Pampering Little Pixy Wife
11 Ch.11 - Alone
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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11 Ch.11 - Alone

After a few minutes, Meixue wakes up and find herself in the hole of a branch that keeps her hidden. When she wakes up she feels a great pain from her head and her body feels like has been crush by a big elephant. Her tiny mind cannot understand what happened and where she is now, she feels so afraid and alone in this forest.

A sound of night animal could be heard and that makes Meixue even more scared so she hides deeper and hugs her knee, she waiting... waiting for someone but she doesn't know who. She waiting and waiting until midnight come but there is only silence that surrounding her, her little body feels so hurt even her eyes start to drop slowly and finally, she falls to sleep.

In her dream, she meets a very pretty sister that smile kindly and hugging her in her sleep. Unconsciously Meixue muttered "Mammi" in her sleep while there is a tear that runs through her cheek.

A growl wakes her up from sleep, she was so hungry and pain all around her little body. But she knows she can't stay here for too long or she will die from pain and hunger. Meixue start drags her leg slowly while her little hand holding on to a tree.

She didn't know where to go, and that makes her getting lost deeper in the forest. Her visual almost blackout for a few times but she has to keep moving or she will die in this forest. She keeps walking until she heard a shouting, she has no other choice except to take a look and maybe they are not a bad guy, and then Meixue start to following that sound.


"Last question Mr. Lee, where did you put those goods?" The man calmly ask the one who is hung upside down.

"Puihh, you and your fucking boss will never know hahaha what that fucking Lin Song can do hah!" Mr. Lee sneered.

"We hear that your daughter, is already 18 years old right? Mr. Lee, maybe we can talk about some circumstances,"

"Fuck! don't you dare touch Lee Yue!" The man showing some smirk when Mr. Lee starts showing a panic expression.

"Well how about talk about business, where you put those goods? or maybe we can arrange for your daughter to meet another that gang we know,"

"What... Fuck! it was a small quantity, I put there at the old wood factory in Mingxi Road why the fuck you still want it! doesn't Lin Song have many of them huh! even a small good will not make any loss to him,"

"You are right Mr.Lee, big or small good it doesn't matter. What it matter is to warn them that Lin Family will not tolerant a traitor, we will be hunting one by one until they are no longer and send them their corpse to others as a warning for do not mess with Lin Family," The man raises his gun and shot straight to Mr. Lee head.

But suddenly there is another scream from the young girl who hides behind the tree, that almost make the other member shot towards Meixue but the man in charge stop them before that happen.

Slowly he walks near to Meixue and when he saw her condition that little child is unconscious maybe from shock scene she sees or another reason.

That little girl looks like around four or five years, why she is alone in the deep forest and that makes him confused. Finally, the man commands his group to look around for any sign of her parent or relatives.

After a few minutes, he has the conclusion about what happened to the little girl then that man called his boss to inform about this problem. After waiting for while the boss picks up the call "Did he said where's the location?"

"Yes sir, he already gives us the location...but we have a small problem sir,"

"What is it?"

"We had a witnessed, but she is a little girl and now she is in the state of unconscious," the man explains to his boss about her condition right now.

"....What she's doing in the you see her parent or some her relatives?" the boss mumble

"We found a car that had been crashed and a few corpses with a gunshot wound around... I believe this child may be the survival from that accident,"

"... I see if that happened I believe that child will not be safe in here, take her with you we go to Xian City tonight." The boss said that and even though he's a mafia he never picks a target to a small child. He felt a little bit sad for what happened to her, maybe he only can help treat her and put her in orphan... after all underworld is not suitable for a young child, even his child have to endure many hard lessons in his young to survive in this world.

"Yes sir." After that, the man commands his group to get ready because they will leave Zuan City tonight.


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