Pampering Little Pixy Wife
10 Ch.10 - The Storm Is Coming 5
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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10 Ch.10 - The Storm Is Coming 5

In another side Xuelie keeps running with Meixue in her bosom, trying to run as far as possible from them. She didn't feel that her feet already tattered even leave a trail of blood along the way and her body was covered in mud and leaves but it didn't stop her from running.

When Xuelie running, she could hear there is someone who runs to her directions, Xuelie begins to panic and runs fast as she can and one thing that crossed her mind is "My baby must safe!" their footstep almost near and Xuelie had no other choice is to hide Meixue somewhere safe while she shifts their attention. Xuelie keeps running until meeting a big tree that has a small hole in the bottom of the branch.

When Xuelie put Meixue in there she can't hold her tears anymore she is afraid that this is will be the last moment on her life to see her little bao again she kisses Meixue on her forehead and put her cardigan to keep Meixue warm.

She hurriedly closes the hole with few bushes to hide Meixue, after that she running to another direction so the enemy will leave Meixue hiding place. Xuelie knows she will be captured or even killed but before that happened she will make sure to take them down first.

Xuelie keeps on running until she meets the dead end, she was on the top of the cliff and it is hard for her to take another route with her condition right now and with the rain that keeps pouring. The only way to do is sneak attack them from behind, but when she hears them again they must be more than one person who followed her right now.

When the footstep could be heard, she picks a big rock and hides behind a thick tree to hide her body. When one of the enemies close she hit his head with a big rock and make him knock out after that she hurriedly smashes his head brutally with the rock she held "You bitch!" the other enemy shoots her leg and make her fall hard from the sudden impact.

"Keh, not so tough enough huh," He sneered at the women in front of him, he could see that she was quite pretty even though she covered with mud but look on her fierce expression maybe he could have some fun with her. The man licked his lips and start to impatient with his thought to defile her in the wild, that's starting to make him feels excited and his bulge in his pant start showing.

"Well, Well look what you did to my friend....ah looks at his head tch you are quite fierce huh," The man smirk showing his yellowish teeth. He grabs her by her hair to the same level on his eyes.

Xuelie feels so disgusted, "Get away from me! you bastard! get away from me!" she struggled hard from his grip and tries to get away from him. But the man threw her to the ground and keeps her hand above her head and start tore her dress with his other hand, Xuelie really going mad right now how dare this scum to touch her like this! with the last energy she has, she kicks him straight to his crotch.

"Arrgh!! damn it, you bitch!" the man howled with pain, his hand cups his crotch and lose his grip so she can get away from him. When the man still rolling with pain between his leg Xuelie pick another rock and hit his head, but with her stamina right now the effect she makes not powerful as before it only makes him bleed but not make him knock out.

After that, Xuelie starts to run as fast as she can even with the gunshot on her leg that makes her hard to running fast. About a few steps, the sudden gunshot could be heard again.


A shoot directly to her chest makes her lose balance and fall to another cliff.

The man walks slowly and looks at the cliff where Xuelie falls, "Tch that damn bitch, dead without I feels her what a waste," He hears his phone ring and he immediately answers.

There is a silence for a few seconds before a rough sound could be heard from the caller "Did she died?" that makes his eyes subconsciously look to the cliff, and think the cliff is pretty high from the ground that surrounded by a thick forest bellow he can't see her body but he assumed she must be dead from falls in this high.

"Yes boss, she dead."

"Good, pull back the others I believe Rong dog start searching for his owner now" after that he hung up the phone.


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