Reincarnation Of The God Of Darkness
13 The God With Secrets
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Reincarnation Of The God Of Darkness
Author :EdgeLordOmega
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13 The God With Secrets

The God of Demons, Zywar, was one of the most feared deities in the universe. He was considered a monster even among gods.

That all said and done though, he was far from the strongest.

"Oh my!" Zywar said as his eyes fell on his visitor. "When Yahan told me that a visitor had come, I never expected it to be you of all people!"

"Well, what can I say?"

His visitor, a slim, tall, white-haired man with an angelic face and a melodious tone, said with calmness.

"People never really expect me to visit them!"

Zywar furrowed his brows and smiled awkwardly as he said, "Y-yeah, you do have a reputation of surprise visiting people, God Emoliv."

The man who had come to visit Zywar was the God of Light himself - Emoliv.

"Well," Emoliv glanced at Zywar with suspicious eyes. "since we both know though that I only visit anyone when I have some business with them, I don't think there's any need for any more formalities."

Zywar kept smiling awkwardly as he walked over to Emoliv.

They were standing in a barren and mostly isolated land, a land filled with Demons that Zywar resided in.

"I suppose." He said. "If you want to get down to business, that's fine with me."

"Good!" remarked Emoliv as he turned his gaze over to the vast deserts he could see in the distance and the pits of lava present throughout the ground before the desert started.

"I'm hearing some disturbing rumors from a particular not-very-significant planet in some part of the universe under your control." Emoliv said, his eyes filled with suspicion and his sharp gaze piercing right through Zywar.

"Oh, is that so?" Zywar asked with a smile, acting nonchalant, "I am sorry to hear that rumors from some planet in my domain have troubled you, God Emoliv! I am sure you're worrying over nothin-"

"You aren't even going to ask what rumor I am talking about?" With his gaze growing even sharper, Emoliv questioned.

Zywar could feel his anxiety taking over his thoughts as he asked, "Oh, well, what would it be?"

"..." Staying silent for a moment, Emoliv just looked at him, suspecting his every move.

And then,

"Well?" Zywar pressed for an answer, so,

"I am hearing rumors that Vilome is back."

For just a brief moment, Zywar's anxiety went through the roof, before he calmed himself to the best of his abilities.

"Well now," he chuckled as he continued, "that's certainly quite the rumor, isn't it?"


A moment passed in silence. Zywar tried his best to conceal his anxiety while Emoliv took his gaze off the God of Demons and sighed.

"Yes," Emoliv said, "That IS quite the rumor, isn't it?"

Zywar saw the God of Light disappearing right in front of his eyes and then appearing right behind him. He felt a sharp object at his neck and a tight grab at his left hand as the icy cold voice of Emoliv came from behind.

"I can't sense deceit like Vilome can but I can sense sincerity, and I don't sense any in your words."

"Eh!" Zywar tried his best to compose himself, but couldn't help but feel threatened under the pressure emanating from the God of Light.

"So, God of Demons, mind explaining to me what's going on?" Emoliv asked, his voice terrifyingly cold.

"Well, Emoliv, what IS that thing you have on my neck? A needle?" Zywar asked, smiling cautiously, "Are you threating to kill me with a needle or something?!"

"Ha!" Hearing so, Emoliv scoffed and asked, "Want to test to see if it works or not?"

"N-no!" Zywar replied immediately when Emoliv's cold and unrelenting voice asked that question.

It's true that Zywar was a monster among the Gods, but, he wouldn't dare think himself to be capable of overpowering Emoliv himself.

And so,

"That planet you are talking about, it's time runs the same as Earth." Zywar said. "So anyway, 10 years ago according to that planet's time, I sensed something."


"Well, it was an indescribable sense of danger." Zywar said, no longer trying to put up a fake smile. "I felt it coming from that planet."

"So, what did you do?"

"I investigated it, of course, and I got a clue that pointed to the possibility of the God of Darkness, Vilome, having returned. I think I blurted that possibility out to one of my subordinates when I was too caught up thinking about it and well, that subordinate kinda went on a rampage."

"By that description, it's looking like that subordinate of yours was Rakshasa Gahan?"

"Yes, he is the only one stupid enough to do that, isn't he?" Zywar replied, and continued. "In any case, he tracked down the aura of the God of Darkness and attacked him, destroying the city he was living in, in the process. By the time I came to find out about it, much destruction had been caused, and I found a 5-year-old boy's aura feeding off that destruction and chaos."

"Tsk!" Emoliv clicked his tongue. "Are you telling me that 5-year-old was Vilome?"

"Supposedly, yes." Zywar replied.

Emoliv let go of his arm and put the needle away from his neck.

Moving away, Zywar asked,

"So well, now that you know about his return, what are you going to do?"

Emoliv looked at Zywar with a mix of disgust and pity.

"First, I am planning to help you get your just desserts for hiding this information from me for all this time."

"Ha!" Zywar scoffed, and asked with a grin. "I already know there will be consequences for me. My question was - what are you gonna do about him?"

"..." Emoliv didn't answer, but fell in thought.

Zywar looked at that sight and sighed.

"You, and so many other Gods, banded together to kill Vilome. And you did end up killing him. Yet, he returned. Isn't he quite something?"

Even though he said that with a smile, it disappeared from his gaze as he saw Emoliv's icy cold glare.

"Did he 'just returned'? Just like that?" Emoliv questioned. "Or is someone else responsible for this?"

"Well, if someone is, it isn't me." Zywar said, and looked at Emoliv as he asked, "Detecting a lack of sincerity now?"

It was the truth, and so Emoliv did find sincerity in that answer, but seeing that just made him more annoyed.

"Tsk!" Emoliv clicked his tongue as he said. "I will be sending my faithful followers to investigate him. I expect you and your merry band of Demons to not interfere."

Zywar grinned and said while bowing to Emoliv, "As you wish, God of Light!"

While still suspicious, Emoliv decided to leave after seeing that. And as soon as he thought about doing it, he disappeared.

Zywar sat on the ground and stretched his limbs. Feeling relieved, he started to complain, "Man, that guy is annoying! Always with that no-bullshit attitude, he is no fun at all!"

From the corner of his eyes, Zywar could see many Demons staring at him with worried looks.

"Ha!" He scoffed upon seeing that.

"I have to say though; it's because he is like that, because he is so boring and annoying to watch, that his opposite, Mr. Edgy God Of Darkness, is just SO fun to watch!"

"U-um, God Zywar," Rakshasa Yahan came and asked, "is everything alright?"

With a smirk, the God replied, "Oh yeah, everything is fine. In fact, things are just getting better!"

He thought to himself as he pondered on what Emoliv said before leaving, 'He is going to send his faithful followers to investigate, isn't he? What a joke! Does he think that something I haven't been able to figure out in the last 10 years, his oh-so-faithful followers would be able to figure out?'

"Is everything really alright?" Yahan asked. "I am asking because your twisted grin says otherwise."

"Well," Zywar said, "God Emoliv will be doing something to punish me for not telling him about Vilome's existence. So, I am pretty sure that I am going to go through hell pretty soon."

He stood up and stretched his back as he said, "Which is why, before any of that happens, I want to have a relaxing, fun time - to prepare myself for it of course!"

"Ah!" Yahan's face grew a sly smile as he said, "I understand, God Zywar. I'll make sure to send some devilishly charming beauties in your chambers at night."

Zywar smirked.

"Good! I knew you'd be quick on the uptake."


As Emoliv returned to his domain, he felt even more agitated than before.

He knew Zywar was hiding something. He knew it because Zywar was just that type of God, the type that always has a few secrets.

"If Vilome really is back, then," Emoliv voiced his thoughts out loud, "even if he, hopefully, hasn't regained the memories of his previous life as a God, he may still have regained the emotions of hatred towards the rest of the Gods. He may still be planning to kill us all. What is that idiot Zywar thinking, messing with a God like that?"

Even though it irritated him to his core, he couldn't help it.

He knew, that no matter what he did, stopping Zywar's twisted schemes was only possible by killing him, and killing another god would be too bad for the balance of the universe.

Emoliv was, at that point, completely lost as to what he should do.


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