Rebirth of Flash in MCU
4 Chapter 3
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Rebirth of Flash in MCU
Author :primos123
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4 Chapter 3

after reaching home,

barry:" what is mom, you called me".

nora:"nothing i just wanted to ask you to bring some groceries, when you are coming back".

barry:" oh no problem mom i will go now, and where is jesse".

nora:" she went out with her friends for a night party".

barry:" oh then its fine".

nora:" barry put on the tv before you go".

barry:" ok mom".

nora:" these terrorist attacks are increasing day by day, how those guys getting their weapons any way".

barry:" i think they have their way, ok then bye mom".

nora:" get back home before it gets late".

near the supermarket

thug1:" hey there little girl, how about you come with us and let's have some fun together".

barry:" HEY idiots, don't you have nothing better to do why are picking on her".

thug1:" hey you go deal with him".

thug2:" okay boss leave it to me".

thug2:" hey kid acting hero huh, it's better for you to leave otherwise you are going get it to serious trouble".

barry bends and taps the thug's knee cap few times and say " i sorry dude i checked your brain it seems that you lost some bolts in it, and may be that's the reason you are acting this way. i can recommend you to a doctor he very good in treating cases like yours and don't worry about the cost tell my name he will give you 50% discount". and as for your boss i think he might be in a critical stage if you don't treat him soon he might become brain dead".

suddenly the woman started laughing hearing that the thug's face was flushed with red and said:" YOU, YOU, ..".

thug1:" you son of a bitch, hey you kill that bastard and bring his head to me".

thug2:" that's it kid you signed yourself death contract, so don't blame for being ruthless".

thug swings his weapon,and barry dodges it lifts his hands up and backs of a little and says " Come on man don't take it wrongly i really care for you guys, even though your IQ is less than that of a dog i really want".

thug2:" that's it, you are dead kid".

saying that thug jumps towards barry next second *CRACK* he fell down holding his crotch with foam coming out of his mouth.

barry:" oh,oh,oh i am sorry, i am really sorry, i wanted to kick your stomach during that time you suddenly moved, then something happened and unfortunately my kick reached your crotch. and if you don't mind i also know a doctor who treats these kind of cases to".

thug2:" you, y..ou, will pay for this".

barry:" i am sorry dude i don't have that much money".

hearing that the thug puked some blood and fell down unconscious.

on other side the girl who was laughing finally stopped and said" i don't know who you are thanks but i really don't need help" saying that she caught the hand of the boss which was on her and twisted to his back and kicked his leg and finally chopped(not killing) his neck making him unconscious, after seeing that the remaining thugs ran away screaming.

barry moves towards and says," wow those are some killer moves".

woman:" i went to some self defence classes".

barry:" i don't remember any self defence class teaching those moves, in any let's move on with some introductions, name is barry, barry allen".

woman:" hi barry, my name is alisha".

barry:" so are you new to the city".

alisha:" yes i moved here recently, for joining high school".

barry:" oh which school is it".

alisha:" xxxxxxx xxx high school".

barry:" hey, what a coincidence i am going to the same school".

alisha:" so we are going to be school mates huh, in any case don't tell anyone about what happened today okay".

barry:" don't worry my lips are sealed, so where are you anyway".

alisha:" my childhood friend who lives here is hosting a small party, and i came here to grab few drinks for them and you know what happened after that right".

barry:" so can i accompany you till there".

alisha:" sure, if you want to".

after reaching her destination.

alisha giggled and says" you are an interesting person barry, i never met anyone like you before".

after that suddenly a girl a came of the house and said " alisha where were you, i thought you were lost".

alisha:"no it's nothing, i forgot the route and he helped me".

then another girl came out and looked at him and shouted" barry".

barry:" jesse?, what are you doing here".

jesse:" this was the party i was attending to, anyways what are you doing here".

barry:" nothing i was just doing some errand, and found your friend who seemed lost so i came with her to show the address".

jesse:" in any case since you are here, stay here for some time after that we can go home".

barry:" hey how can a guy come into girls party, i am sorry jesse i won't go, but don't worry i will wait for you outside until the party finishes".

jesse:" so that's your final say huh, then don't blame me for what's going to happen next, mia, alisha i need your help".

mia & alisha:" certainly".

all of their eyes started to shine, and all of a sudden all three of them caught me and dragged me into their house.


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