Secrets Of The Deep
2 Sirens
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Secrets Of The Deep
Author :HannahLassiter
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2 Sirens

Sirens. The most evil creatures known to mankind. They had beautiful voices - enhanced by dark magic. Their voices used to be protection for their race. A magic song could be sung when they were in danger of being discovered by a mortal. The song would put the mortal into a light sleep, thus, the Sirens could not be seen.

That was until one Siren was killed by a human hunter.
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Her name?


Sweet and Simple.

Just like the span of her life.

She had a daughter of the age of 14. Her daughter grew up without a mother because of what the foolish mortals had done. They would regret it. Their terrible sins would be paid in blood, countless generations would die, wiped out due to one vengeful, hurt, and grieving siren daughter.

If only that human hadn't been so greedy for a gorgeous treasure!

As time passed, sirens forgot why their magic was used. All they wanted was to get back at humans.

As time went on, more sirens joined the rebellion against humans. The only thing that kept them from killing out the entire human species were the gods and fey.


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