Pampering Little Pixy Wife
7 Ch.7 - The Storm Is Coming 2
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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7 Ch.7 - The Storm Is Coming 2

On their way, Meixue already falls asleep on Xuelie lap while she patted her head gently with a smile painted on her face. Little did they know their car had been followed by someone that not supposed to be there. When Jia Hao realize that they had been followed, he hurriedly informs Xuelie about this problem "Madam, we have a problem," Jia Hao spoke, breaking Xuelie thoughts.

He met Xuelie eyes at the rear mirror.

"There are about three cars behind have been following us for a while now." When Xuelie hears that, she hurriedly grabs Meixue and put her in her lap, her heart is beating so fast and she hopes there's nothing bad happens.

Jia Hao glanced backward carefully and noticed a black Cadillac Escalade trailing behind them from a distance. Left without a choice, Jia Hao reached for his phone, speed dialing his boss's number.

Rong Wei answered on the second ring.

"Boss, we have a problem, there's three black Cadilac is tailing us," Jia Hao said without preamble...

"Can you identify who is on that cars?"

Jia Hao glanced back to check again. "I cannot confirm the identity, boss. It's a distance away."

"Where are you?"

"Forest Cliff - 1 Street."

Rong Wei voice immediately hardened, "What is your ETA?"

"About twenty-five minutes," He heard his boss cursed. This is a very dangerous situation, wrong taking steps maybe he will lose his wife and his daughter.

Rong Wei was quiet for a moment. "Bring Xuelie and Meixue to Rong Inc. And go to the back of the building and get her inside through the back door. I'll send the men," Rong Wei ordered.


His boss spoke again, "Are you armed?"

"Yes, Boss. And others too"

"Good, shoot the bastard if he so much so takes a step out of the car and Hao?"

That tone never failed to shake Hao nerves. "Yes?"

"Make sure you protect them well," Rong Wei said and the tone went dead. After that Jia Hao informs his team about changes of plan. Luckily his car being escorted by two other cars which stay beside him, they all on high alert for incoming dangers. Almost ten minutes the gunshots sound can be heard, the person in Cadilac starts to shoot Jia Hao cars. Xuelie bowed her head with Meixue in her lap like a shield covering her daughter. She was so scared...really so scared not for what will happen to her but for what will happen to Meixue, she already had enough trauma for a small 4 years old child. Glistening tears start a form in Xuelie eyes, she didn't want anything bad happens to her Little Bao again..she didn't want to.

When Meixue hears the shotgun sound, she jolted awake and start trembling again. A stream of tears forming in her eyes while she hugging and hid her head to her mother bosom. She is so afraid her little hand can only hold her mommy without said a single word.

A serial gunshot could be heard, Jia Hao team could bring down two cars while he loses one he only needs to bring down one car again and they will be fine. But not they realize the black Cadilac behind them was only bait for Jia Hao team to rung out their ammo and make them cornered. On the last corner, there is a car with maximum speed come and crash the last car of his team. And now the only one left is him, Jia Hao curse and speed his car he glances backward by a rear mirror "Are you hurt mam?"

"I'm..." Before Xuelie could reply a suddenly there is another car crash their car and make them fall down to the cliff.


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