Spirit Detectives
2 Morning Routine
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Spirit Detectives
Author :Eleana_Lee
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2 Morning Routine

Rei woke up to the smell of slightly burned food. It was quite the improvement, considering Daisuke nearly burned her kitchen down once because he still couldn't manipulate physical objects properly yet.

She walked out to the shared dining and living space and saw Daisuke cooking while humming along to some show tune while Ruka stood behind him, watching like a foreman.

"Good morning," Ruka greeted when she saw Rei walking towards them. "It's omelette today. We don't have enough stuff for dinner tonight, so you'll have to go shopping."

"Okay," Rei said. "Do you want anything at all? I can drop by the bookstore on my way back."

"I'll have the newest gossip magazine," Ruka said.

"The new Jump, please!" Daisuke exclaimed excitedly.

"Sure," Rei said. "You two are so high maintenance."

"I cook and clean!" Daisuke whined. "I should be rewarded!"

"You're rewarded by being allowed to stay here," Ruka said as she crossed her arms and glared at Daisuke. "Rei's parents bought this house so you're technically not the owner's son anymore."

"Wah, Rei, Ruka is mean!" Daisuke whined as he hugged Rei around the waist.

"Um, I think you should make sure the egg doesn't burn," Rei pointed out.

Daisuke sniffed. "Rei is mean too! So now I'm not as important as eggs?"

"Well, it's my breakfast…"

Daisuke sulked but dutifully returned to tend to the omelette. Once it was done, he served it up on a plate and sat across from Rei, still sulking.

"Come now, I'm sure Ruka doesn't mean it like that," Rei coaxed.

"Oh, I do mean it that way."

"Ruka, play nice."

The doorbell rang and Daisuke jumped up from his seat.

"I'll get it!" he exclaimed. "Finally, someone who appreciates me!"

He rushed to open the door, and a young, bubbly girl skipped in. She was dressed in the same uniform that Rei wore.

"Morning, Nagisa," Rei greeted as she finished up her breakfast. "Do you want something quick to drink?"

"That's fine!" Nagisa said cheerily. "Oh, Daisuke, here, I got you the comic book I told you about last week."


Daisuke was actually older than Rei when he died, but somehow he still acted like a little child. Nagisa found it funny and would tease him but spoil him at the same time. Needless to say, Nagisa was quickly becoming his favourite human.

"Where's your brother?" Ruka asked curiously.

"He left early to help move the mats," Nagisa answered. "They have to move the mats to the eastern wall in the morning to help them get more sunlight."

"What happened to the mats?"

"Oh, Rei didn't tell you? Their mats got soaked because of a burst pipe, and now they have to air dry them first."

"Why would I tell people that?" Rei asked with a frown, not understanding Nagisa's logic.

"Anyway! Let's go to school. I'm excited for PE today," Nagisa said brightly.

"I'm not. I think I still have bruises from the last dodge ball session," Rei said gingerly.

"Don't worry, this time I'll be in your team and protect you!"

"I'm sure she'll appreciate being protected by the other Ohtori more," Ruka teased.

"Shush, Ruka."


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