Pampering Little Pixy Wife
15 Ch.15 - Acquaintance
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Pampering Little Pixy Wife
Author :Foxy_Lady
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15 Ch.15 - Acquaintance

When they arrive at the VIP room, Mr. Song quickly called the most beautiful women in his club to serve Mr. Lin.

An attractive a pair of twin's sauntered to sit next to him, they batting their eyelashes while showing their curve trying to tempt him.

These women wearing a maroon, deep v-neck gown with a deep cut in the legs to show the beautiful long white legs, and their makeup suits them well. Not too much but enough to add to their beauty.

"Mr. Lin, is there anything that you don't like? We can change it," Mr. Song tried to open conversation. He fears that this distinguished guest doesn't like with his arrangements.

Lin Zeyan glance to Mr. Song, his amber eyes glowing slightly in the dims lights. Almost give him an illusion of a panther that watches his prey.

The thought of that makes Mr. Song shudder to be in one room with Mr. Lin.

Le Zeyan knows this man was his father acquaintance, Song Bo from Song Family.

Song Bo actually is a talented doctor when he was young, but his man-eating-women nature had caused him disaster when he was young back then, and now he chose to stay low and open a night club as his main business.

Usually, he meets him on a few occasions, but he only nodded or have a small talk with him. In other words, he doesn't care about him as long as he and his family didn't try plotting against him.

But because of his relationship with his father, he will treat him by formal courtesy.

"No, this enough." Lin Zeyan give him a polite smile "Don't be too stiff Mr. Song after all your are my father acquaintance so I will not treat you poorly."

"Ah pardon me then.. haha... " Song Bo feels his neck tighten.

"How is your business doing this year, Mr. Song?" Lin Zeyan asked casually while he smokes his cigar.

Lin Zeyan with the two unbuttoned shirts, make his sex appeal look more dashingly. He has a strong aura that no one could pull off of being charming and dangerously so natural like he does.

Mr. Song hopes his son could have an attitude like Mr. Lin. Although they're in the same ages, his son Song Jie always makes trouble for him by his playboy attitude.

'Sigh' it was right about the fruit never falls far from the tree, but his son was like a fruit who sticks tightly to the tree and pressed by sticky glue!

Ah, such a pity, he feels want to slap his son for all the trouble he makes.

"Did I'm boring you, Mr. Song?" Lin Zeyan spoke slowly.

Mr. Song flinches a little, damn it why he was to immerse in his thought and forget the devil is in front of him.

Mr. Song gulps before replying, "Pretty good, only a few problems but it was only a small scale." He feels his hand trembling.

After a short pause finally, Lin Zeyan replies, "That's good, a business can't grow if there are no challenges right?" He gives him a small smile.

"That's right haha..." Mr. Song laughs awkwardly although he feels the pressure. "Ah right this is the best wine we have."

Mr. Song glances to a pair of twins beside Mr. Lin to serve the wine.

"Please enjoy Brother Lin," The twin number one give Lin Zeyan shyly gaze while blushing. She bends over while showing her cleavage when she's pouring the glass.

Who can be blamed, he was dangerously charming. They really hope that this man will bed them even though they're a pair of twins.

It was not the first time they had to serve a customer together. Sometimes they had to play with each other while the customer watching the show, and It's was already normal for them.

When her boss info about a distinguished guest that they have to serve, they think it's an old politician or brat young master. But it turns out more than they imagine.

The distinguished guest they have to serve was so handsome, from his look they know this man is in high caliber so different from the other customer they had served before.

"Brother Lin, do you like this wine?" The twin number two asked him while trying to look seductive In front of him.

Mr. Song looks at the twin's actions, and he thinks it's better to leave them alone. Mr. Song bit a farewell to Mr. Lin before he walks as fast as possible away from this devil.

After the door closed, the twin's starts performing their seduction.


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