Rebirth of Flash in MCU
3 Chapter 2
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Rebirth of Flash in MCU
Author :primos123
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3 Chapter 2

More time passed, i am finally about to go to high school aside that i started strengthen my body bit with all the techniques i got from justice league, thanks to that both my body and speed are on par to my prime state in my last life. And finally a very first superhero popped into existence in this world his name is tony stark aka (iron man) for some reason he reminds me of bruce wayne aka batman, i mean look at their similarities both are multi billionaire, intelligent and had secret lives but unlike bruce, tony stark revealed himself to the public .

barry:" mom, i am going out".

nora:" come back by the dinner time".

barry:" bye mom, bye dad".

thomas:" bye".

after he left

nora:" anyway, where does he go all the time".

thomas:" nora he is not a kid any more and you should not pry into his personal space".

nora:" i know, i know the only thing i am afraid of is for him getting into bad stuff".

thomas:" don't worry about him nora i think he far too intelligent to get into that stuff, you know how barry is from his childhood right, he is more mature than anyone compared to his age. so don't worry on unnecessary things and have trust in him".

nora:" i trust him".

abandoned factory near, outskirts of the city

barry:" 'phew' i am finally here".

after going deep into the factory, he phased into a large metal wall inside was a large room. everything inside the room looked bit futuristic, the main reason i created this base is due to tony stark because whenever a superhero pops up there will be always trouble joining him this is one of the lessons that i learned being a hero.

gideon:" welcome back barry".

barry:" hi gideon, so did get anything new".

gideon:" i got quite a few things in past few days, thanks to your upgrade i was able to bypass the last firewall undetected".

barry:" so tell me about them".

gideon:" there are quite a few number of organisations in this world but the, but the powerful of the are hydra and shield".

barry:" tell me about them".

gideon:" comparing both of them hydra is the oldest one, hydra is a branch under nazi which was ruled by adolf hitler in world war two, they mainly concentrate on the extraterrestrial and supernatural objects. which led him to finding this cube called tesseract".

barry:" so what is this tesseract".

gideon:" i am sorry barry, there is not much information regarding it. i think most of the records regarding it must be physical or destroyed".

barry:" thanks for that gedion".

gedion:" you are welcome".

barry:" so what about shield what is that all about".

gedion:" At the beginning shield was formed to destroy and remove the remnants hydra, due to it's performance in the war it became a full fledged secret organization that works under government".

barry:" keep digging and try to find more clues, and what about the suit have you completed the scan on it.

gedion:" yes, i scanned the suit with all the data i could gather but still, i was not able to find the material or compound close to it, and i have also compared them with the strongest metals available they are adamantium and vibranium".

barry:" and the result".

gedion:" the material that was used on the suit is at least twice stronger than the both metals combined, and not only that the suit has neural imprint which is similar to your's".

barry:" which means no one can use it other than me".

gedion:" correct".

barry:" gedion can you show me my progress".

gedion:" of course barry, thanks to your rigorous training of both your body and speed, your body is now able withstand and reach the peak of the red level".

barry:" peak red 'huh'" unlike my last life this time i took my powers more seriously and found out many interesting facts, such as speedsters can be divided by the colour of their lightning starting from red, yellow,green,blue, violet, white. this was taken thanks to my past experience i was able to find out that our lightning follow the method called blue shift in the visible spectrum, for example if a speedsters lightning is yellow that means his speed is 15% of speed of light, the colour changes as the % increases and if it crosses 50% of speed of light it becomes white as far as i know that's where any speedster could get. And as for gedion i could thank bruce for that my time with him taught me many things, that include martial arts, hacking , programing and many other things and with my skills i was able to do some projects and share marketing which got me a lot of money and helped me to create this secret base.

gedion:" barry, barry are you listening".

barry:" oh, i am sorry gedion i was lost in thought".

gedion:" so barry how was it that you got this suit any way".

barry:" i was given to me by certain someone which i can't talk about, i am sorry that i can't tell you".

gedion:" no problem barry and one more thing a call is coming from your mom will you receive it".

barry:" no, i am going home. bye gedion see you latter".


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