt his sister. But his mommy make a promise to him, she will guard Little Bao at night and he will guard Little Bao in the morning. Little Ting already determines himself, he will protect his little sister with all the cost! like his daddy when he protects his mommy."

They think, with times Meixue will be okay and back to normal again, but was wrong. Day by day Meixue psychology condition getting worst, she always getting nightmares and starts to hallucinations. She gets scared so easily, always feels anxiety for a small matter. Xuelie start felt panic for what happened to her Little Bao, she feels Little Bao shows a symptom of psychological trauma and she fears it will impact her character when she's grown up. The best ways that she can think right now bring Little Bao to the therapist, she hopes there's nothing wrong with Meixue and she is just assuming. She asks Rong Wei opinion about this matters and he has the same opinion too with her, So they agree to take Little Bao to the therapist to check what's really happened to Meixue.

But there is something bugging in Rong Wei heart, he felt anxious because he still not quite sure who is the real culprit from the last attack, so he commands his subordinates to make maximum the security when Xuelie and Little Bao go to the therapist. He can't come with them because right now he is in office trip to Japan.

"Mom, I want to go too! what if Little Bao getting scared again? I have to be there to hug her and give her some yummy candy and giver her my favorite toys," Little Ting said seriously to his mother. "Are you sure? your favorite toys?" Xuelie smile at his son antics, "Mmm..NO! not my justice rangers, not that.. but..but I can let her play with that though," Little Ting mumble, Xuelie cannot hold her laughter she feels glad that her son really cares about his sister.

"Litte Ting, you need to stay at home okay. Your daddy has to go to another country doing his business and mommy need to send Little Bao to her therapist so she can get better and Little Ting job is to protect our home while mommy is out." Xuelie tries to coax her son to agree and finally, Little Ting agrees with his mommy.

"Okay mommy, but promise to back soon okay," Little Ting bring his pinkie fingers to make a pinkie promise with his mommy.

"That's my boy, my Little Ting is already grown up." Xuelie smile and praising her son, while little Ting blushing for being praised by his mother. Then they do the pinkie promise before Xuelie and Meixue go to a therapist.


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