Pampering Little Pixy Wife
8 Ch.8 - The Storm Is Coming 3
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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8 Ch.8 - The Storm Is Coming 3

That happened too fast even they didn't have time to think about what happened and what they gonna do, it's just like a shock that hit them.


Jia Hao car falls down to the cliff that surrounded by a thick forest, after falling the first recovers from the falling impact is Jia Hao, he was so badly injured but thanks to seat belt it saves him. He looks backward to Xuelie and Meixue and realizes they got a bad injury too, Jia Hao moves faster as he can and pulled Xuelie and Meixue out of the car.

He tries to stay calm, but the smell of gasoline is really strong he was afraid that their car can explode anytime soon. So he gets his gun and hurriedly carries Xuelie and Meixue as fast as he can, although he almost lost his conscious he still remembers what he promises to Rong Wei is to keep them safe whatever the cost.

Not long after, Xuelie regains her conscious she saw Jia Hao in the worst situation his head is bleeding and the blood runs through pass his right eyes even his nose is bleeding. She quickly releases herself form Jia Hao and take Meixue from Jia Hao hand to ease his burden, although her body not in better shape too but the adrenalin is kicking in this situation so she feels nothing only a need to survive and to keep them safe especially her Little Bao. She almost loses her mind when she saw her Little Bao condition, her head damps with blood and she still lost conscious for freaking sake her Little Bao only 4 years! what the fucking happened to them.

Jia Hao and Xuelie try to run faster to find a safe place for hiding, Jia Hao really hopes enemy didn't follow them but the goddess of luck maybe not with them now. Jia Hao heard the sound of steps and their talking, at this moment he knew he has only had one option is to sacrifice himself to gives his madam a time to run and hide. He said to Xuelie to find a place for hiding, waiting for their cavalry arrive and he assures her that cavalry will come because their car had been put a tracker GPS.

Xuelie didn't want to leave Jia Hao alone, she already considers Jia Hao like her own brother...her own family and family stick together. She argues with Jia Hao, but Jia Hao assures her he will be all right. He just stalls time for them so they can find a place to hide, he also said we have to keep young miss safe. If they keep pushing this together they will get caught faster, rather than letting it happen it's better to let one stall time and others find a place and find help. So Xuelie agrees and before they depart Jia Hao called Xuelie "Madam...please be safe and keep strong," he said with a smile that rarely he has on his face. Xuelie really wants to cry but she has to be strong, one side she didn't want to leave Jia Hao alone but the others side she understands what consequence will happen if they stick together.

"You too... may the god be with you," she said with tears running in her cheek, she hugs Jia Hao before she and Meixue parting with him she really hopes he can make it... maybe there is tomorrow for us.

When she looks back, she saw Jia Hao still smile to her like assure her he will be okay. But she never knows..that's will be the last time she will see Jia Hao or maybe that's a sign Jia Hao said goodbye for the last time.


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