Reincarnation Of The God Of Darkness
11 The Scene From The Cupboard
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Reincarnation Of The God Of Darkness
Author :EdgeLordOmega
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11 The Scene From The Cupboard

15 was a very significant age in the world. Reaching this age meant the coming of age ceremony for a person, i.e., this was the age that marked a person's transition into adulthood.

By the time a person reached this age, they were expected to be good enough at whatever Arts they specialized in that they can spend their entire life independently even if they don't learn anything past that point.

In the system's language, this was the age a person should transcend from Base Realm to Advanced Realm.

And for a naturally gifted person like Jill Jake who had been able to do that pretty easily, what awaited him was a life of success and fame, no matter whether he decided to pursue more mastery in his Arts or he pursued to make a career out of what he had learned.

This boy, who had just turned 15 a couple of months ago, was as naturally gifted as they come.

He was born to a prestigious family, with his mother being a reknowned adventurer and his father being a reknowned painter, and they had definitely passed on their genes to him. He specialized in Spear Arts, which his mother's area of expertise was, but he was also very talented in painting.

In his childhood, he had often been praised as one of the kingdom's child prodigies among the adventurer friends of his mother and when he had been 11, he had won an inter-school region-wide painting championship and hence, had caught the eyes of many.

He was also supposedly quite good looking. He had got the good parts of his father and mother both.

Thus, one can say he had everything in his life.

And yet, if a guy were to tell him that to his face, he'd knock that guy's teeth out.

'Everything? Don't make me laugh!' He would say. 'I don't have her!'

She was a blue-haired, ivory-skinned aspiring adventurer of his age, named Yasmine.

To Jill, she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and getting a chance to touch her perfect D-Cups was his lifelong dream.

And yet, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't ever get her attention for more than a second when HE was around.

Vilome - the boy who Yasmine was in love with - was the only thing standing between Jill and Yasmine's 'perfect' romance together.

Even that day, when Yasmine's coming of age ceremony had been held, right after two months of his ceremony nonetheless, all she had been focused on the entire time was Vilome.

It's like everything in the world was second to Vilome for her.

He hated that. Of course he did.

And so, he decided to destroy Vilome's life.

He decided to sneak into his house and steal the badge that signified Vilome as an adult in the world.

Since Yasmine's coming of age ceremony was going on and she wouldn't have let him go, he had plenty of time to execute his plan.

Once his badge was stolen, all he had to do was spread rumors about it and Vilome's image would have come crashing down.

Surely, then, Yasmine would realize how much of a loser he was.

'It's perfect! My plan is perfect!' He grinned to himself as he thought that while entering Vilome's house.

It was around 1 o'clock.

He knew that the house was going to be empty as the three members of the house were all going to be busy, one with school, one with Yasmine's ceremony, and one with her duties in the church.

But still, he couldn't help but he careful as he silently walked into the house.

It was a rather fine house, not too big but big enough for three people to live comfortably.

Since Jill's house was much bigger though, he found the size of that house to be something to be laughed at.

'In a house like this, just long would it take for me to find your stupid, little badge?' He grinned to himself and started searching.

But just then, the main door started to open.

He tensed up, quickly running to the closest room he could find. He heard the footsteps of someone coming in, and decided to hide in a large, wooden drawer-type thing that Vilome used to refer to as a 'cupboard' or sometimes 'almirah'.

Whatever it was, it was big enough for him to hide in.

'Goddamnit! Who would have come home now!?' He wondered on the question, and soon got the answer.

A blonde, beautiful priestess, who looked to be in her thirties came in the room with a tired expression.

"Man, those priests are so boring!" She said in a complaining voice and threw herself on the bed.

According to what Jill knew, this woman was named Valerie and had been the legal guardian of both Vilome and his sister, Hena, up until Vilome had become an adult two months prior. She was also a priestess in the Royal Church.

'Why is she here?! She should be at the church!' He curses her for spoiling his plans by her untimely arrival.

Completely unaware of all that, Valerine got up to a sitting position and took a long sigh.

"Guess I'll cheer myself up!" She then said to herself.

And in the next moment, all the cursing inside Jill's head froze by the sight in front of his eyes.

Valerie took her nun outfit of, revealing her naked body.

She had a great figure despite her age, with her B-Cups and her moderate ass being symmetrical with her average arms and legs, and also the curves.

If one were to go by her sizes, she wouldn't be that impressive in any way. However, on her pretty face and smooth, pale skin, every part of her body looked hot enough to make Jill's excalibur start 'powering up'.

"Ah! That's better!" Valerie said, touching her breats with her hands and slowly massaging them, making pleased sounds.

Looking at it from the hole in the cupboard, Jill was frozen in his place.

"AH! Ah!" Valerie breathed heavily as she looked lost in her own world.

"If only ... if only you'd do it to me, Vilome!" She said in a half-complaining voice.

"I mean, you are an adult now. So why, ah, why haven't you put your sword in my sheath already?" Her breathing only grew heavier as she moved her fingers to her vagina. And as his gaze followed her fingers, Jill got a good look at that pink, lustful and wet pussy of hers.

'What the hell! Is what I think is happening really happening?!' He cursed. 'Vilome, that lucky bastard! He has already gotten her, so why can't he leave Yasmine for-'


His thoughts were interrupted by a loud moan, made by a priestess who had inserted the middle finger of her right hand in her vagina while pulling it open with her left one.

"AH! That feels so good!" She said, and continued to start slowly stroking her pussy.

"You have no idea - ah - the things you have been - ah - missing because - ah - you have been a child - ah - physically, that is." A grin formed on her face at the end of the sentence that was cut of many a times by her moaning.

'How is this woman a priestess?! She talks like such a horny slut!' Jill wondered, not complained though, as he was enjoying the scene.

"Ah! Vilome! This is good! But I know - ah - you'd be better!"

She said as she fingers continued to stroke her pussy, increasing in speed a little overtime.

"Ah! Vilome! You - ah - have to - ah - fuck me!"

Just using the term 'fuck' was forbidden for priestesses like her. Jill was more than just shocked at the fact that she had used it in such a way, althought that shock was just a continuation at everything that woman had done.


With that sound, his pants dropped because of his little buddy becoming too aroused and hard.

'Shit!' He thought to himself, thinking that sound would alarm her that someone is inside the cupboard.

But when he looked back outside through the hole, he just saw a honry woman masturbating to the thoughts of the one guy he hates.

She hadn't noticed a single thing. That was something to be relieved about, but it was also making him more and more jealous as Vilome had such a woman lusting for him so much.

"Ah! Vilome, fuck me! AH!" Valerie was crying out, multiple times. Her fingers were ramming through her vagina and the wetness of her fluids had covered her whole genital area.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't help but want to masturbate to her. Doing his best to supress his desires so as to not let her find out through the noise he'd end up making, he kept looking through the whole.

Valerie's body was convulsing with excitement as she kept ramming her fingers in and out of her pussy, crying, "VILOME! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU! FUCK ME, MY GOD! FUCK ME!"

He was about to avert his eyes when she suddenly cried out, "AHH!!! I'M CUMMING!"

His eyes got glued back on to the whole. The woman kept screaming like a psycho as she rammed into her vagina, and finally, took out her fingers and chunks of white, milkly fluid came out of her vagina.

"FUCK ME, VILOME!" She screamed at the same time that she took out her fingers.

For the next few moments, Valerie stayed on the bed, breathing lustfully and dreaming about having sex with a particular God and Jill stayed in the cupboard, trying to stay quiet, not letting the million things in his head leak out of his mouth.

Then, they both heard the main door to the house opening and someone coming in.

Hearing that, Valerie quickly got up and started putting dress back on with a panicky expression.

The person who had come to the house tried to enter the room but the door didn't open.

Valerie quickly asked as she noticed that, "V-Vilome?"

"Who else would it be?" He said, seeming annoyed from his tone. "Now why are you in my room?"

"Oh, well, just wait a minute!" She said, panicking more than before. "I was - I was just cleaning things."

As she put enough clothes on to be considered 'dressed', she opened up the room.

"Shouldn't you be in the church?" He asked, suspiciously.

"W-well, it won't cause any problems, don't worry!" She said, nervously.

Then, Jill noticed a 5'7 tall, handsome and well-built man walking into the room with eyes full of boredom and annoyance.

"S-so, how was the ceremony?"

"Are you genuinely asking that or do you just want me to kick you in the face?" He asked with little-to-no emotion.

"I-I guess it wasn't very fun."

"Hah!" Vilome sighed, but then noticed something.

"Valerie, why is my bed all messed up?" He asked.

Valerie immediately jumped with a frightened expression and answered, "Well, I was in the middle of cleaning it up, you see?"

"Oh? And what is that 'thing' on the bed?" He pointed at the milky fluid that had stained the bedsheets.

Valerie, with a face full of fear, tried to give a smile and an excuse as she got away, coming to the direction of the cupboard.

"You slut!" Vilome yelled, and in turn, Valerie jumped away, colliding with the cupboard, making it's door open and the man inside fall out.

Valerie ended up falling over him and landing on the cupboard with her stomach hitting the rough edges of the furniture.

"Oh, that is so not something I want to experience after masturbation." She complained, as she got back up, holding her stomach, and only then noticing an different face.

Vilome looked at that face with darkened expressions.

"N-no, listen, Vilome, I can explan, alright-"

Blood splattered all over the place, making half of Valerie's clothes drenched in it.

"Ew!" She remarked, and then noticed an ID.

"Vilome, this guy was a pretty talented lancer. You sure you made the right call by killing him?" She asked.

"All his talent would have been no use to me because of how much he hates me. But now, since he'd dead, I can turn him into my undead and make use of his skills." He said with a cold voice. "So yes, slut, I made the right call!"

Valerie smiled awkwardly on hearing her say 'slut' with annoyance.

"Now, as your punishment," he said as he pointed to the corpse of the dead Jill Jake, "clean all of that up!"


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