Secrets Of The Deep
3 Death Can Create a Life
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Secrets Of The Deep
Author :HannahLassiter
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3 Death Can Create a Life

Back to the original story...

Earth was about to be married to the Sea. They would become one again, just like it was before, when life was simple.

After those sacred words of 'I Do' were said, a strong, yet gentle magic was sent into the air.

It was like a soft wave, lapping against the sand on a warm summer day.

That little bit of magic awoke them.

The sirens had learned that their magic needed to become stronger. Their voices were not enough anymore. They needed Elemental magic. Elemental magic was the strongest known to mankind. It could save a universe or cause mass destruction. It was all in the hands of its user.

Few individuals were born with such a strong magic.

The only way for a non-elemental to obtain this magic was to steal another Elementals power. The only way to do that-

kill them.

So, that is what they planned to do. The sirens would take down a fairy.
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