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Reincarnation Of The God Of Darkness
Author :EdgeLordOmega
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16 Vent ...

Honestly I wanted to vent a little to clear my head so I can write.

I have met either the rudest person on this platform or have fallen victim to a troll.

Basically, there's a user I had a 'conversation' with these past few days. This is how it went.

User: "Your MC is stupid. He didn't know he'd get Necromancy power by choosing God Path. The novel is flawed."

Me: "Well, the three paths are like the option of 'studying till middle school', 'studying till high school' and 'studying till college'. So, he knew that by choosing the third path, he will get the knowledge and skills of the first path."

User: "No, your example does not make sense. The MC couldn't have known that. You are talking shit. Your novel is flawed."

Me: "Another user by the name x said the same thing and since I have replied to him already, you should take a look at my reply to his."

User: "No, I don't care. You are just ignoring my point. Your concept is good but you don't know how to write."

Me: "Okay, okay, calm down! Please state all your points once again. I'll do my best to reply."

User: "*sigh* I am starting to think you are doing this on purpose. But well, my point is that Necro path is useless and nobody would ever pick Necro Path instead of God Path. To prove that I'm wrong, just tell me why anyone would choose Necro Path over God Path."

(notice that this 'point' of his was never mentioned before this reply)

Me: "I'm not doing this on purpose. Okay, here goes. Necro Path allows a person to reach the level of power they would reach in 100 years on God Path in merely 20 years. Since most humans wouldn't even survive 100 years, God Path is unidealistic for them and so Necro Path would make sense."

User: "No, that's my whole point. You have ignored my point every single time. I am not gonna reply anymore because you keep ignoring me. You have a good concept but you need practice."


Honestly, what can I say at this point? Is this guy trying to rip off the annoying and stupid anime character troupe or what?

But seriously, I am always willing to answer questions, but ask them with respect. I don't mind the stupidity of 'you're ignoring me' x7 as much as I hate rudeness of 'you don't know how to write, your novel is stupid' kinda lines.


Now that I have vented a little, I might be able to stop myself from introducing a character with similar name to this user's username and killing him off in the worst ways possible.

Okay, that's a joke. I was never planning to do that.

But anyway, the actual chapter will come on the usual time - 19:00 GMT


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