Rebirth of Flash in MCU
2 Chapter 1
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Rebirth of Flash in MCU
Author :primos123
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2 Chapter 1

1999, queens

in a hospital,

doctor: " quickly we have no time, use CPR on the baby ".

nurse:" we are doing it sir still no sign".

doctor:" tap his back and repeat the process".

barry:"what, what is this feeling".


barry:"'who the hell is beating me 'wa, wa, wa' what happened to my voice".

nurse:" sir the baby finally started crying ".

doctor:" finally, *phew* what a feisty little brat he really gotten us worried there, come give him to me".

nurse:" here sir, and congratulations for becoming father once again".

doctor:" thank you, come lets go and meet your mother, she must be worried sick ".

MC pov

what baby, i turned into a baby. that bastard he must have done it. what am i going to do now i don't want suck my from mother. Ahhhh for a person like me this punishment far worse than death.

since i can't do anything i gave up and accepted the reality.

after few min, the nurse wrapped me up and gave me to a person and congratulated him. after that i felt some large hands holding me and was taking me somewhere, most probably going to meet my new mom.

general pov

after reaching the private ward

doctor:" all of you please give us some space".

staff:" yes sir".

doctor:" nora here look at our son".

she grabbed the baby and started crying

nora: " give him to me, my baby, my baby *kiss**kiss* i thought i lost you".

doctor:" hey don't hold him so tightly, you might accidentally squash him with your maternal love".

nora glared at him and said" what did you just say, care to repeat it once more".

doctor shaking said" it's nothing, nothing at all, look he is crying again he might be hungry, you can start feeding him i will just go and complete the other formalities".

nora:"okay, so thomas what shall we name him".

thomas:" name right, how about drake allen".

nora:" nah, how about barry allen. it's good right then it's fix from now on my son will be called barry allen".

thomas:" if you are going to name him yourself, why bother yourself by asking me".

nora:" stop your moping and get out i need to feed my son".

thomas:" okay fine and don't forget to take some rest, bye dear i will meet you after my shift".

*MC pov*

'Mother' the one thing that changed my whole world in my last life, just to meet her once more i became the cause for the destruction of whole timeline , which was one of my greatest mistakes in that life, because that single mistake changed my whole course of destiny in that life.

After reaching the private

'What did he just said nora, no this can't be a coincidence right. she has the same name as my mom .

shit i want see her but my eyelids are still not ready to be opened.

nora:" so dear what shall we name him".

thomas:" how about drake allen?".

nora:" nah, how about barry allen. it's good right then it's fix from now on my son will be called barry allen".

'My name is barry again, i am pretty sure she must be my mom's reincarnation, because there is no way all of this can be a coincidence. in any case i this life, i am never going to let anything happen to you mom'.

5 years later,


nora:" barry are you ready, it's time to go to school".

a flash moved in the room and finally opened

barry:"yes mom, you can come in " it has been 5 years since i came to this world and i have already awakened my speed , this world more peaceful than my last one new cities, new places everything here is totally different. and another thing is in this life i have a big sister her name is jesse allen, she is good one and a little bit overprotective for me.

jesse hugging barry and said:" barry come on let's go".

barry:" jesse how many time do i have to say, stop clinging on me like that".

jesse:" NO, because you are too cute to be left alone".

barry:" MOM".

nora:" okay jesse, let go of him the bus is here".

*inside the bus*

looking through the window

even though this world is bit peaceful, it's also filled with lots of crimes and most of all there are no superheroes to stop them, and maybe it's for the best, because it will only attract a lot of trouble for now let's stay low.


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