Solo Leveling Up
14 Episode 14: Lycan, who had crossed over the head of the 14th episode, saw the scene and began to back down with his tail down.
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Solo Leveling Up
Author :Yanekeeboy
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14 Episode 14: Lycan, who had crossed over the head of the 14th episode, saw the scene and began to back down with his tail down.

"Huh …?"

Is this the result of all-in strength?

When the surprised Jinu was unable to keep his mouth shut, the Lycan who lost his head shook his leg and stopped moving immediately.

Then I heard a familiar machine sound.


[I have killed steel teeth lycan]

[Level up!]

*** "Level up?"

Jinwoo rushed the status window to see if it was wrong.

Name: Sungjin Level: 2 Profession: None Title: None HP: 205 MP: 22 Fatigue: 0 [Stats] Power: 32 Stamina: 11 Dexterity: 11 Intelligence: 11 Sensation: 11 (Ability Ability Points: Passive Skills: (Unknown) Lv.MAX, Lv.1 Active skill: Sprint Lv.1 The level really went up.

And as the level goes up, one point is added to all stats.

Quest rewards were not the only ones that affected the ability.

I was able to raise the status window's ability through level up.

'You can level up!'

The thing having only the expectation of the end became the reality in front of my eyes.

My heart began to run fast.

'Besides, the points to be added are also higher in the level up.'

The sum of the points of the ability value received when the quest is completed is 3.

The sum of the points of the ability points that have been leveled up is 5.

Although it was inconvenient to be unable to allocate points at will, the level-up side was much larger.

In addition, the quest is limited to once a day, but the level up is more likely to be unlimited.

'I only caught two of them, but the level went up.'

This is also true of games.

In low-level sections, many levels can be raised in a short time.

The current level of Jinwoo is 2.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is at the bottom.

But it was not a common drain.

I already have more than 30 stats.

Assuming that the strength stat is increased one by one, the current strength of Jin-woo corresponds to more than 20 levels.

What if a user with 20 level abilities hunts in a 1st level hunting ground?


The destructive force when you just punch your fingers just as you would prove your home was far beyond expectations.

'The stats have only tripled, but … The difference in power was not at all three times. '

Jin Woo's original strength stat 10.

Muscle strength 10 and muscle strength 30 are numerically different by a factor of three, but the difference in strength is more than that.


What if the stats are weighted?

If so, this destructive power is fully explained.

Moreover, the movement was faster than before.

If it was the same as before, it would be impossible to avoid the attack of the beast that was attacked at full speed, or the sound of the blowing of the wind when it was fisted.

"You can not speed up your muscles, but you can not speed up."

Strength of the strength to increase the 'strength' and 'speed' has risen.

This proved to be a battle with the Lycans.

So what if you increase agility?

It stimulated curiosity, but I could not tell from now.

To know that, you have to look up your ability directly.


I thought it would be a waste to invest points for the quest reward in agility.

When you take strength, you can catch both power and speed at the same time.

If so, there is one way.

'Raise the level as soon as possible.'

Level up to increase the level of agility.

It was called the Mt. Taishan.

If you raise one by one, you will feel the difference someday.

Jin pulled the sword that was stuck on the floor.

'Well, let's get started.'

There was one who still had to catch.

"By the way… Where is this child? "

Certainly a lycan who was nearby until a while ago was gone.

I looked around hard, but I could not find any trace of him.

He was running away while looking at the status window.

Somehow he lowered his tail and glanced over his side.


Jin-woo was apprehensive about the idea that the experience had flew.

I'm going to pass that way.

'These guys, do not you do anything like marine rock?'

I stopped walking on the sudden idea.

All the wrestlers from the gate had one or more marble stones in the body.

When luck was good, runes stones popped out.

The runes that can learn the skill, as well as the runes that are used for various purposes, are also traded at high prices.

It is not an exaggeration to say that hunters who take part in a raid are hunting for this marine rock besides basic pay.

Jinwoo is also a Hunter.

I succeeded in hunting, but I did not have anything in my hands.

I missed the dead Lycan ship and I was in vain.

These guys seemed to be a completely different class of bandits.

Certainly, I've been around in many dungeons, but I have never seen a wolf like that.

Jinwoo was trying to get up and shake his hand.


However, I found something shining in the mouth of the Lycan.

Jinwoo opened the lycanthrope.

One of Lycan's teeth was twinkling.

When Jinu reached out his hand, a message appeared.

I found [Item: Fang of Lycan]. Do you want to acquire?


[Item: Fang of Lycan] Difficulty: None Type: Misc. Fang of big and sharp lycan. You can keep it on your inventory or sell it to a store.

Jinwoo was embarrassed when he saw a canine in his hand.

'Did you have a store?'

Where is this unkind system in the world?

It is a structure that the user has to find out from the beginning to the end as he goes through each body.

Even at the time of the penalty quest, there was no explanation, so I went to the point of death.

Jinwoo has come to the store to get the best of it.


Like all other games, I was hoping that there would be a "shop" signpost and a shop where merchant NPCs would stand.

But the only thing that came up in the air was the green letters that looked like holograms, just like when I first opened the message box.

It's just two words.

'Buy' and 'Sales'.

"…"It was a very monotonous shop.

Jin-woo chose to buy.

I did not have a penny in my pocket, but I was wondering what things were going on at the store.

But the system was cool.

[It is not at the level where purchasing is available.]

I was already accustomed to the experience of treating cold sores where money is needed.

"Yes Yes."

Jinwoo turned his eyes to sales without a small amount.

Do you want to sell [Item: Lycan's Fang]?


Inventory went out with the sound of the cheese.

At the bottom of the inventory, the number 20 is newly inserted in the space marked gold.

It was empty until yesterday.

'20 gold la. '

It is not cash that can actually be used, and it is not yet a stage to use the store, so I did not realize how much money 20 gold is.

'Do you want to give them something to use from E-class dungeons?'

There is a difference between a dungeon and an indane.

Still, I do not know, but I tried to pick up another tooth.

"I blew my head out …"

Jinwoo broke the direction with a bitter heart.

Twenty gold values were unknown, but I could not afford to waste time looking for brute teeth where I could have flew out of this dark underground.

But at the moment of turning around, the regret disappears like snow.





One lycan who thought he had escaped brought a bunch of colleagues!

Jinwoo 's face has a smile on his face.

At first glance, it seemed to be more than 20.


No, it's not a word to use in this case.


I'm sure it expresses a happy heart.

Jinwoo grabbed the grip of the sword firmly.

"I'll chew it all but the fangs."

The lycans were scared and shuddered with a bloody eye of a man who could not stand the money.

At that moment, Jinwoo flew toward the boys.

*** [Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

As expected the level went up quickly.

Jinwoo, who walked all the way to the first floor and killed the Lycans, quickly became level seven.

It is how I jumped five stairs.


Hiding the tail and catching the last guy who ran away, a strange message arose.


[Title: Wolf Slaughterer] has been acquired.


[Title: Wolf Slaughterer] This is the title given to a hunter who is skilled at catching wolves. All opponent's stats are increased by 40% when dealing to beast monsters.

When I opened the status window, the titles had changed.

Name: Sungjin Level: 7 Profession: None Title: Wolf Slaughterer HP: 766 MP: 81 Fatigue: 3 [Stats] Strength: 37 Stamina: 16 Dexterity: 16 Intelligence: 16 Sensation: 16 ] Passive Skills: (Unknown) Lv.MAX, Lv.1 Active skill: Sprint Lv.1 Additional ability bonus when dealing with monsters.

Even though the target was limited, it seemed quite okay for the ability to rise 40 percent.

'There are a lot of beast-like masters, too.

If you do that, you'll be able to get rid of the raiders easily.

But even if you do not think there, the income was salty.

'There are 34 wolf teeth, two old daggers, one traveler' s suit, one earring stone.

When I caught a wolf, some items came out of the stomach of the wolf.

But it was not worthy to use.

The old dagger was less able to attack than the steel sword now used, and the traveler '

Everyone was dispossessed in the store, and a thousand gold came in.

[Amount held: 1,060 gold] '…I can not be pleased at all. "

No matter how much I gather, I do not need it now.

Except for gold, there is only one earring stone left.

When I was struggling to escape from the entrance to the dungeon, I had to ask for a ringstone to go out.

Now I could go back out of my mind.

From here, it was a forklift.

There was a staircase leading down to the basement level in front of my eyes.

And there was a ruling stone in his hand.

'Going forward or backward …'

I would have pledged the following without hesitation.

Because of that, it was able to survive in a lot of raid relatively unharmed with bad ability level.

Others say it is a miracle, but it was the result of moving smartly.

But now it was different.

I did not want to turn around.

I feel like I will not be able to move forward again if I take my foot off here.

"I've been tired of retreating."

Would not it be okay to bump around once?

Jinwoo put the earring stone into his pocket.

The steps leading down to the second floor of the basement were light.


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