Pampering Little Pixy Wife
14 Ch.14 - No Escape
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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14 Ch.14 - No Escape

Zemin released the gag on the guard mouth on Lin Zeyan orders. "Please, I'm sorry, Mr. Lin! I won't do it again. Please have mercy!" The man sobbed.

Ignoring the pleas, Lin Zeyan signaled Yujin to remove his trench coat. He raised his hands for his secretary to undo his cufflinks before removing the tie. He used his black glove and walked behind the bound man, giving the spineless rat a good look. Without warning, Lin Zeyan grabbed a fistful of that man's hair and yanked it behind roughly.

"I am not interested in your pitiful cries," He spoke calmly "What I am interested in is the reason why you're ratted on me."

The guard feels his soul fly away from his body by the pressure he gets, he almost pees on his pants when he looks onto Lin Zeyan eyes.

"I - I don't have another way Mr. Lin, I'm in huge debt and they threatened to kill my family if I don't give them money! Please, I'm sorry I will devote my life to you. Please have mercy!" The man sobbing mess.

"You always have a choice, but your choice is to betray me." Lin Zeyan takes the baseball bats and swings it to the guard rib cage hard. He's already trained as a killer from childhood so one hit from him can make the enemy vomit blood, and he hit him multiple times.

Suddenly the guard vomits blood on Lin Zeyan shoes. Immediately Yujin stepped forward and kick that disgusting fool away from his boss and quickly knelt down to wipe the stain.

Lin Zeyan gives a signal to Zemin to keep the beating, while he sat on a single chair watching the process.

After a while, Lin Zeyan took a freshly cut cigar from Yujin and allowed the secretary to lit it with his custom made butane lighters.

He drew the smoke in, savored the taste in his mouth before puffing the smoke out.

Lin Zeyan observed the expression of his subordinates, and he was quite satisfied with the result of his unspoken threat. To discipline people in the best way is showing in the worst, so they can rethink before betraying him.

"Zemin, release his hand." Lin Zeyan slowly rose from his chair and walked to the beaten guard.

"Yes, Sir" Zemin unties the beaten guard hands.

When the guard heard that he feels a new light comes to him.

"Tha - thank Mr..."

Bang Bang

Lin Zeyan fired two shot at the half-dead man, ending his life immediately.

The gunshots sound ringing in the quiet warehouse, everybody feels their necks tighten. Their boss was ruthless, they will make sure never cross the bottom line or the consequence will be like the dead guard over there.

"Zemin, clean up" Lin Zeyan throw the black gloves away, while Yujin helped his boss to slip on his tailor-made coat before fixing his cufflinks.

"Yujin," Lin Zeyan ordered him as he secured his gun. "Which is the nearest club to the main street?"

"That would be the Mirage, Sir."

"Let's go." Lin Zeyan walked out with Yujin following him quietly from behind.

At The Mirage Club

Mr. Song almost lost his footing when he got a call from Mr. Yujin about Mr. Lin's arrival. He gathers all employees at the front door. He ordered the worker to be presentable before lining up in two long lines as the limousine ferrying Mr. Lin pulled into the grand entrance of the club.

Bowing low, they greeted Mr. Lin the minute he stepped out of the limousine, as though they had rehearsed the greetings many times.

"Welcome Mr. Lin, we already arranged the VIP room for you." Mr. Song greetings nervously; this is not the first time they meet. But this is the first distinguished guests like him come to his club.

Lin Zeyan glance to the old man. "Lead the way Mr. Song" He follows him to the VIP room.


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