Pampering Little Pixy Wife
13 Ch.13 - Unintelligent Stupid
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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13 Ch.13 - Unintelligent Stupid

After a while, Yujin comes to his boss office to inform something had happened on their last shipment, he really has a bad feeling about this.

"Sir we have a problem with the shipment from Dongwon, and I received information from Zemin that we already locate the guard who hijacks the shipment to Macau."

"Speak," Cold aura came out from Lin Zeyan.

His boss sat on his leather chair like a king with menacing aura, leg crossed and cigar in his hand. His boss didn't speak as he is waiting for the report to finish.

After Yujin finishes the report, he stood aside unmoving to wait for his boss command. He did occasionally glance at his boss to check if he needed another information from him. The secretary noted that his boss was highly displeased, especially after finding out that the drug supply from Korea was laced with 34% flour upon inspection.

And what about the guard who hijacks the shipment, Is he eats the bear heart and leopard gall? Make him braves enough to steal from the big boss. This guard was indeed unintelligent stupid to cross the bottom line.

"Yujin, how long have we been working with Dongwon?"

Yujin jolted from his spot when Lin Zeyan voice rang out in the quiet office room. He takes a deep breath before reply to his boss. "A little over four months, Sir. I believed the shipment we received from them is the second shipment."

Lin Zeyan took another drag of his cigar. "The first shipment, were there any problems before?"

"No, Sir everything was in order."

"I see. And where did you catch that guard?"

"Zemin managed to catch him in the act as he tries to sell the cocaine with other gang members at The Blues."

Lin Zeyan eyes turn cold. "Where are the goods?"

Yujin swallowed a lump. "At the warehouse number four, Sir. I instructed the men not to do anything until you arrive."

Lin Zeyan nodded in approval. "Estimated losses?"

"About $10 million."

Ten million dollars wasn't much to Lin Zeyan, but he wasn't prepared to let the traitor get away. He had to be cold, ruthless to mark his territory and show the others or make a good example of what he could do if they betray him. If he let go one, there will be another one who tries.

"Inform Dongwan to meet me at warehouse number four tomorrow, I want to see what his excuse,"

"Yes, Sir and the guard?'

"Lets paid him a visit, and get the things ready." Lin Zeyan ordered as he walked out of his office.

Yujin shuddered. By things, his boss meant is tools: cutting pliers, hammers, knives, baseball bats. This guard is in for a very painful death. The last time a similar punishment was brutally tortured before the rat scoring a date with the sharks in the deep sea, a few guards vomited violently when they did the cleanup. Even himself almost throw up when his boss slices the rat stomach with hunting knives.

The air in the warehouse was thick and tense, no one spoke as they waited for the big boss to arrive. Finally, after an endless moment, the black limo ferrying the big boss stopped in front of the warehouse. The occupants in the room stiffened when they heard their boss's expensive shoes approaching the warehouse. Zemin walked to open the steel door, who revealing the big boss and his secretary behind him.

The guards at the warehouse stood straight and bowed at the sight of their boss. When they see the big boss menacing aura, unconsciously they gulped. Lin Zeyan ignored the men and calmly walked to the bound man on the chair.

"Already crying?" Lin Zeyan raised an eyebrow. "You disappoint me. I was expecting you to at least struggle a little."


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