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Rebirth of Flash in MCU
Author :primos123
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1 Prologue

*SF-speed force

Where am i,

SF:" you died, at the last moment i was able to pull your soul here".

'Mom?, no you are speed force, so it seems my body is not able to contain the power of the speed vortex'.

SF: " you accepted the fact quite well, i thought it might take some time for you to accept it".

' so what should i call you'.

SF: " i don't have particular name or form so you can call me anything you want, since i took the appearance of your mom, you can call me that too".

' tell me what happened to earth, did i save it or not'.

SF:" yes you saved it, thanks to your speed vortex you are able to stop the anti-monitor's cannon from destroying the earth. And after your death wally west took your legacy and became the flash".

' that means my death is not in vain'.

SF:" so barry tell me do you regret your actions".

' what do you mean by regretting my actions'.

SF:" you know by sacrificing your life for saving others".

' no i don't, if me dying can provide a chance for the people i love, then i will definitely do the same thing as many times as possible '.

SF:" *huh* you do know right by coming here, you already lost the chance of going back right. and worst of all you might be staying here for all eternity".

' i know, but i still have you to talk right'.

SF:" all those years you really learned how to coax others, fine you will so you will get another chance".

' so are you going to send me back to my world'.

SF:" oh,oh hold your horses you are going back to the world of living but not back to your world".

' why'.

SF:" if i do that it will tip of the balance which might even cause the destruction of your whole multiverse".

' then where are you sending me now '.

SF:" to another multiverse parallel to yours".

' what another multiverse'.

SF:" are you thinking that there is only your multiverse in whole existence".

' no i am not saying it like that'.


SF:" there are countless multiverse in this, each and every one of it has it's own laws and rules. and some of them are so powerful that can make the strongest being of your multiverse look like ant. but worry not you are not going to that type of world, you will be going to a multiverse which is

very similar to your's .

' you said there are different laws for different multiverse, then how do you know all these".

SF:" well that's a good question, i am not just the speed force i am the embodiment of motion. to put it simply if i am not there every thing in this existence will become still".

' that means you exist everywhere'.

SF:" you catch on pretty quick, enough with all the talking it's time for you to go".

' wait, wait in this new life will have my speed or not ".

SF:" yes you will have it even if you don't want to, what did you already forget thanks to your little stunt speed force became a part of you. at least in your next life your use it wisely and don't repeat the same mistakes, and don't forget time wrath also exist in this multiverse too".

*SFX* * portal opens*

' so this means goodbye right'.

SF:" yes, but don't worry we will meet again when your power increases. and one more thing i also left you a small gift from my collection".

' where is it'.

SF:" don't worry you will have it when the time is right, good bye".

*enters the portal*


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