Pampering Little Pixy Wife
12 Ch.12 - CEO Lin Zeyan
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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12 Ch.12 - CEO Lin Zeyan

Morning in the Hawk Skyscraper can be categorized as the heart exercise for all the employee, they will showing their best look and wandering around in the lobby to catch a glimpse of their favorite CEO. They're hoping to get boss attention with their look and if they were lucky maybe they can get into the boss bed and become the wife or mistress of Lin Zeyan household, while in the other sides the male worker chooses to go as far as possible away from the devil.

Working in Hawk Corp is the best choice to improve their income and popularity, Hawk Corp also is the best companies with high salary and their facilities are the top notch. But to be accepted in this company it's not that easy, one you have to be intelligent to know your main responsible and the second you have to be loyal and follow the rule especially to keep information about anything in Hawk Corp or the consequence will hard to bear not only you get fired but you will get difficulty to search for a new job because you will be banned from most of the other good company under CEO Lin name.

When the black limousine arrived, Yujin (Lin Zeyan secretary) step outside first to open the door for CEO Lin. When Yujin sees outside he feels little ghost bump from the women worker who eyeing CEO Lin like a hyena watching their prey... wait this is the kind of eye **** right? he will reprimand to the human resources department to discipline the worker to work harder and not to hunger-ish on their boss. But he can't blame them too, his boss indeed has his own charm to make a female drop on his knee and ask to be impregnated by him.

When everyone sees CEO Lin come out, their hearts beating so fast and even they're blushing madly from watching his appearance. He comes with his Italian three-piece suit, slick jet black hair and deep amber eyes that shape like a phoenix eye. CEO Lin is indeed so handsome and he was full of alpha dominant aura that can make everyone trembling, a man with immeasurable sex appeal discharging from every pore of his existence whose presence radiated something dangerously tempting and ominously threatening without a doubt he is not the one who can be categorized as pure goodness incarnate he is more like the evil who will put your dream to the most pleasant way but can also bring you a nightmare if you push the wrong button.

He was famous from being owned 79% business in the Xian City and the most wanted bachelor too, everyone knows that CEO Lin has some connection to mafia but nobody dares to expose it because they're afraid from what will happen to them. He only needs one call and they will disappear like they never live in this world before.

"Yujin... did the janitors use some room fragrance?" Lin Zeyan frowned from the strong smell he gets, its smell like flower mix with kind of cinnamon even citrus that combination makes him feel headache.

"No Sir... " Yujin little bit confuses from a sudden question he gets and before he can fully answer the question Lin Zeyan already cut him.

"Make them change, its stink" after that he goes to the private lift and resume his own business.

"Yes, Sir" Sir did you know you already broke many women heart in this floor with one sentence, he shudders from the gloomy aura that came out from the women who still in their crumble world. Anyway, that's not my problem.

After that Yujin following CEO Lin to the top floor.


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