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Reincarnation Of The God Of Darkness
Author :EdgeLordOmega
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5 Does A God Care?

At first glance, I didn't recognize her but as soon as she opened her mouth, I remembered that woman was a high priestess of the Royal Church. For simple cities like the one I lived in, a high priest or priestess was the highest position a member of the Royal Church could have.

And so,

Hell! The most powerful member of the church that was present in the city was there to get me! I cursed that fox in my mind as I realized that.

"Do you have any last words before you die, child?" She asked, rather irritated but trying to look calm.

"I do, actually." I said, with a smirk.

"I, the high priestess Valerie, will allow you to go on." With that, she urged me to continue on while rolling her eyes to show her unwillingness to hear anything I would say. But I knew as soon as I spoke, she would open her ears wide.

"Emoliv is the god of light. That bastard would never choose a slut like you to be the mother of his child."

Even if she could fool the whole world, she couldn't fool a god.

I could sense her dark desires even back in the church when she had almost completely concealed them. And at that moment, on that night, she wasn't even trying to conceal them to the best of her abilities.

"Tsk!" She clicked her tongue. What else could she do?

"Emoliv would rather choose a retard than someone like you. That's just the type of god he is."

Since I had seen through her facade, she stopped acting completely and started making a disgusting face as she looked at me.

"Whoever you are, you are certainly perceptive." She said, with an ugly smile, "Doesn't matter what you say though. If Emoliv doesn't choose me,"

"You'll lead a revolt against him? You'll use all the influence and knowledge you have acquired over the years to turn his believers against him?" I mocked her, and it was quite easy to do in fact.

"You think a god cares about what you humans think of them?" I questioned. The answer, that she might have even realized sometime in her life but had not wanted to face was - he/she doesn't.

"A god fulfills his duties. It doesn't matter to a god whether you love them or hate them. They don't care. Not at all."

It was a fact. I was one of the only few gods who actually gave a damn about people, enough to give them a second of thought to their lives before dismissing the thought.


She was taken aback. The uncomfortable look on her face was only proof that she too knew deep down that she never had any chance of scoring with Emoliv, but she deluded herself into thinking she did.

If this was a fluffy, little romance story, then this woman, after Emoliv had chosen the actual heroine of the story, would have probably gone on to become the jealous bitch who everyone hates.

But, this wasn't a fully, little romance story. It was on the opposite end of spectrum to that, in fact.

"Tsk! Whatever the case maybe, I have to fulfil my duties by killing you."

"Ha ha ha haha hahaha" I laughed and with time, my laughs grew louder.

Of course, she didn't like it.

"What the hell are you laughing for, runt?" She asked in a tone that was completely unfitting for a high priestess.

"You know that following the church will lead to nothing but your dream getting shattered when Emoliv doesn't choose you, yet to continue on this path?! How foolish can you be?"

Looking at that idiot reminded me of a particular human back on Earth who knew that he was being taken advantage of and toyed with but didn't retort. Yeah, it reminded me of myself.

That is why I decided to give her a way out rather than turning her into my first undead human soldier.

"You still have a shot at reaching your dreams of power." I told her so. "If you join me, you can get everything you ever dreamed of and more."

She felt silent, looking at me with awkward disgust.

I guess, to her, it just looked like some child with a big mouth yapping on about things he didn't even fully comprehend.

Too bad she didn't realize that she was actually talking to a 30-year-old god with a grudge against the entire universe.

"Hah!" She sighed. "I am done talking to you. You are a peculiar specimen, I'll give you that; but it's time to di- ACK!"

She fell on the floor sideways as an undead goblin hit her, from behind, right in the knee with a stone axe.

Ancient though they may be, those weapons packed a lot of punch when wielded by someone who could handle them. And my two undead goblin soldiers did qualify as 'someone who could handle them'.

"Y-you!" Her eyes had filled with equal parts rage and equals parts pain as her hand desperately reached for her bleeding knee. I wasn't so mericful though that I would let that be the end of it.

"AAAH!" She cried out again as the same gobling hit her again, in the same spot, and then the second goblin used his stone axe to break the bones in the hand reaching out for the knee.

"You had your chance!" I said to her as she was writhing in pain. "Even though you made such a mess and DARED to look down upon me, I still gave you a chance. But, you were two pickleheaded to grab it!"

I ordered the goblins to keep stone-axing her but use less force to make sure she doesn't die.


My brother Hans, the idiot who was well on his way to growing a hero complex, entered my room and saw me sitting in a corner, looking all messy. I even started to shed fake tears. On the other end though, there were two goblins breaking a nun's bones.

Immediately, he decided to go and save the nun. The goblins backed away, as I had ordered them to do so when he charged at them. They ran as fast as they could - outside.

The idiot was about to give them a chase and as I couldn't have my soldiers lessened in number over some stupidity like this so I started sobbing harder, making him turn his attention to me.

He looked back and forth between the sobbing me and the goblins running away and ended up choosing to console me.

After that, it didn't take very long for my mother, Helga and our neighbours to come there. They were all terrified of what they saw, obviously.

But seeing the situation, nobody asked me any questions. As for that greedy, thirsty priestess, it was obvious that she needed medical help much more than an interrogation.


'Two goblins, equipped with stone axes, broke into a house yesterday. They attacked the 5-year-old boy that they came accross but the high priestess of the Royal Church, who arrived in time, fought bravely for the boy. While she was able to save the boy from any harm, unfortunately, she was beaten down and is in critical condition right now.'

This was the interpretation of that night's incident, formed by taking my testimony only, as the only other person involved was beaten up so bad that she wasn't in the condition to talk.

By the time the sun to heat up the next day, this news had spread throughout the city and coupled with the bloodbath incident in the forest a few days prior to it, rumors about some conspiracry involving monsters started to spread around.

I know. It was a stupid rumor. But, when you get down to it, rumors all always stupid. Yet, people believe them. Why? Because they know somewhere in their heart that stupid things do happen.

But enough of that. The important part were the scrolls. Because of that priestess, I had to postpone my plan of reading them and had to find someplace to safely hide them.

I knew that soon enough, people would have realized that the scrolls were gone and the uproar would get worse. So, I made the dark fox spirit take the scrolls and bury them somewhere in the forest.

Or at least, that was what I was about to do.

For the first time since I regained my memories and began my scheming, something happened that completely threw me off.

It was the noon of that day, right when the clock in the adventurer's guild hit the twelve marker and gave a 'tan' sound, the whole city heard a sound that was like a tremor had come.

That sound was accompanied by some distant shouts and the sight of the walls of the city hall collapsing. Something was happening. Something BIG was happening.

And the entire city collectively held its breath as they waited in shock, awe and stupidity to find out what.

I, thankfully, found out before anyone else could.

[Danger Alert!]

[A deadly monster has appeared neaby!]

[Calculating your chances of defeating the monster ...]


[Your chance of defeating the monster are: 0%]


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