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Reincarnation Of The God Of Darkness
Author :EdgeLordOmega
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7 Rakshasa Gahan

[A dangerous monster has been detected nearby!]

[Analysing the monster ...]

As the system showed up with all that, I kept running as fast as I could, paying only the minimal amount of attention to the system.


[The monster has been identified as: Rakshasa Gahan, the destroyer of Zywar]

I couldn't help but curse as I read that name. As far as I knew, Zywar was considered a monster, even among gods. Only the most nihilistic of people ever prayed to him.

[Would you like to see the monster's stats?]

If a person had asked that question, I would have put an iron rod up their ass shouting, "Obviously!" But since it was a system, all I could do was say 'yes'.

[Name: Gahan]

[Race: Rakshasa]

Rakshasas, a special kind of demons, were perhaps the strongest mortal threat in the world. Anything stronger than a Rakshasa would be an immortal. That's what I had heard.

[Age: 150 years]

For a Rakshasa, or Demons in general, a 150-year-old would have been considered new adult in that world, and a teen back on Earth. Basically, he would mentally be the equivalent of a 15-year-old human.

[Specialization: Demon Arts]

[Realm: Golden]

[Your chances of winning: 0%]

Yeah, I was screwed. A Rakshasa who had reached Golden Realm in Demon Arts could easily have laughed off all my attacks. The strongest attacks that my undead minions could deal wouldn't even hurt him as much as a mosquito bite would to a human.

Furthermore, running away was useless as well. As he made clear in the next second, my speed was not even a-hundredth of his.

"Shit!" I cursed as I saw him standing right in front of me, ready to swing his hand down at me to kill me.

"Die!" He said.

"You first!" I said.

A hail came down on his back, probably doing nothing more than stinging a little, but giving me enough of a chance to get away from his attack. And get away I did, as the ground I was standing on broke apart by the hand he had swung down.

I took a glance at the priets and priestess of the church who had saved me. It wasn't a coincidence though. Keeping in mind the possibility that running away might not work out, I had specifically ran back into the church so all the priests and priestess could see us and save me if at all possible. The strategy had worked out, but what next?

More than any of my schemes, my life was important. That much was obvious.

So, the top priority was me getting out of there alive. I could sacrific anyone I have to for that.

If, at all possible though, taking Valerie was something I wanted to do. Just looking at her delusions had filled me with an infinite number of ideas as to how I could use her in my quest for power.

And if, somehow, there was a way to get more people out of there, I could take my little sister, Hena. She was a child who I could mold to blindly follow me and so her usefulness was also pretty high.

Other than that, I didn't really think anybody would be useful.

However, as I was busy thinking of how I could take what few people are possible to take and run away, a surprising voice came from the room a particular High Priestess was in,

"Decree of Light!"

The nun who was second-in-command to Valerie shouted so as blinding light appeared above our heads. Instinctively, I jumped away, but the Rakshasa was too distracted to do the same.

In the next moment, a large part of the church had become cinders.

That move, Decree of Light, was a move that very few could use and once used, the user would become so fatigued that they'd immediately fall unconscious. It was rumored that once a person fell unconscious because of using it, it would take months for them to regain consciousness.

Proportionate to these drawbacks though, the attack was an immensely powerful. If anyone who was not a believer of Emolive, the god of Light, came in contact with it, they would be burn to death ASAP.

In case it isn't clear, I am mentioning the reason why I had to jump away. If I hadn't, even I couldn't have avoided dying.

Thankfully, it destroyed Gahan.


Or did it?


The priests fell to the ground with unsurmountable shock as they saw the most powerful attack in their arsenal do little damage to Gahan.

While Gahan's body was burned and he was bleeding, it seemed like he still had more than half the strength as before (which was enough to handle all of us).

I, immediately, ran to the room Valerie was in. Gahan noticed that but didn't respond right away. It was clearly to say that he didn't think there was any possibility I could get away from him, so he'd let me run around as much as possible.

That, I happily say, was his mistake.

As I entered Valeire's room, I immediately said, "No change of plans! But you better be grateful for this!"

Her eyes showed clear confusion as she looked at me. Since time was of essence though, I didn't explain anything but summoned the two undead Wysks and Goblins I had. They appeared out of the shadows and looked at me, ready to be given commanded.

I turned their attention to Valerie by my pointing my finger and saying, "You goblins, put her on a chair and throw it out of the place through the window. Then, jump out the window and take her to the outskirts of the city."

Being as foolish as they were, I had to give them instructions like I was instructing a baby. However, once I gave them those instructions, they immediately got to work, manhandling Valerie like she was a large sack of potatoes.

She cried "AH!" and "OH!" and whatnot in pain but I didn't have time for that. I turned back to the Rakshasa Gahan, who was still outside the room, casually destroying the priests left and right and said to the Wysks, "Go and distract him for as long as possible!"

They too, immediately, got to work. Before any of them were so far that they couldn't hear me though, I said one thing, "Your lives doen't matter, just do the job right!"


As those Wysks started distracting Gahan, I too jumped out of the window. I could see the goblins taking the chair Valerie was put on and running as fast as they could.

Then, turning the other way, I ran as I summoned the undead dark fox. I told it immediately, "Go to my house and get the scrolls you stole last night and run away."

Since I could sense these minions of mine and vice-versa, just one of them escaping away from Gahan was enough was we could reunite later without a problem.

Since that was done, I kept running, running and running.

Gahan's target was me so it was stupid to even think of the possibility of being able to escape by just running away. So, I wasn't as much running away as I was running towards - the mayoral office.

It was the place Gahan had first attacked. So, it was nothing more than a pile of rubble, all in all.

But, it was still useful for many reasons.


For a while, the God Zywar had been troubled. Gahan had no idea as to why but he knew something major had to be wrong for him to get troubled.

Since it was neither his duty nor his place to ask, he had tried to ignore it as much as he could. But, at the end, he had been unable to not ask why.

Contrary to his expecations and past experiences though, Zywar had not become angry or disgusted. He had merely answered with a melancholic expression, "The god of darkness, whom all us gods had to try so hard to kill, has returned. While I don't understand how it is possible, but the fact is - he has returned and seeks to destroy us all."

Hearing so, Gahan's blood boiled.

How could some puny god he had never even heard of come and give trouble to the great Zywar?

It was utterly ridiculous.

And on top of that, that god dared to think that he could destroy other gods, especially Zywar?


He had to be shown his place. He had to be shown that he had nothing over Zywar.

And to do that, Gahan decided to go and kill him, force him to reincarnate using his divine powers into some rotten world and suffer for all eternity there.

After he had found the god in question, he had been a little surprised to see how weak that god was.

'God Zywar was worrying over nothing.' He had thought to himself.

But since he had determined to do so, he decided that he would still kill that god.

And so, having killed all the priests and priestesses in the church, he ran straight towards the mayoral office, as there was where he could sense that god to be.

As soon as he arrived though, he saw something he couldn't believe.

"What the!"

He looked at the many monsters standing there as if they wanted to fight him. Usually, monsters would run with their tail between their legs as soon as they sensed him approaching. Yet, these monsters, which included goblins, dark foxes, dark wolves, Wysks, imps and so on, were all standing there looking at him with hostility and clear intention to fight.

And then, out of the stairs to the basement, his target came out and said with a smirk, "The second quest was really giving me a dilemna. I might have wasted a lot more time completing it, normally. So, I thank you for having sped up my progress!"


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