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Reincarnation Of The God Of Darkness
Author :EdgeLordOmega
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2 The God Path

After being reincarnated, maybe it's just how this happens or maybe it was because I had used all my powers in trying to make sure I reincarnate in a world I can use to my advantage, I had forgotten about being a god.

It wasn't until my fifth birthday that I finally remembered who I was and what my goal was.

I had ended up being reincarnated in a world somewhat similar to the Medieval Ages of Earth.

My family was - unique, if nothing else.

My father was an overly-ambitious and unskilled warrior who had gone to fight in a war when I was 2 years old and never returned. My mother was a literary genius and one of the most beloved novelists in the country. We were four siblings and she had raised us all by herselves after our father died.

As for the said siblings, there were two older siblings and one younger one. The eldest - my big brother named Hans - was 5 years older than me. Therefore, when I regained my memories, he was 10. His swordsmanship was already considered one of the best among his peers and his looks were bound to be great if he took care of his body like he had. In other words, he was well on his way to become what my father always wanted to be.

After him was my elder sister - Helga - who was 3 years older than me. She was probably the cockiest girl to ever have existed. No, maybe that's an exaggeration. But she was definitely pretty cocky. The reason for that was the entire world always praising her for her literary skills. Yes, she was an 8 years old kid but she was studying materials that only 10-11 years old did. She was that good. Some even considered her the second Himdere (my mother).

Then, there was me - Vilome. I was the only one in the family who's name didn't start with a 'h'. The reason, as I had heard my mother saying, was that I exuded an aura different than everybody else.

We'll get back to me later though. First, or last I guess, there was my little sister - Hena. She was just 2 years old and hardly able to do much. She was born right around the time my father had to leave for the war he never came back from.

Up until that point, I had lived in peace as a stupid little kid would. But, that was about to change. I was going to change it.

Since all my memories had returned, I was ready to start manipulating the world as I saw fit.

I had made plans in my head for how I'll use my brother's reputation to become the lion among those my ages and how I'll learn all the literature that my mother could teach me as that would obviously help. I had all my future mapped out, from how many years I would spend learning things to when I'd start actually implementing those lessons to more.

However, it all changed one night.

That night - I had a dream.

I saw in that dream my previous life. Not all of it. Only the worst of it. I remembered that one time when my father beat all us siblings and our mom brainlessly because of how frustrated he was. That was probably what began all the madness in my family, as my mother called her relatives and told her about him. Soon, they came and started arguing with my father.

As a result, my father became even more frustrated and started beating us all everyday, including our mom. Soon, my mother's family started asking for a divorce. My father had no family left alive so my mother's family easily overwhelmed him and the divorce happened. Mother was given the custody of all of us, save one. She let me stay with my father. And so, from there on out, I became the only punching bag he could use.

Every time me and my father would visit my mother and other siblings, I could practically feel their disgust at both of us. The only thing that hurt more than that was the fact that their disgust was directed more at me than it was at my father. I know now that it was because my aura, the aura of the God of Darkness, oozed negativity. But back then, I could only bawl my eyes out in silence when alone.

Things didn't just end with the divorce though.

Despite having split up, the two parts of our broken family lived in the same area and so all us siblings ended up going to the same schools. Things got worse there as my siblings started to outright deny having any relations with me and I became the target of bullying by other kids at school.

There is much more that happened but by the time I reached the point where my mother said in front of the principal that she doesn't know who I am - I woke up.

It wasn't that I was terrified of those memories that I woke up but that I was 'interrupted' by something. I didn't know what it was but there was something that had disturbed my sleep and broken that horrible dream. I looked around and saw my brother sleeping peacefully as if he didn't feel a thing. To me though, it had felt like an earthquake had come inside my head.

And then suddenly,

[System Unlocked]

I saw that message, imprinted on something like a game window, right in front of my eyes.

[System Initializing ...]

I sat there gawking at it cautiously. It didn't really give a dangerous vibe. In fact, it felt like it was part of my body. But still, I couldn't help but be wary of anyone and anything ever since I regained my memories.

[System Initialized]

[System Activating ...]

The window was originally blue but it turned silver with that message and then, finally,

[System Activated]

[You are now logged into the system]

[Would you like to open the system menu?]

Beneath that question was a green-colored 'yes' marker and a red-colored 'no' marker. Looking at it reminded me of every time I had the luxury of using a PC in my previous life. I wasn't about to get sentimental though as I focused on the window in front of me.

As soon as I decided to select 'yes', it got selected. I realized from that that I was dealing with a technology better than touchscreen. Either that, or I was hallucinating.

[System menu opening]

[System menu opened]

With that appeared a very game-like stats menu that made me look at it with dead eyes for a whole two minutes.

[Name: Vilome]

[Race: God]

[Age: Irrelevant]

[Specialization: Dark Arts]

[Realm: Base]

[Progress Towards Next Realm: None]

[Quests Completed: None]

[Authorities Acquired: None]

[Weapons Mastered: None]

Seeing that, I had no idea what I should be more intrigued by. First of all, despite being like a fantasy world, this world didn't have magic. It had various arts however. As an obvious example, Sword Arts - the thing that my father dreamed of and my brother did specialize in.

There was also Language Arts, which my mother did and my elder sister was well on her way of specializing in.

There were many others like Projectile Arts (mostly archery but not completely), Spear Arts, Healing Arts (basically doctory), etc etc. However, I had never heard of anything like Dark Arts. Not gonna lie, I loved the name but I had no idea what it meant.

Then there was the fact that the system called my age 'irrelevant'. Quite a peculiar thing, if I do say so myself.

Then there were 'Realms', 'Quests', 'Authorities' and 'Weapons'. All of these were terms I knew the meaning of on a general basis but had no idea what they really meant there.

As I was busy contemplating about it, the system asked me,

[Which path would you like to take?]

It gave me three options, shown in three different rows.

[Necromancer Path]

[The easiest and shortest path to mastery of Dark Arts. It will yield immediate results as a God would be lowering himself to becoming a necromaner but it will result in you becoming one of the strongest among the mortals of the world very soon]

I was not very eager to take that path. So, I continued to the next one.

[Grim Reaper Path]

[Harder than Necromaner Path. You will become able to yield your immortal abilities but also will take days in acquiring the amount of power you could acquire within seconds in the Necromancer Path. At the end of this path, you could become one of the strongest among the immortals of the universe]

That was somewhat impressive. There was no way I was going for the Necromancer Path after reading the description for the Grim Reaper Path. However, the third one was the real deal.

[The God Path]

[Hardest and Longest Path. It will take you years to learn something you can learn in a day in Necromaner path and in a month in Grim Reaper Path. It allows you to acquire the full extent of your powers. At the end of this path (which is unlikely to be reached before spending at least two centuries on it), you might become the strongest being in the universe]

I wasn't blind, or dumb. I could see how The God Path was an unideal choice. I mean, did I make all those plans of taking over everything just so I could follow a goddamned system for 2 centuries and then aquire the level of power I desired? No, I wanted the power as soon as possible. I wanted retribution for all my pain as soon as possible.

I was not going to wait. Therefore, choosing the third path was not the way to go.

However, an idea came to mind. An idea that made me smirk. An idea that would make you smirk. And idea that made me choose The God Path.


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