Pampering Little Pixy Wife
9 Ch.9 - The Storm Is Coming 4
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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9 Ch.9 - The Storm Is Coming 4

Jia Hao runs to the other way and makes some noises to take enemy attention to his way, luckily he catches their attention and he runs as fast as he can. His eyesight almost blurred from blood loss and his steps already falter much slower, he tries so hard to make them far from Xuelie route and make some distraction at least if he can't survive he still can take them down although he knows his capacity at this moment. The worst case if he died and Xuelie got caught, she still can defend herself and young miss. So he determined to take his enemy as much as he can.

That moment the raining start to pouring down, Jia Hao drag his foot as fast as he can and left a trail of blood. Suddenly gunshot could be heard and it hit on Jia Hao shoulder, Jia Hao gasped at the sudden pain and he start to shot back to take down the enemy.

Bang! Bang!

Two of his enemy down, he counts there are six men that chasing him. He shot again and tries to take them down as he can until he runs out of ammo. With the last ammo he has taken down one person again and after that, he knew this is it... this is the time he has to depart from this world. His body has been brutally shot, his ankle had been crushed by a gunshot and he already has an injury from the falling before. When the enemy sees Jia Hao they shot Jia Hao body but not let him died faster, they want Jia Hao to die slowly so they leave him.

Jia Hao feels so tired, he closes his eyes and the flashback start to rolling in Jia Hao mind. The beautiful memory starts playing at the end of his last breath when the three of them sat under a tree, their face full of black and blue after the fight in school, the wind softly shakes the branches and the sun warm them up. That moment was so peaceful they were laughing so happily because a joke that Lu Sheng said, he even got one of his teeth out from his mouth because a punch he get after the fight, he in the other hand have a patch of falling hairs in his head and Rong Wei got a big swelling in his eyes.

They laugh without worries about anything, about the throne, or power, or school, the laugh of mischieve from young teens and there is only them and their dreams as teenagers back there. Sometimes a simple time can become precious when you put heart into those memories... after together for so many years through thick and thin experience they stay side by side, they are like his own family and them bond run so deep even more than his blood relative.

Jia Hao smiles, tears run through his cheek that drowned by the rain. He didn't get mad to trade his life for madam and young miss, but one thing his deepest regret is he can't accompany his brothers through life anymore... or even see new regime from his young master when he leads the Rong Family, but he believes he will accompany them in the next life.

The rain keeps pouring, Jia Hao lean his body on a tree and replaying the memories of the young life he has before, small sound out from Jia Hao pale lips "Thank you," thank you for finding me, thank you for teaching me, thank you for being there with me, there's a lot that Jia Hao want to say but he has just so little time to said it. After that Jia Hao releases his last breath with a smile in his face.

"Thank you for everything,"


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