Secrets Of The Deep
4 A Sacred Life
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Secrets Of The Deep
Author :HannahLassiter
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4 A Sacred Life

They didn't plan in taking down any fairy, if course. Only a select few had Elemental magic.

The sirens only had one weakness, they didn't have legs. They had no spells that could transform their tails, much less get them to land.

Their was only one fairy that would ever get close to the sea.

Bridgette- the fairy of the Earth.

So time passed, the sirens planned and planned, finally agreeing on an ambush attack. After the wedding Bridgette and Neptune lived together in a small cottage underwater, it was surrounded by an air bubble. They could see the sea and the land from their home.

Neptune had affairs to attend to, so Bridgette was home by herself.

Poor Bridgette didn't know what hit her. She fought, but she was too far away from land, she could not unleash her full potential.

Naturally she was defeated, the sirens stripped her of her power, but as monstrous as the three sirens were, they still felt pity for the fairy. After all, it was their ancestor who had been killed in an ambush with humans, which had lead them down this path.

They didn't kill her, they sealed her soul in a beautiful *galaxy gem. Hidden in the depths of the sea, she wouldn't feel anything, just like a long nap.

The sirens left, but they never got to use their new power. Infuriated by his lovers death, Neptune had seeken revenge.
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And that was the end of that.

Or was it?

Death had created a life.


Bridgette's soul and Neptune's heartbroken one fused together and created...

The Mermaids.


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